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CHAPTER 09: The Pretty Boy Knows Martial Arts I

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After she had transmigrated into this body, Hua Rong Yue sometimes would be able to perform actions that was very much so beyond the ability of an average civilian. Hua Rong Yue was currently trying to convince herself not to get to riled up in shock about this. She had already grown used to it after all this while. 

The reaction speed of Hua Rong Yue’s body was incredibly fast. On the other hand, Physician Qi and Wan Fu Lian’s vision could not catch up to Hua Rong Yue and Xiao Han’s actions. As a result, they’d thought that Hua Rong Yue was pinned down beneath the debris.

”Hua Rong Yue! Hua Rong Yue!” Hua Rong Yue heard Physician Qi’s hoarse voice calling out her name.

”Hua Rong Yue—!”

After the flying dust had settled, she saw from a bird’s eye view of Physician Qi dashing into the broken counter, and started shifting through in crazed effort. 

The counter was actually very large. Behind it was a huge row of drawers after drawers, the typical drawer cabinets found in a Chinese medicine store. Each of the drawers were labelled the name of the herb, and the entire structure took up one wall of the area. The counter was large enough it could cover almost the entire wall of drawers, save for a small opening narrow enough to barely allow half a person in. 

It was such a big cabinet it would probably completely submerge and cover up anyone who was buried underneath it. Not only so, the counter was made of hardwood; wooden panels didn’t exist during this period yet. If there really was someone stuck beneath all the debris, even if the guy survived, he’d definitely break some bones. Physician Qi was quite red with anxiety after rushing over to the debris. And he mustered all the strength he had to try to lift the broken counter. Even so, he didn’t manage to shift it even a single inch. 

An expression of anxiety, Physician Qi hollered as he shifted. He probably had thought that Hua Rong Yue was trapped underneath and was unable to speak. Wan Fu Lian was even more frightened at the sight; her knees gave out beneath and she had already fallen to the ground. 

The calmest person among them however turned out to be the most irascible Xiao Han. 

He’d sensed that something was off the moment he waved his fist out earlier. 

There was a looming sense of danger that encroached; he didn’t quite know how to explain it. 

After sending out the punch, Xiao Han didn’t turn to Wan Fu Lian immediately. Instead, he stopped short, frozen. He’d noticed that something was off, but he had no idea where or why this feeling came about. 

Just as he was puzzling over it, Xiao Zhan’s heart skipped a beat, and suddenly turned to look up. 

His gaze bumped into a pair of pitch black eyes. 

”Stop searching Physician Qi, I’m here.” ♢ CHRONOLOGY OF A HUNDRED HERBS, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Hua Rong Yue had slowly found her balance hanging upside down. With that, she leapt off the beam, and turned a 360 midair before landing softly on the ground. 

He seemed as light as a feather. 

When Xiao Han heard Hua Rong Yue’s voice from above, his entire being froze. It was only until Hua Rong Yue had landed did he finally come to gradually. 

Hua Rong Yue landed on the debris. His clothes remained speckless, even his hair was an ocean of black cascading down his back, tidy as ever. He was clean, and perfectly fine. His clothes remained flat even as he landed, his back facing the rest of them. 

Physician Qi and company were shocked speechless. 

To be frank, Yi Ling Long was really granted many bugs by the heavens. One shocking discovery that Hua Rong Yue made after transmigrating over was that — to Yi Ling Long, there seemed to be nothing she couldn’t accomplish. 

If it was someone else hanging upside down on the beam like how Hua Rong Yue had done earlier, they’d probably feel their blood rushing to their head, and end up with a warped expression. But to Hua Rong Yue, that action was simple, as though she was still on the ground. Her expression remained normal, in fact, she even looked a little bit calmer. 

Given Yi Ling Long’s talent and skills, it was simple as cake to sit herself in a comfortable position in society and get through life easily. Why did she… get herself into such a situation in her past life? 

Even though it was evidently a bad timing — Hua Rong Yue had her back facing the rest — her thoughts had floated away. Yi Ling Long’s memory from that flashed before her eyes last night suddenly resurfaced.  


”Yi Ling Long! You demon.” A righteous looking individual donned in white celestial robes declared as he stood before Yi Ling Long. Even though from Hua Rong Yue’s perspective, that guy looked like he was scolding her, she didn’t get a single bit upset. 

From her experience, Yi Ling Long was definitely dressed extravagantly and over the top. With the corner of her eye, Hua Rong Yue caught sight of what she had on today. Huh it was alright, definitely an improvement from the previous memory she saw. 

This time, Yi Ling Long decided not to dress like the rainbow… and instead stuck to a mix of red and greens. 

”Haha—“ Yi Ling Long’s sharp, shrill laughter had Hua Rong Yue rather uncomfortable. It’s not that Hua Rong Yue had not heard Yi Ling Long’s original voice — in fact, her original voice was very nice. However, growing up, and even through puberty, Yi Ling Long had been suppressing her voice pretending to be a guy, so her voice became a little lower. 

This voice reminded Hua Rong Yue of the cello, or perhaps coffee, tobacco, an ancient scroll, things like that. Despite so, Yi Ling Long used a particularly shrill and sharp voice nearing her death, like that of a eunuch. 

Could it be that Yi Ling Long no longer knew how to use her original voice to speak? Even though her original voice wasn’t soft, pitiful or gentle like that of other women, it still had a special flavour to it. But why did she decide to produce another sound altogether? 

Was it because she was within the control of Heaven’s Will Tower, so she had to fake it to fit into be the persona affixed for her? And even within this limiting life, she had still desperately sought validation, and hoped that the man she liked would be able to see her true self… even if her true self had become to a certain extent warped and strange as a result of her many years of pretence? 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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