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“Xuan Xuan, are you still warm?”

As to Yin Xu’s Dong automatic change of his term of endearment for, Qin Ke Xuan did not display any form of reaction. To her, no matter how anyone wanted to call her, it was of no difference to her.

She had originally planned to have Yin Xu Dong help her finish up her studies in primary school level English and Chinese language, but only to have Yin Xu Dong’s incessant and shameless pushing off delaying her plans. She had decided that if he were to continue with his ceaseless shamelessness, she would throw him out her balcony, Yin Xu Dong said: “Aish, have you not heard of the quote, journeying a thousand miles is way better than reading a thousand books? Isn’t it better to just go out and experience the world rather than reading all these stuff?”

Even though she knew he had his agenda, but his words did sound logical. Rather than just staring at these dead books, she might as well delve into the social circle of this world to figure things out. Hence, Qin Ke Xuan agreed to go with Yin Xu Dong.

Qin Ke Xuan surveyed the street filled with girls openly revealing their elbows, thighs and cleavages. Her lips twitched: “No sense of honour nor shame.”

Yin Xu Dong was speechless.

The two of them arrived at one of the pavements in the bustling place, and they stood and the mouth of the street. Yin Xu Dong fished out his phone, “Hello? I’m Dong Zi*, yeah, we’re here, when are you guys reaching?”

(T/N: “东子” = “Dong Zi”; Yin Xu Dong’s nickname among his friends)

Qin Ke Xuan had found out that this device, capable of transmitting audio across thousands of miles, was known as ‘mobile phone’, not ‘the best grade*.

(T/N: Chinese wordplay: “手机” = mobile phone; “首级” = the first/best grade. Both the Chinese words sounds the same when pronounced hence Qin Ke Xuan mistook the former for the latter)

“Oh, you guys are here too? Where? Aye, I see y’all!” Yin Xu Dong hung up and waved across the road at the bunch of girls and guys waving.

The crossroad light turned green, and the bunch of people walked towards them.

Yin Xu Dong punched the guy, who appeared to be the leader, and mocked jokingly: “You guys are actually later than me!”

That guy staggered backwards, his hand grasping his chest, and collapsed on one of the girl’s shoulder, pretending to be injured, “Sweetheart, come help me massage it, I think it’s an internal injury.”

His words had Qin Ke Xuan frowning. Yin Xu Dong’s light and soft punch can actually cause internal injury?

That girl pushed him away forcefully, and shouted loudly: “Stupid Ah Lang! Taking advantage of me again! Dong Zi, you gotta help me show him some colours!”

The guy known as Ah Lang leant on Yin Xu Dong’s body crookedly, his gaze drifting towards Qin Ke Xuan, and asked softly: “Your girl?”

Yin Xu Dong sent him another punch, saying resolutely: “What are you talking about? She’s my Shi… my younger sister, do you hear me! If you dare to nonsense with her, watch out for your ass!” Actually, he was very suspicious as to whether he would kick his ass, after all, considering Qin Ke Xuan’s damage output, perhaps he should worry about this fellow’s life.

Ah Lang whispered to himself quietly: “Sister? Where did you pick her up from? I’ve never heard you mentioning her before.” Why did he not have such luck in picking up such a “younger sister”? Big eyes, small mouth, and ultra-white skin, even if she was a little expressionless, it was undeniable that she looked like a ridiculously cute Lolita!

Yin Xu Dong elbowed Ah Lang and even glared at him. Ah Lang shut up, stopping his questioning.

“Xuan Xuan, these are my friends, basically you don’t need to care about them.” Yin Xu Dong said smilingly to Qin Ke Xuan.

Qin Ke Xuan nodded expressionlessly, she had not considered caring about them either, provided they do not provoke her.

However Yin Xu Dong’s introduction immediately elicited much noise and commotion from the bunch of them, “Dong Zi, so this is how you treat us?!”



The bunch of them reached the KTV noisily with Qin Ke Xuan following them.

The bunch of them filled up the space, barely able to squeeze everyone into the room. Qin Ke Xuan chose a spot closest to the corner and sat down, observing their actions and behaviours.

Since everyone was playing around noisily, their seats were not fixed, so after a short while, a girl had sat down beside Qin Ke Xuan, along with another girl by her side.

