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The figure ahead continued her “lovey dovey” scene as though she didn’t hear anything; they were still steeped in honey as they held each other and walked into the hotel. 


Song Cheng quickly took a shaky picture as evidence, kicked open his car door, abandoned his Bugatti just like that to tail the two of them. 

When the lift door opened with a “ding”, the obese man however was standing alone in the lift as he spoke into his phone, his tone annoyed. Just as the man looked up and glanced at Song Cheng, the latter glanced away and avoided his gaze.

One person entered the lift, the other left. The lift door closed again. 

A thought flickered through Song Cheung’s head, but it was gone before he could latch on to it. With a moment of hesitation, he dashed in the direction that the man had came from!

There was a door along the hallway that was still closing when he walked out. He stuck out his leather shoes, jammed it between the crack of the door, and opened the door with ease. 

“Well done Chu Tian, you’re latching on your Ji Yan Zheng and fishing outside.” He gave a cold laugh. “What a feat.” 

[He really came.]

[Strange, Song Cheng hasn’t really interacted with Chu Tian much before though, she’s just one of his friend’s lover, was it worth the fuss he’s kicking up?]

[The trash stream was over, now it’s time for trash plot lines?]

“Song Cheng?”

Ai Bei was in a sleeping robe as she sat before the dresser. She was of a petite built. There were too much material in front so she pulled it backwards. As a result, the robes was pulled low down the back of her neck, almost revealing her delicate shoulder blades. Her hair was tied up high, with occasional wisps sweeping down her face. 

“Why, I caught you, scared now?” 

“What should I be scared of?” She turned around again, picked up the skincare bottles and read the descriptions in curiosity. “Just because you said so, it will be the truth, where’s your evidence?” 

“The witness is just nearby, if you need photo evidence I took a picture as well.” 

“How unfortunate, I’d just sent your witness back, as for material evidence—“ she learnt closer to his picture, “it’s so blurry, and it’s a silhouette too, are you sure that’s me?”

The picture that he had snapped in a hurry indeed wasn’t clear enough. The picture also featured only the back view of the person, hence it was indeed a little difficult to differentiate.  

With a particularly innocent voice, she continued, “look are you, you’re accusing me without any evidence. What should I do? But I did put up my guard, I won’t let you get it your way so easily next time.”  

She made it sound as though he wanted to rape her. Song Cheng was so angry he snorted a laugh. 

“Chu Tian fuck your mother*!” 

* vulgarity (directly translated)

“You can’t fuck my mother, but you can fuck me.” 

“Who the hell wants to fuck you.”

Song Cheng had initially thought that he would return with empty hands, and her earlier retort was a mocking reply. After his agitation and rage peaked and faded a little, his rationale inched back. 

Her gaze seemed to be asking him; she didn’t seem to be joking at all. Song Cheng was immediately shocked and confused, “what do you mean?” 

“Whatever I said.”

She seemed like a naive girl as she happily skipped over to the TV. There was a recording camera was placed on top of the device. Facing him, she switched on the camera, and a red light lit up. 

She pointed at him and back at the camera, and mouthed: “Evidence.” 

This sly fox! How the fuck was she naive! ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 19 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Even though Song Cheng was also a playboy growing up, he was still shocked by her actions; he could feel his scalp numbing. 

Ai Bei smiled, and walked towards him, her back facing the camera, and while Song Cheng had his guard down, she suddenly pounced at him, and the two of them fell back on the bed behind. 

He didn’t dare to move; she had her knees pressed against his abdomen. He couldn’t believe he was just pounced on by a girl onto the bed. After a moment of daze, Song Cheng mocked, “are you forgetting something?” 


“My relationship with Ji Yan Zheng?”

“I do remember, but this doesn’t affect us developing our relationship.” 


How funny. 

The irony calmed him down. If he’d initially felt that she wasn’t worth his friend’s time and effort, now he only felt that their relationship was just plain ridiculous. Song Cheng glanced her up and down, “Chu Tian, I really couldn’t tell that you had this side to you.” 

Ai Bei didn’t reply. After meeting his gaze for a moment, she suddenly rolled to the side. Just as he was about to turn over to grab her, she pulled him down and in. Suddenly, they were so close they could hear each other breathe. 

She said softly into his ears: “This way he won’t be able to see you.”

Her voice seemed to be lightly caressing his ears. He paused, dazed for a moment at the proximity. 

“I’m asking you — you really don’t want it?”

His voice hoarse, “…enh?”

“I’m talking about the evidence.” She grabbed his hand lightly, “don’t you want to get a hold of my weakness?”

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: what a player hahahah; in case it’s confusing, in this realm Song Cheng didn’t like Chu Tian (Ai Bei) and felt that she was bad influence to Ji Yan Zheng (because after she upped and disappeared, Ji Yan Zheng’s been searching for her all over), and Song Cheng wanted to catch evidence of her “cheating”, or with someone else, to prove to Ji Yan Zheng that she’s not the kind of person Ji Yan Zheng imagined her to be. Hence Song Cheng was excited when he caught Chu Tian with someone else, but the evidence he got (the blurry picture) wasn’t very substantial. 

Chu Tian (i.e. Ai Bei) was tempting him to create this “evidence” with her, despite knowing Song Cheng and Ji Yan Zheng were best friends. Basically Ai Bei was knowingly testing his limits (and his friendship with Ji Yan Zheng)

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