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【Eh… so is this how the protagonist’s undercover mission ends this time hahahahahaha, this is crazy unpredictable, and eh black shirt guy is totally poisonous, looks like he prefers younger girls, that’s why he decided set his mission as saving the little human girl…】

【Oi oi, black shirt boss you can’t do this, we never see you around, but every time you make an appearance you end up saving a girl, can you don’t, if it weren;t for that lips and that waist, I wouldn’t have admitted that was you, have you seen the mess on the your face.】

【The protagonist was completely thrown off,  but the black shirt boss was really just trying to be nice, but ended up screwing things up… but given this situation, protagonist, this is the time to latch on to this big tree! He smashed so many demons all in one go, he do kinda be a ‘lil powerful, protagonist, quick, cling on too him!】

【…how would he cling?】

【…ykwim*, doesn’t the black shirt boss like girls, if the protagonist pretends to be a girl, cough.】

* YKWIM: you know what i mean

【Speaking of the black shirt boss, does anyone know his name? So we’ve just been calling him the black shirt boss all this while?】

Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t mind the black shirt boss nickname, it’s not like that character really existed.

She scrolled through all sorts of comments in the comments section. Most of the readers were expressing their amusement and joining the commotion by telling the protagonist to suck up to the black shirt guy while he could. There were also a number of fujoshis, who came up with a number of fan fictions when they saw the protagonist’s cross-dress. There were also a small number of people scolding her and telling her off for helping humans even though she herself was a demon, what Mother Teresas…

Oi, y’all were humans too right, why were they helping her?

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the comments and shook her head. People were too rational these days, and they would even try to consider things from the enemy’s perspective, how should she put it… well, people were generally innately kind…? 

Of course this was a joke, but it was quite possible for a fictional character to attract a comment like this. Who knows, maybe the fiction character you find incredible was trash to someone else. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan flipped through the chapter again, and carefully looked through the plot. When they reached a certain page, she stopped, and scrolled through the before and after content of that portion twice.

The more she read, the stranger her expression got. In the end, she sank into a strange silence…

“Sis… do you know you’re in the manga?”

“Ah? When was that?” Sister Li’zi asked as she taught her younger brother.

”Wasn’t our saloon smashed last week, the grand demon drew the saloon into the manga, Sister Li’zi you happened to be serving liquor in one of the rooms, so you made a cameo… er I mean, you were drawn.” Yuan Yuan Yuan said.

”Goodness gracious, our saloon getting smashed was drawn in too? The boss would go crazy… tsk, forget it, it’s not my shop, Yuan Yuan, look, this is my little brother, he’s a little shy, might need you to bring him around and help him out. Si Qun, come look at your senior… aye, where did he run off to again…”

Yuan Yuan Yuan watched as the person in white suddenly turned to leave halfway through Sister Li’zi’s explanation.

”Don’t run, where are you going off to.” Sister Li’zi walked over in exasperation. Yuan Yuan Yuan followed over just in time to see Sister Li’zi tugging at her little brother’s hair and collar as she dragged him out from the room.  

“Si Qun, Si Qun, raise your head.” Sister Li’zi stuggled to drag him out, as she did, she sent her brother a few kicks. Her younger brother remained silent, and did not struggle even at her kicks.

Yuan Yuan Yuan watched silently as the guy in white had his head lowered, unwilling to speak. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 41 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

”Can you help to bring him around, even though my little brother doesn’t like speaking, he’s still pretty easy to get along with.” Sister Li’zi left after speaking, leaving Yuan Yuan Yuan and the white shirt guy standing, facing each other silently. 

This was the first time she saw the guy’s face.

…the first thought that zipped through her head was — wtf, what a uke* face. The second though that came to her mind was — this guy’s face was 200% a 0*.

*BL (boy’s love/yaoi) terms: uke (aka “0”) is the less dominant individual while seme (aka “1”) is the more dominant individual in a male-male relationship

Not only was he shy like a girl when it came to speaking, even his appearance made him look like a girl. 

…she’d never seen such a feminine guy before, he wasn’t a girl cross-dressing as a guy right, speaking of which why did it suddenly seem like people really liked cross-dressing these days. 

Exactly how much of an uke did he look… when standing next to him, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that her black shirt guy identity was actually domineering enough to be a seme. 

Oh my god, well she was considered a teacher now right, which teacher out there would take up such disciple, wasn’t it tiring. 

By the time she was brushing the cup with him, a phrase suddenly popped out in her head, “when two ukes meet, one of them surely will become a seme.” 

She shook aside these random thoughts. When she heard someone outside calling her, she shook off the water in her hand and told the guy, “stay here yea, don’t run off.”  

”Enh.” The guy nodded, still quiet and silent. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan was starting to feel an oncoming headache. She’d never thought that she would need to take up such a large responsibility. Not only did she need to brush the bowls and cup, she was a baby-sitter too now, and it was an anti-social big baby that she had to look after… 

Before she headed out, she recognised the voice that called her, it belonged to a demon that was not exactly the most approachable and easy to get along with. Hence she told the Si Qun not to come out. 

After all she was now in charge of him right, if something were to happen to him, she might be the one having to tank the responsibility. 

The guy didn’t speak, of course neither did he like speaking, that was what Yuan Yuan Yuan thought to herself. If he were to remain this silent, and the two of them continued brushing away in this quietness, perhaps things would remain rather peaceful, and that may not exactly be a bad thing. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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