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CHAPTER 19: Not Recognised

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Footsteps suddenly sounded from behind, originating from the alley. 

Hua Rong Yue had only retracted her hands at literally the most crucial point. And after she did that, she stoned for a good moment, dazed. 

It was only until the footsteps sounded did she suddenly return to earth. She hastily threw the man she’d been choking back onto the ground, flew a quick glance in that woman’s direction to make sure she was still alive, before she quickly made a run for it via a shortcut.

Regardless of who it was that arrived, Hua Rong Yue should immediately take her leave. No small fry would make such a timely appearance at this place; if she were caught up with whoever it was, there was a huge possibility that another combat, and a larger scaled one, will definitely ensue.

But this was not something Hua Rong Yue had even spared a thought about.

Her first reaction instead was — she definitely definitely must not let anyone see her in her current state, no matter who it was. 

Run, quickly! She mustn’t… she can’t let anyone see her like this! 

Even Hua Rong Yue herself had no idea why such an overpowering thought overtook her mind and being. 

Hua Rong Yue dashed clumsily back to where she threw her outerwear, and flung it back on. A little wet from the rain, it was no longer as pristine as it usually would be.

But right now she had no bandwidth to pay any attention to such details. She quickly shrugged it on and made a mad dash towards the street that she had came from.

After her exit, footstep sounds grow in volume in the alley. Evidently, those people had caught on to the smell of blood, and made their way into the shortcut she’d taken.

And the sounds drew closer, it was growing in evidence that the new arrivers were not a few people, but many. 

Even though qinggong was said to be the foundation of those that walked the jianghu, the majority of practitioners were not skilled to the point they could tread through the rain without being heard, much less when they were in haste . ♢ CHRONOLOGY OF A HUNDRED HERBS, CHAPTER 19 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

A bunch of people in black arrived speedily, each of their face masked with a face wrap and armed with an official’s blade. 

The person in the lead was of similar getup. Upon scrutiny however, one would notice that his robes were dimly patterned; his blade visibly sharper, his footsteps noticeably lighter – almost inaudible even. 

As the group of people entered the blood-tainted alley, they saw the female lying on the ground, and an unconscious male sprawled. At the sight, unsettled shock echoed across their gazes. 

They had rushed over after sensing the intense murderous aura in this area. It was a bone-chilling feeling; and they could feel it even two streets down. 

Anxiety shrouded the group. 

The murderous aura had been too strong; that’s why they arrived so quickly. 

Given their attire and weapon, it was immediately visible that these people were from the local authority. 

“The person here had already left.” One of the masked person reported gingerly to the person behind after checking the scene. 

The said leader glanced down to check on the female’s condition. The pair of eyes peeking out from behind the face mask was incredibly farmiliar – he was Yan Sheng. 

”He must not be far off.” Yan Sheng spoke softly, “the female looks fine, but she needs the doctor, quickly.” 

One of the people in the team looked at the unconscious male on the floor, suddenly feeling as though something was off. “This person has gone Mad, why is he lying here though? Or was there another violent person that had tortured both of them?”

”No.” Yan Sheng looked at the blade on the ground, “he tortured the female. The person that had been here didn’t do anything; that person had stopped this person instead.” 

”Stopped him?” The expressions of those around were varied. 

They’ve only heard of Mad people cannibalising each other, never had they ever came across a normal human being successfully getting in the way? 

Yan Sheng had arrived at this conclusion based on his meticulous observation and his many years of past experience. Despite so, he too found the conclusion somewhat strange, illigical even. He couldn’t help but glance down again to scrutinise the scene, attempting to re-enact what might have happened here in his head. 

The person that had fled was very strange, they’ve never came across anyone like this before. 

Since when did such a person emerge in the Eighteenth Pavilion? 

”Should we continue to search for that person?” One of the guards asked. 

”There’s no need.” Yan Sheng sent another gaze at the crime scene. “We are only here to patrol, there’s no need to make a huge ruckus. Bring this man and woman back, some of you stay back go clean up the place.” 

”Yes sir.” 

Presently, Hua Rong Yue had already returned back to the Hundred Herb Apothecary. He entered his room without disclosing his return, headed straight for her room, collected a bowl of hot water and soap. 

She kept scrubbing and scrubbing, until her skin turned pink before she got the red mole off her face. 

Afterwhich, she stared at the water in the pail for a while, still unsettled. 

How did things end up like this? 

What happened to her just now? 

“Rong Yue, you’re back, aye, why are your clothes wet?” Physician Qi walked over and asked in shock when he saw Hua Ring Yue standing beside the pail. If it had been anyone else that returned wet in this rain, Physician Qi wouldn’t have been surprised. But this was Hua Rong Yue; just the fact that it’s this person changed the situation all together. 



This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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