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T/N: Please note that the translation (by the previous translator) of the MC’s name “Qin Xuan” should be “Qin Ke Xuan” instead, and her nickname “Qin Qin” should be “Xuan Xuan” instead.


“What are television and novels?” Qin Ke Xuan was puzzled, and her grip loosened.

Yin Xu Dong gagged, “Cough cough cough! The heck! What the hell was that? All I’m asking is for you to teach me some moves, do you need to go as far as murdering me? Cough cough cough, I swear I’ll freaking die in your hands sooner or later!”

Qin Ke Xuan: “Put a sock in it with your nonsense. Explain, properly. From what television or novel did you hear about the rules of the Pugilistic Realm and the Martial Arts?”

Pity he was frozen, Yin Xu Dong was glum enough he’d have slammed his head on the wall otherwise. “Da jie*, there are countless television and novels about it, how the heck am I supposed to remember all of them? Like Jin Yong** and Liang Yu Sheng**, but those are all fictional. No one actually takes them for real. “

* Da Jie = 大姐; big sister. Yin Xu Dong is using the term “big sis” to highlight his exasperation, similar to saying “dude/bro/mate” when you’re frustrated and exasperated with someone, except with a gender reference.

**Jin Yong and Liang Yu Sheng are famous Chinese Wuxia novel authors.

“Jin Yong?” She didn’t know who that was.

“The heck! If it weren’t for the Xiao Li Flying Daggers you pulled, and your Sunflower Dian Xue Hand I saw today, I’d really have thought these were only fictional!”

Qin Ke Xuan quietly tidied these information, not replying him.

Yin Xu Dong continued pitter-pattering on a huge lot about it, only to realise the other party was not even listening. At that, he pursed his lips, crestfallen, “Oi, Qin Ke Xuan, quick! Undo the acupuncture for me, I can feel my body going numb.”

Qin Ke Xuan swept a disdainful look in his direction, “You can’t even handle this, and you want to learn martial arts?”

Yin Xu Dong’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He asked in excitement: “You, are you saying you’ll take me as your disciple? Oh yeah! Honoured shi fu*, allow me to pay my respect.”

*Shi Fu = 师父; (ancient) master/teacher

Qin Ke Xuan cast a sidelong glance at the paralysed Yin Xu Dong on the ground, her tone eerie: “You want to become my disciple? Simple.”

“How? How? Whatever it is, I’ll do it!” Yin Xu Dong replied excitedly.

“My condition is that you shall do everything I ask of you to do, else…”

“Else what?”

“I will kill you.”


Yin Xu Dong’s enthusiasm was quickly extinguished. He observed Qin Ke Xuan. The lack of expression on her face when she spoke told him she was being serious. Moreover, after the few recent interactions with her, he was clear that Qin Ke Xuan was not one to joke around. That girl meant what she said!

“… it’s illegal to kill someone.” Yin Xu Dong swallowed.



Yin Xu Dong inhaled deeply, “Alright, I promise.”

His reply surprised Qin Ke Xuan, “You think I won’t kill you?”

“No. I’m not worried about you killing me, because I will obey your orders unconditionally.” Yin Xu Dong was very confident.

Qin Ke Xuan questioned: “Anything?”


“Including licking my foot?”

Yin Xu Dong felt his blood freezing. He looked at Qin Ke Xuan, who seemed every bit serious, and turned to glance at her foot. Fortunately, it appeared sparkling and exquisite-looking, forget it, let’s just treat it as a crystal chicken feet! “Come! I’m ready.” He was all prepared to face death with equanimity.

Qin Ke Xuan stretched out her leg, kicking at him. “You passed.”

Yin Xu Dong stayed unmoving.

“The acupuncture was undone.” Qin Ke Xuan looked at Yin Xu Dong, puzzled. There was no way she could have undid it wrongly.

Yin Xu Dong inclined his head 45 degrees upwards, and stared at the ceiling. “…I’m too numb, I can’t move…”

Qin Ke Xuan started wondering if it was a mistake to accept him as her disciple, he was really too dumb. But, never mind that, she’d only wanted to find a subordinate, one that would put in his all to help her in this foreign environment. Whether he could pick up anything would have to depend on his aptitude, and that outside her scope of concern.

