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”…oh, so all the ones that are left are those that have no where else to go, like me.” Yuan Yuan Yuan replied.  

“Just stand beside the incense pot later, and keep smiling, and definitely definitely don’t talk, not even a single word. Hong Xiu herself didn’t like to speak, that’s why I got you to sub her, so don’t slip up.” As Sister Li’zi spoke, she pulled out a strange looking perfume bottle and sprayed a few pumps on Yuan Yuan Yuan. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan almost choked to death after being submerged by the puffs of perfume. However, Sister Li’zi didn’t give Yuan Yuan Yuan any additional information, and instead pushed Yuan Yuan Yuan into the room before she herself followed in after, closing the door behind the two of them. 

For a moment, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t even know what to say. 

As she looked at the room, the only words left in her head were. 

Oh my fucking god, this is so over the top…

Y’all even have a winding stream of water here to serve the wine, where the hell did the stream even come from… 

And, they were still indoors right, why could she see the blue sky from the inside, and the lotus pond on the side…

And this blue sky didn’t seem right, it was dark outside right now wasn’t it. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan was still frozen by the door. Sister Li’zi pushed her and pointed at the huge incense pot. The incense pot was lotus-shaped, with intricate designs hollowing out the edges. An incense was lit in the vessel.  

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked over, saw that there was a chair beside the incense pot and sat down. She didn’t dare to sit all the way in comfortably, instead, she mimicked how the actors in chinese opera sat, and took up only a small corner of the chair. And with a frozen face, she looked at the incense pot; she had no idea what she was supposed to do. 

She was currently situated on a hallway floating on the water. There was no one else here save for herself, and an incense pot. 

On the other end, laughters and chatters sound; Yuan Yuan Yuan even heard the sound of water splashing. Meanwhile, she sat in front of her incense pot and watched the pot with a stiff expression. Because she had no idea when she was supposed to top up the incense and when to not top up, so she decided to add it however and whenever she wanted.  

A crimson carp swam past beneath the hallway in the water. As it did, it kicked up a circular splash in its wake. 

“Sister Yuan Yuan, why did you buy me breakfast?” Xiao Ying asked as she chomped on the bun. 

”Enh… because I suddenly earned a lot of money yesterday.” Yuan Yuan Yuan replied, “get along on your way to school after you’re done eating, don’t be late.” 

“Sister Yuan Yuan, exactly what are you working as, you always seem to be back really late, and you were out all night today…” Xiao Ying asked hesitantly. 

”Don’t worry, your sister wasn’t out doing anything illegal.” Yuan Yuan Yuan’s gaze blanked out, “all I did was get all dramatically dressed up, sat alone in a place, and… looked at the fish silently.”

“…” Xiao Ying found this imagery incredibly difficult to imagine. Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t explain any further. She waved her hand and entered her own unit. 

After she was back, she lied on her bed and slept away like a log for the entire day straight. 

By the time she woke and checked the time, it was already one in the afternoon. 

Goodness… immortals don’t even sleep, but for some reason, she remained as hungry for sleep even after she became a demon. Was this evidence that she was not skilled enough?

Yuan Yuan Yuan got up, grabbed some food and turned to surf the internet and checked out DreaManga’s leaderboard. The votes were collated in real time, reflected in their webpage, and refreshed every half an hour. So the numbers would be pretty accurate. 

She searched up the black shirt guy’s name, and realised that her character had already passed the preliminary round. 

Enh? What’s the situation? When did she pass? ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 43 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at her supposed opponent in the leaderboard, it was a supporting character from a school genre manga. On the official website, this character’s profile picture was already greyed out. 

She glanced at the number of votes, and realised that her character had long surpassed this other character’s votes. Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t particularly surprised. This wasn’t because her character was incredibly potent, but rather, the opponent was too weak. 

Now that the preliminary round was over, the next round was elimination round. Yuan Yuan Yuan figured that the publisher would be trying to suck more money with the elims, and pull another campaign like this again.  

She flipped through, but suddenly recalled something. At that, she went to take a look at the characters that did not make it past the preliminary round. 

As expected, there was indeed characters from Demons

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at a few of the names, before a thought suddenly popped up. It was a headless firework exploding in her head that’s sending her mind reeling.

Oh, oh my god, that crazy Ji Qiu wouldn’t kill off these guys just because of this right?

Yuan Yuan Yuan could suddenly feel an onset of goosebumps. She silently made a mental note of all these names. 

At the situation however, she couldn’t sit still any longer. She checked the time. This was gonna shave off at least ten years off her life if things were to continue like this. 

Preliminary round… elimination round… elimination round!

Oh my god, elimination round… just the sound of this round was ominous. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked in circles for a few round. She felt that something bad was gonna happen. Ji Qiu didn’t seem like a very kind person. 

She checked the amount she’d earned last night, and suddenly wondered if she should buy a copy of the manga issue to help to up her own vote. After contemplating, she decided against doing that. 

The results would be out this weekend, she should see what would happen to the few that got eliminated. 

After Yuan Yuan Yuan made her decision, she scrolled through the comments, her thoughts drifting. 

She flipped to the latest chapter in Demons, and suddenly gave an exclamation of surprise. The most popular comment had changed to a comment left by someone anonymously. The comment had over a hundred of replies, and more were still coming in. Yuan Yuan Yuan was a little puzzled, but decided to take a look at what this comment was about. 

  After she clicked into it, the first sentence almost blinded her.

【A lowly fanfic — Accidentally Saving the Damsel in Distress.

“His hand lightly caressed his hair, before he gently held the red pendent hanging around his neck and gave it a hard tug. 

His lips tilted into a beautiful arc. He’d never seen such a pretty pair of lips, it was so pretty he wanted to…”

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the white clouds and blue sky outside the window.

She, she didn’t know what to say. 

But that was quite a thrilling fanfic.

…this ride was getting a bit too fast.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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