Qin Ke Xuan’s gaze slowly turned towards her. She swept her a glance, after appraising her as those cleavage-revealing kinds, she turned her gaze away.

The other girl jostled the cleavage girl before the cleavage girl started awkwardly: “Hello, I’m Meng Xiao Jing, what’s your name?”

Qin Ke Xuan kept quiet.

Meng Xiao Jing asked carefully: “You’re really Yin Xu Dong’s younger sister? Cousin (female)?” According to what she had known about Yin Xu Dong, he was the only child in his family, he did not have any brothers or sisters.

Qin Ke Xuan continued keeping quiet. It had always been her sounding people out; those who had wanted to get any information out of her were all no longer alive.

Meng Xiao Jing was fine, but the girl beside her could not hold in her anger, so she said angrily: “Hey! What’s with your attitude?! We’re talking to you nicely but you’re actually ignoring us?!”

Meng Xiao Jing pulled the girl, her expression falling, “Since she’s unwilling to talk, then forget it, let’s not make a fuss out of it, okay?”

That girl glared at Qin Ke Xuan fiercely and pulled Meng Xiao Jing to sit beside Yin Xu Dong. Even with all the song-singing, chatting and noise, Yi Xu Dong noticed the problem, and asked Meng Xiao Jing: “What happened?”

“Nothing, we just talked a little.”

Meng Xiao Jing did not want to spoil the atmosphere, but the girl beside her did not like keeping the peace, and commented loudly: “All thanks to your sister, Xiao Jing talked to her, but she just completely ignored her, what’s her deal?!”

Yin Xu Dong glanced at Qin Ke Xuan instinctively and saw Qin Ke Xuan standing up and heading for the door, it couldn’t be that she got angry, could it? He stood up too, catching up to her, “Xuan Xuan? Don’t blame them, they just… didn’t understand you…” If they did, it would probably be even worse.

Qin Ke Xuan looked at the Yin Xu Dong blocking her way strangely, “It’s noisy here, I want to go back.” Seeing how she had already learnt how they were utilising the strange object to singing the so-called K—in other words, karaoke, she felt that there was no need for her to continue staying in this noisy little dark room.

“Don’t!” Yin Xu Dong convinced that Qin Ke Xuan was angry and was leaving, and seeing how everyone in the room had paused to sneak glances at the two of them, decided to pull Qin Ke Xuan out to talk.

Qin Ke Xuan swatted away his hand, saying coldly: “Say your stuff, don’t touch me.”

Yi Xu Dong massaged his hurt hand, and opened the door quickly, “Okay, okay, let’s talk outside.”

The moment Qin Ke Xuan stepped out, Yin Xu Dong closed the door, separating them from the pairs of eyes curious and thirsty for gossip.

“Xuan Xuan~ don’t be angry okay? They’re my friends, if they did anything to offend you, I apologise in their stead. Xuan Xuan, can you save me some face?” One side being his friends, and the other side being the “sister” who can offer him a chance to change his life, he did not want to upset either parties.

Qn Ke Xuan completely did not take the two girls seriously. She wanted to leave, but could not help but sweep her eyes over him, asking: “Why should I save your face?” She usually left those who she gave face to alive and in one piece.

Yin Xu Dong was speechless.

“Xuan Xuan~ my ancestor! I’m begging you okay? What about this, after this, I’ll go back and teach you how to use the computer!”

“What can you do with a computer?”

“Everything! Chatting, watching videos, looking up information, pretty much anything you want to do…”

“Fine, I’ll give you face.” Qin Ke Xuan immediately changed her decision, and giving him some face and leaving him in one piece was not that hard for a thing to do.

Yin Xu Dong happily brought Qin Ke Xuan back into the room. Qin Ke Xuan, once again, sat down at her isolated corner.

Meng Xiao Jing looked fixedly at Yin Xu Dong, while the girl beside her harrumphed coldly.

Yin Xu Dong glared at the girl fiercely, then turning to beam brightly at Qin Ke Xuan.



Shortly after, the strangest of scene unfolded before the masses. The insufferably arrogant and remote and aloof Yin Xu Dong was actually kissing up to Qin Ke Xuan by attending to her every need, almost enough to kneel down beside her to massage her leg.

“Xuan Xuan~ this fruit tastes pretty good, try some.”


“Xuan Xuan~ this salad with dressing also tastes pretty good, come try some.”

“Put it down.”