“I want you gone in three.”



“Wait wait wait!” Yin Xu Dong struggled to get up.


“You’re counting too fast!” Yin Xu Dong half-crawled-half-rolled out in frenzy, heading straight for the balcony.


Yin Xu Dong jumped across, into his own balcony, just in time as she reached the third count.

Qin Ku Xuan sat with her legs crossed on the ground and started her cultivating her Inner Gong*. It was only into the wee hours of the day before she wrapped up and turned in.

*内功 = nei gong; Inner Gong, refers to the set of Chinese breathing, meditation and spiritual practice associated with Chinese martial arts

The next day, Qin Ke Xuan refused Qin Shu Hua’s offer to send her to school. Instead, she picked up her bag and left the house on her own.

At the entrance, she saw something unexpected—the dog she saved yesterday laid beside the doorway to her surprise. It raised its head at the sound of someone approaching. After some vigorous tail-wagging, it got to its legs with much effort before it ran over in staggering steps, rubbing its head against her the side of her leg, barking away.

Qin Ke Xuan squatted down and patted its head, murmuring: “You followed me all the way here.”

The dog stuck out its tongue and licked her hand.

The metal door next door creaked open and out walked a middle-aged lady. When she saw Qin Ke Xuan, she asked amiably: “Xuan Xuan, going to school?”


“Qin Ke Xuan!” Yin Xu Dong dashed out from inside in excitement.

Qin Ke Xuan picked up the dog and pushed it into Yin Xu Dong’s arms, “Bring it home, wash it, and feed it.”

Yin Xu Dong held the dog reluctantly, rebuking in discontent: “Why me?”

Qin Ke Xuan swept him a glance, and Yin Xu Dong immediately gave in, “Yes yes, your highness, I will do so accordingly. Gosh, don’t look at me like you’re looking at a dead person!”

The middle-aged lady knocked Yin Xu Dong’s head, berating him: “This boy! Watch your words, look at how you’re talking!”

Yin Xu Dong turned and passed the dog to his mother, “Mom, do me a favour, help me bathe the dog, and also feed him while you’re at it.”

Mother Yin frowned, taking the dog, “This fella’, now you’re ordering your mother around?”

Yin Xu Dong turned back around, he’d been wanting to ask when Qin Ke Xuan was going to start teaching him the Xiao Li Flying Dagger and Sunflower Dian Xue Hand. “Qin Ke Xuan… huh, where did she go?”

“She’s long gone.” Mother Yin said with a tinge of sarcasm from behind him. She turned to bring the dog in, leaving the abandoned Yin Xu Dong wallowing in depression and dejection.

When she stepped into the private school for the second time, she immediately felt the finger-pointing and whisperings from the surrounding students.

Just as she was about to disregard the bunch of them, a figure suddenly appeared before her.

Qin Ke Xuan squinted her eyes, “Get out of the way.” Her words was coloured with danger.

“Qin Ke Xuan, let’s talk.”

Qin Ke Xuan raised her head, “Move.”

Cao Lin Wei frowned, “Qin Ke Xuan, I didn’t do anything wrong to you. You should stop being this stubborn, what’s with the cold shoulder?”

Qin Ke Xuan started, and circled past him. After a few steps, she stopped and asked, earnest: “Who are you?” She was going to memorise his face. If she saw him again in some isolated corner, she’d make sure to warn him how idiotic of him it was to disregard her words, and twice at that, and block her way.

Cao Lin Wei: “…”

Qin Ke Xuan grabbed a male student brushing past her, and pointed at Cao Lin Wei: “Who is he?”

“He’s Cao Lin Wei! Hurry let me go, I’m almost late for class!” The student swept a glance in Cao Lin Wei’s direction hastily.

Qin Ke Xuan glanced at Cao Lin Wei meaningfully before turning away.

The glance she gave him however spreaded unexpectedly. The rumour that later went around apparently claimed that it had been a heartfelt glance brimming with tender feelings, coupled with grief, and tinged with an undying spirit.

Qin Ke Xuan sat down at her seat from yesterday after walking into the classroom. Zhou Jing came over and sat at the seat in front of hers, greeting her with a smile: “Ke Xuan.”

