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Yuan Yuan Yuan actually didn’t like walking in from the front of the saloon. Demons that entered from the front hailed from all backgrounds. As a half-demon, she would always be roasted one way or another if she were to mix in with them. 

Well, she couldn’t help it if she was roasted… but Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t exactly a soft persimmon. However, the issue was that she was now working here, if she were to start rolling up her sleeves and start something, she might just die on the streets the next month. 

To clarify — she’d die of hunger. 

However, thanks to Sister Li’zi’s help and support, so far she hadn’t really been singled out by anyone or bullied by anyone yet. Yuan Yuan Yuan thought that she’d have the evaluate the situation later on. If she were to run out of options, she’d turn and run at a moment’s notice and find Sister Li’zi to back her up.

Even though that was what’s been going on in her head, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t know where Sister Li’zi was usually at during such a time, and what she’d be doing. Because – all Yuan Yuan Yuan had been doing so far was to brush the cups day after day in the back kitchen. 

By the time she had reached the front of the house, before Yuan Yuan Yuan could speak, she was suddenly pulled over to one side by someone. 

”Quick, tidy her nails…” The demon that had called her out gestured at a few of the demon children behind her. 

And so, Yuan Yuan Yuan was pulled away. She looked at the curtains above her, and back at the children behind her, they were probably young demons that had just managed to transform. Some of them even had a pair of furry ears on their heads. 

”Change her hairstyle too, an quickly send her to the front.” The person said before leaving in a flurry. In his wake was a confused and dazed Yuan Yuan Yuan whose hair was being tugged and pulled at by the young demons behind. 

”Err… can someone tell me what’s happening?” Yuan Yuan Yuan gingerly leant in to one of the young girls and whispered. 

The little girl had a huge pair of animal ears on her head, a pair of large, black eyes and a hime hairstyle. As she helped Yuan Yuan Yuan stick on fake nails that was long enough to make digging her ear incredibly convenient, the girl said: “A few of the sisters managing the front suddenly left, we’re short on demons, there’s no one left to receive the customers today.”  

”They left?” Thoughts spiralled in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s head, “who left?” 

”Zi Luo, Hong Xiu, about a dozen left.” The little girl looked at Yuan Yuan Yuan’s neck-length hair, turned to dig out a long wig from the box behind her, and stuck it on the Yuan Yuan Yuan to extend her hair. Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the long hair, wondering in suspicion if this was chopped off directly from someone. Real hair and fake hair would feel different. 

And so, Yuan Yuan Yuan walked out in a daze, and was pushed forward by the bunch of youngling demons to the front in a daze. Before she headed out, they even helped her into an extravagant red robes, the kind that was so long it would drag out on the floor behind her, even when she stood, the train was stretch on for very long. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 42 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Her hair was extended till it was very long, her face was painted pale, her lips tinted crimson. Before she could take a look at herself, she was pulled to the front. When she reached, she saw Sister Li’zi standing at the hallway. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan waved at her excitedly. Just as she was about to ask her what this was all about, Sister Li’zi gestured at her, telling her not to speak, before she glanced around and pulled Yuan Yuan Yuan along and walked forward. 

”Later on, you introduce yourself as Hong Xiu.” Sister Li’zi spoke softly to Yuan Yuan Yuan. 

”Wtf why!” Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at Sister Li’zi, her expression of shock. 

”The previous Hong Xiu left, the customers we have today are a very distinguished guests, and they insist on having our prettiest girls over.” Sister Li’zi whispered into Yuan Yuan Yuan’s ears, “there’s really no one else, all the girls we have that’s alive and breathing were called, and one more thing, don’t call me Li’zi, I’m Li Qiao.”  

”What kind of sus name is that!” Yuan Yuan Yuan remarked, floored.  

Let’s not talk about Li Qian first, regarding that Hong Xiu… she still had some impressions of that girl. Tere was no way she wouldn’t, because Hong Xiu was a very pretty girl. Even though Yuan Yuan Yuan’s never seen Hong Xiu for herself before, she’d heard a lot from the grapevine over time. 

As for why Yuan Yuan Yuan could recall this clearly… well, it was rumoured that this girl was incredibly beautiful when she poured liquored and prepared the incense. And so, the person that had been in charge of pouring liquor and refilling the incense, or in other words, the person that poured the majority of the liquor that she had heated, probably went through this Hong Xiu’s hands…

”Alright alright, don’t look so scary, you’re gonna screw up your makeup.” Sister Li’zi looked at Yuan Yuan Yuan’s face in disdain. “Just handle refilling the incense. Hong Xiu only handled the incense in the past anyway. Every time you fill one, we’ll pay you accordingly to her rate how about that?” 


”Here they come, Hong Xiu and Li Jiao are here.” After Sister Li’zi got Yuan Yuan Yuan’s reply, she turned to leave without a word more, and pulled Yuan Yuan Yuan along with her as she stalked down the hallway. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan followed her as they walked past curtains and curtains of drapery, and walked up the stairs. This level was incredibly beautiful. From the outside looking in, the saloon only looked like it would contain a single floor. In reality however, there were a total of five levels hidden within. 

With every level she ascended, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that her breathing would become softer. This building was constructed according to the traditional architecture; as a result, this antique building looked and felt nothing like a modern, conventional bar. It was as though she had transmigrated into another universe far away. 

The building was quiet. Yuan Yuan Yuan never knew why it was always quiet. This was supposed to be saloon wasn’t it. 

“No, why did the girls want leave? They’ve already worked here for so many years.” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked, puzzled. 

”Wasn’t this saloon smashed the other time.” Sister Li’zi spoke softly into Yuan Yuan Yuan’s ear, “of course they’d leave, even their workplace was destroyed.” 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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