“Xuan Xuan~ these songs sound nice, do you want to sing some of them?”


“Okay, actually I think it sounds terrible too, who selected it? What a crappy song!”

The bunch of people in the room rolled their eyes; wasn’t he the one who had chosen the song!

Ah Lang appeared beside the Yin Xu Dong who had finally sat down, “Bro, I was too blind to see that you’re actually a sis-con! My apologies my apologies!”

The people around them proceeded to burst into laughter.

Yin Xu Dong, while red-faced, was all determined to sort out the problem. Why did he take on such an arduous task? Was it not in efforts to harmonise and reconcile the dispute between the two parties! Though the main purpose of doing this was to suck up to Qin Ke Xuan seeing how he would be able to benefit from the Xiao Li Flying Dagger and Sunflower Dian Xue Hand he could learn from her.

“Sis-con my ass! You’re the sis-con! You entire family’s sis-con!”

Meng Xiao Jing looked at the flushed Yin Xu Dong making a ruckus with the boys in the room while not forgetting to sneak occasional glances between Qin Ke Xuan and him, and felt a tinge of aching helplessness in her chest.

Yin Xu Dong, seeing how no matter how much the rest of them teased their relationship Qin Ke Xuan did not reveal any expression of discontent (even though she was probably discontented), sighed with relief.

After leaving the KTV, it was already past noon, so the bunch of them headed to a restaurant to have lunch.

During that period of them, Yin Xu Dong was once again subjected to the burning gazes of the masses while taking food for Qin Ke Xuan in a hardworking manner. Finally, no matter how much he protested, the title of being a sis-con became secured to his head.



After lunch, Qin Ke Xuan’s patience has already reached its limits. She could tell that they were just a bunch of hedonistic sons with rich parents congregating to eat and have fun. Fortunately for Yin Xu Dong’s clear view of things, he bid his farewell and the two of them headed back on their own before Qin Ke Xuan exploded.

“Xuan Xuan, I’ll teach you how to use the computer, and you teach me Qing Gong after, deal?” After careful deliberations, Yin Xu Dong decided to place his priorities on learning Qing Gong.

“No deal.” Qin Ke Xuan fiddled with the computer. Turns out she had a computer in her room, but it was somewhat different to that of Yin Xu Dong’s. She also realised the television-like device she used to watch Conan the other day was the so-called computer.

“Why?!” Yin Xu Dong protested.

The sides of Qin Ke Xuan’s lips twitched suspiciously, “You don’t have Inner Force, there’s no way for you to learn Qing Gong.”

“Aye? Then let’s start with learning Inner Force then.”


“Aye? You can’t possibly not want to teach me anymore just because I farted?!”

“According to the verses*, were you able to feel where your Dan Tian is located at?”

(T/N: Qin Ke Xuan is referring to The Ways of the Inner Gong verses she recited, chapter 9)

“… Actually, Xuan Xuan, I don’t even think I can sense the so-called Qi…”


Yin Xu Dong scratched his head apologetically, and asked carefully: “If there any martial arts moves that do not require Inner Force?”


“What is it? What is it?” Yin Xu Dong’s eyes lit up.

Qin Ke Xuan said calmly: “Killing, you don’t need to have Inner Force to kill someone.”

Yin Xu Dong paused for a moment, before saying in disdain: “Pshh! If I had an AK47 in my hand, do I still need to learn martial arts? Problem is that I don’t have one.”

Qin Ke Xuan immediately applied what she had learned. She entered “AK47” into the web page and clicked “Bai Du“*, and a lot of information regarding AK47 popped up, the computer was sure a convenient device. Qin Ke Xuan had also learnt, at the same time, that pinyin was not all that useless for they were necessary for typing words.

(T/N: “百度” = “Bai Du”; think Google/Bing/Yahoo, except it’s a Chinese search engine)

“If you’re thinking of solely relying on good weapons to succeed, you will find yourself failing more often than not. I recommend you give up on such sentiments.”



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Translator’s Note:

Regarding the Inner Gong/Force and Qing Gong terms I’ll summarise what I’ve gathered so far, please do correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t read this book very far either:

You need to cultivate Inner Gong in order to gain Inner Force, which can be done by reciting the verse for The Ways of the Inner Gong while cultivating.

And the prerequisite to learning Qing Gong is that you need to have Inner Force.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




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