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Before Xuan Mo went into hibernation, or perhaps, before Xuan Mo left for battle, Caleian was one of the few planets that was openly antagonistic towards Scorpio.

Scorpio had lots of enemies, but not many of them dared to clearly their antagonism towards them so openly. And what’s even more speechless about their behaviour was that this was all because they were unhappy and unwilling to accept the fact that they were weaker, hence they were going against them openly— in other words, they had nothing better to do. They were against them and dictatorship, and those that were more cultured would write all sorts of lame songs, foolish poems and all sorts of essays that would poke at Scorpio’s governance be it openly or indirectly. Those that weren’t as cultured, which was the majority of the people, would find Scorpio heartlands to run naked, get into group brawls and come up with all sorts of disgusting art forms…

Though their trivial existence was as negligible as an ant, Scorpio still had much fun and interest in poking back at them.

When Xuan Mo was away for battle, Scorpio was still engaged in countless battles, and one of which was against the Caleians.

After two hundred millions of years, she figured that Scorpio could still annihilate the Caleian even if they came at them in a wave of two hundred million. Two hundred million years, no matter how long however, was but as long as a fleeting dream to her. Hence to her, her passion dislike for Caleians still burnt strong.

When she saw his coloured patterns and his standing hairstyle, her hatred boiled. She knew these were Blue Planet beings and not Caleians, but why did that matter. She wanted to vent her anger, and those that provoked her would suffer as well. After threatening them physically with their military prowess, Scorpio would then channel much effort into colonising their planet — this was how they’d usually go about doing things.

Brother Bang did not at all feel her change in attitude. Rather, he snorted and took a step forward, rubbing his hands: “Ahahaha, Ah Mo, I didn’t know you’re a pro! What about we play one round?”

“You touched me?” Xuan Mo didn’t answer his question.

“Eh, all I did was just touch, it’s not like you lost a chunk of meat.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 95 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Can I see it as provocation?”


“Enh, provocation it is then.” After finishing her sentence, she stepped forward, grabbed Brother Bang’s left wrist and gave it a gentle twist. The cracking sound coupled with a heart-wrenching wail sounded. The masses watched dumbly from the side as Brother Bang was gradually raised. His hand was twisted to the back, and his entire being was pressed against the wall. Xuan Mo held onto his hand from behind, and with just this touchpoint as a base, pushed him against the wall and moved him upwards.

Brother Bang’s legs dangled furiously. He had no idea what just happened. There was a scary strength securing him from behind and his brothers were simply spectating from the sidelines, dumbfounded, as though they’d just seen an alien… mouth agape and eyes wide.

An icy voice sounded from behind.

“You’re an earthling?”


“Reply me, yes or no!”

“Sob sob sob, yes!”

A hand slapped down on the back of his head mercilessly. Brother Band howled in agony. His face almost felt as though it’d be pressed into the wall. Not once did it cross his mind that his spectators would be even more spooked than him by such a scene. Xuan Mo was holding him up with a single hand, and could still find the strength in her to slap him with her other hand?!

“Why don’t you be a normal earthling then! Why dye your hair!? Paint your face?! Wear such blinding colours?! Why the heck would you try to imitate an alien?! Are you sick of living? Why are you shaking your head! You’ve had enough of living haven’t you, then let me grant you your wish!” After which, Xuan Mo grabbed his head, pulled it backwards fiercely before slamming it mercilessly against the wall.

“Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo!” Before she sent his head slamming against the wall, a howl sounded. Xuan Mo paused and looked strangely at her headphones around her neck. She turned to the computer screen. The entire interface was filled with bright red words. All of them were from Lu Yu Chen.

“What?” She asked impatiently. Her hand grabbing onto Brother Bang’s head shook his head. His vision shook and he ended up cross-eyed, his heart bobbing up and down with every shake of his head by her. He was this close to bursting into tears.

“Mo Mo Mo Mo, you finally heard me… listen to me, no matter what the situation is, release the person you are grabbing.” Lu Yu Chen couldn’t see what’s happening, but just from the sound of things, and based off his understanding of Xuan Mo’s prowess, he pretty much had the situation figured out.

Xuan Mo smiled: “Are you commanding me?”

Lu Yu Chen smiled bitterly: “Mo Mo, I know you won’t cross the line. It’s fine if you wanna beat him up, but if something happens to him then things will be difficult to settle. You shouldn’t waste your time on gangsters like these. I don’t know what he did to you, but it’s definitely not something unforgivable, there’s no way what he’d done could have affected you, you’re much stronger than then. If he didn’t cross the line and just made you unhappy, then just give him a beating but don’t go too over.”

“Why do I feel like I’m already being very kind?” Xuan Mo was confused and concerned. “Usually, people like these would be skinned, made a specimen of, then sent back to his kind to warn his people… including his scalp. Speaking of which, your hair stinks.”

“Yes yes yes!” Brother Bang suddenly wanted to laugh. Though what Xuan Mo had just said was incredibly morbid, it didn’t seem plausible no matter how he thought. Rather, it kinda felt like the little girl was throwing a tantrum and simply cursing him. On top of that was Lu Yu Chen showering her with protective words. Suddenly, he felt confident that nothing was going to happen to him. “Why don’t you try skinning, better yet, make me into a inflatable doll and send it to my gurl, haha, that way she can hug me to sleep every night hahahahahah!”


The laughter was instantly replaced with howls of agony. Xuan Mo released her hand and pulled a tissue to wipe her hand, saying lowly: “I’m not joking with you.”



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