Qin Ke Xuan surveyed the classroom blandly. This girl was such a nuisance.

“I heard from the teachers that you weren’t staying in the dormitories anymore, why not?” Zhou Jing asked Qin Ke Xuan, pouting.

Ding Jie Yun, sitting at the other end of the classroom, happened to overhear this. At that, she sneered: “Stay in dorms? You think she’d dare to? Won’t it be bad if she accidentally revealed her scars when changing?”

The Qin Ke Xuan wore a long sleeved shirt today as per usual. Upon scrutiny, one would be able to discover that she was actually wearing not one but two layers of clothes under such a sweltering weather. This undoubtedly proved the “truth”—that she had scars—valid.

Qin Ke Xuan couldn’t bring herself to explain to the bunch of shamelessly-attired girls. The latter however took her silence as acknowledgement to the assumptions.

Zhou Jing frowned, “Ding Jie Yun, can you don’t?”

Ding Jie Yun replied sharply: “Me? What did I do? I just find her existence a pain in the ass, you got a problem with that? I just don’t like how you put on an act to suck-up to her, you got a problem with that?”

Zhou Jing bit her lips tightly, and stared firmly at Ding Jie Yun silently, her face pale.

Ignoring the arguing pair, Qin Ke Xuan took out a book from her school bag and started flipping. In order to survive in this foreign environment, she had to collate information about this place. After the many days of observation, she realised that the possibility of her returning to where she had come from was low.

She had also yet to make sense of all the strange situations happening around her. To understand them, she decided to turn to reading, which perhaps would be able to help her deepen understanding. In order to retrieve the relevant information from these books, she had to understand what it was saying, which was not the case right now. Therefore, studying was unavoidable.

To someone who had been trained to be a killer from young, being sent to study in a private school was absurd. Thankfully, no one here seemed to know or recognize her. She should just die in embarrassment and retire from the world of assassination otherwise.

She had endured through four consecutive lessons in the afternoon. With the exception of literature, a subject she could somewhat understand, she’d blurred through everything else in a state of confusion.

Zhou Jing had been looking at her in anticipation ever since lessons ended. Qin Ke Xuan however brushed past the excited girl, and instead headed towards the place that was allegedly known as the canteen.

After walking past an obscure corner, a few people scuttled out all of a sudden, blocking Qin Ke Xuan’s way.

Qin Ke Xuan’s eyebrows rose. There sure were lots of people blocking her way today. She surveyed the surroundings. Unlike the bustling school gates this morning that made punching people inappropriate, the remoteness of this location dissolved her qualms.

The head of the little gang of girls pointed at Qin Ke Xuan: “You lowly wench! Why the hell are you still bothering Cao…”

The girl did not not manage to finish her piece, because Qin Ke Xuan forcefully cut her off. One hand gripping her collar, Qin Ke Xuan pulled her down. A quick push shortly followed, and she flung the girl aside so hard she flew several metres away. That girl laid on the ground, groaning in pain incessantly.

Having witnessed such a terrifying scene, the remaining two girls were flung aside by Qin Ke Xuan. And they flew in the direction of the first girl before they could react. The groaning moans of pain resounded continuously.

Upon such a sight, Qin Ke Xuan was a little disappointed. She’d thought she would be able to test her agility and get some exercise. However, the opponents turned out to be unexpectedly weak; they couldn’t even handle a normal blow from her, much less a blow packed with Inner Qi.

Qin Ke Xuan left, disappointed.

T/N: yo guys, I’m taking over for the translations of I Am A Killer yay 😀 To be honest I haven’t read the book yet, so I’m literally reading it and translating it at the same time (so I don’t know any spoilers don’t ask me; I heard the story is good, I hope it’s good). First time translating (and without an editor *sniff sniff) so please help me out if you spot any major grammatical errors or typos (do comment below and indicate which paragraph it’s from). By the way, I use British English, so some spelling may differ from American English, take note that they’re not typos.

Will try my best to update this regularly. However, a very early heads up: do expect updates to be slow around late June and mid October 2017, will try to stockpile to avoid stopping updates > <

Hope you enjoy~

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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