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T/N: hihi friends here’s a quick refresher of all the terms used in case anyone’s getting confused~

i.e. a couple that the audience likes and ships
e.g. “omg I ship that CP so much!” 
BLCN & JPboy’s love, ie guy x guy;
in CN the word used is 耽美
yaoiJPboy’s love, same as BL,
ie guy x guy; in CN the word used is 耽美
fujoshiJPfemale audience that enjoy BL content;
in CN the word used is 腐女
shounenJPcontent targeted at male teenagers;
in CN the word used is 少年
fanserviceENthe inclusion in a work of fiction of material, especially of a racy or sexual nature, which may or may not have relevance to the storyline and is designed merely to excite the viewer,
i.e. often depicted in the form of revealing clothing or illustration of certain (intimate, but usually platonic) interactions between certain characters 

“Don’t be angry Sister Li’zi, whatever the case is, the boss will still pay us on time.” Yuan Yuan Yuan patted Sister Li’zi’s shoulder and turned to leave. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan headed home, bought a bag of bread and a packet of eggs. The bread and eggs were nearing its expiration dates so they were on discount. After cooking herself a quick dinner that she rushed through, she started tracking her finances for this month. 

She’d earned quite some bucks from the incense filling job… fantastic, she had enough to fund the heater during winter, and she could pay the internet bills. The drainage for the toilet was also always clogged, with this money, she was now able to pay someone to come down and give it a check. 

Why was life so hard wtf.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the jade pendant hanging at her neck, and wondered to herself… how much would the pendant be sold for?

She looked down and checked the time, before she got a pail of hot water to soak her foot as she scrolled through the manga forum. 

Nowadays, quite a number of interesting topics would pop up in the forum. There were also a lot of lurking talented artists and writers here. Yuan Yuan Yuan chanced upon a cute master-disciple fanfic she started yesterday that she didn’t finish. She was looking for that thread again today to finish the story. 


Such beautiful and lovely matters were the last rays of sunshine in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s life… cough cough, as a lascivious smile made its way onto her face, Yuan Yuan Yuan clicked open her phone and scrolled through her phone as she soaked her foot. She clicked into her reading history and saw a post highlighted in red at the top. That post had already garnered over several hundred of replies. 

What was this… was there a new couple fanfic that was ready for consumption? Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the highlighted post and clicked into it, before she froze in amazement. 


This was a very skilled artist! No doubts about that! No wonder the post was trending after such a short while. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at Wen Rong’s post in uncontainable excitement. This Wen Rong artist specialised in drawing fan-made extras. Apparently she was also actually one of the artist signed under DreaManga, and would often share her works in the forum. 

All the works uploaded into the forum were free for everyone’s consumption. In other words, this content was free and frequently updated. As a seasoned forum user and reader, this Wen Rong was among her favourite and most admired artists.  

She looked at the content Wen Rong shared, but realised that there wasn’t any extras, instead, it was a paragraph of words. 

【…I just wanted to ask, if this manga is a shounen manga but there’s BL fan works, will the fan work artist be flamed?】

There were many replies to this comment, evidently lots of people have chipped in. 

【No it won’t happen, there’s so many shounen mangas out there that got popular because of the fujo fan works…】

【In the countless shounen mangas I’ve read, BL ships make up a good half of the readers, so don’t worry about it, just draw what you’re thinking~ I wanna read it~】

There were also other replies,【it will definitely be flamed…  by the readers of the original manga, but it’s not something that can be helped either, but if artist-sama wants to draw, it’s totally fine, you can ship your own ship.】

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the original comment, thought about it, and replied in the thread as well,【artist-sama if you wanna draw then draw it… out of all the mangas out there, yaoi is the way to go, I bet everyone would have shipped an unconventional couple at some point in time, let’s contribute to what we love, it’s not paid content anyway, you don’t need to think so much *hug*】

After Yuan Yuan Yuan sent out her comment, she went to pour away the water she used to soak her feet. By the time she’s back, she realised that her reply had been flooded by the countless other replies in the thread. Her reply sank without creating any ripple among the ocean of comments. 

What CP… but Wen Rong’s fan-made story was really quite cute, every story was appropriately ambiguously, some of which became the founding cornerstones of their unconventional, almost nonsensical CP ship, and till date remained one of their “best selling” recommends when converting an average civilian.  

Back in the days, Wen Rong’s art was the one that brought Yuan Yuan Yuan into an unconventional CP ship, and till date, Yuan Yuan Yuan remained a hardcore supporter of that CP. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan shook her head. After she was done replying, she closed the webpage. There wasn’t much else for her to see, the comments were either encouraging Wen Rong to draw, or telling her not to draw. There were also some people that were still trying to figure out exactly who her CP was.

Yuan Yuan Yuan continued scrolling through the fan-made content on the forum until eleven thirty, before she opened DreaManga. She got up to get a cup of water; holding a piece of bread she’d gotten at a discounted price, she chomped on her supper as she waited for the time to hit midnight for DreaManga to update their latest chapter. 

The streetlights outside switched off puntually at midnight. Yuan Yuan Yuan opened DreaManga, scrolled to the latest chapter and started reading. 

The first scene was a disfigured person and a bloody scene.

Yuan Yuan Yuan got such a scare she almost spat out the bread in her mouth.

WTF! Ji Qiu was killing off people first thing in the chapter, what’s going on…

By the time Yuan Yuan Yuan saw who actually died, she suddenly felt that the person do be lookin’ a ‘lil familiar.

It was the demon that had been eliminated during the preliminary round.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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