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It was foreign name, or at least it was a name that did not belong in the well-known list of live-streamers. Only those that had watched the Everday Planet overall trailer and saw the player featured in the trailer would find this name familiar. 

Pity the characters portrayed in the two trailers were too different, and neither of them took Ai Bei’s original appearance. And so when they looked through the backstage,  they didn’t manage to find this person. As a result, this instead further intensified the confusion as well as threat. 

The several beams of lights weren’t obvious. When all the lights in the hall switched off however, the remaining columns of light that glowed in white in the short moment of darkness that extended all the way up to the ceiling. It was a majestic sight, delighting many of the customers that had paid for their tickets this competition. 

Even though it was a livestream, it was still different watching it on your own and watching at the competition hall with the other audience. People’s emotions were more easily aroused when there was a crowd. Case in point — the battle showcased in the trailer. There were not a lot of people that had seen Ai Bei’s trailer. However the exclamations that other audience gave out from around them attracted attention. As a result, more and more audience started watching the trailer.   

The moment Ai Bei entered her virtual world, she realised she was in live streaming mode. Live comments floated past like pieces of paper before her eyes. There were so many they had almost blocked out her interface. 

[I’m here because of the trailer. I hope the streamer’s actual stream was as exciting as the trailer.]

[Ah, she used the original character face? The face Rose crafted looks better than hers.]

[Did the streamer create the car accident?] 

[I’m thinking she did. The steering wheel and brake were both faulty, it can’t be such a coincidence. Don’t even know how she did it.]

[I’ve analysed her stream, the only period where the streamer switched away her livestream camera was when she went to the toilet. Shortly after she’s back, the Gao person arrived. If she were to time it well, find a shortcut around the place, and walk faster than the other person, it’s possible.]

[I love reading all these analysis. I don’t need to think on my own, awesome.]

In this future-forward civilisation, the mechanized city had produced generations of cold-hearted people. As a newcomer to this city, despite her amazing feat in the trailer, the audience treated her performance with a chilly pre-conceived notion that this was just a short-lived spark. 

In other words, the audience was hard to move. 

[What’s the streamer gonna do next?]

“I’m gonna rest and recover.” ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 18 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

In the space pod, due to the connection to her cranial nerves, Ai Bei was able to use her thoughts to communicate with the audience. This was also to prevent the characters in the virtual world from suspecting her if she were to start talking to herself. 

Some of the audience that had initially thought that Ai Bei was joking later realised that that was really what she did. 

She entered the story plot after the car accident, and didn’t change the timeline again. Gao Lin Xue didn’t dare to taint her hands, so she sent Ai Bei to the hospital, and wired her an amount of money. Gao Lin Xue never appeared again.  

Ai Bei destroyed her original SIM card in the phone, and according to the female supporting character Gao Lin Xue’s arrangement, spent one entire month resting in the hospital. It was almost as though Ai Bei wasn’t here for a live streaming competition, but was instead participating in a recovery and wellness program. Perhaps wellness was not quite the word to describe it — ever since she purchased the snacks that existed in this virtual world, she fell in love with salty and flavourful potato chips. 

The food known as “junk food” felt incredibly familiar and dear. 

Honestly, these kind of food was really already countless times better than the food back at Waste Planet. She also quite liked the salty flavour.  

The nurse had tried persuading her otherwise many times. The hospital didn’t have her family’s contact either, so in the end, they left her be. 

A month later, Ai Bei, having concluding her “leisurely holiday” in the hospital, received a gold card from Gao Lin Xue when she was discharged. 

At this point in time, there were barely a handful of people left  in her livestream room. 

The audience that were still around were really just here because they were indignant and unsatisfied that they spent such a long time here only to see something like this. The livestream room was filled with angry curses. 

[Bro is this even a transmigration live stream? This must be a travel game show right, the kind that returns to the ancient earthen era to experience poverty.]

[The livestream from T10 next door skipped three years into the plot, and she’s in a business rivalry with the CEO. Meanwhile the live-streamer that I’m actually watching is wasting livestream air time, tsk.]

[T28 live-streamer is super violent it’s so satisfying to watch. The moment she appeared she kneed the CEO in his jewels, oh my god! Everyone please support T28!]

While the plots in the other livestream rooms were got more exciting, the noise in Ai Bei’s T77 livestream room got rowdier as a result of the content. 

[I want to strongly request for this live-streamer to quit the competition! She’s just wasting time!]

[This livestream room is something only my great-grandmother would watch? What, the live-streamer’s not dead yet?]


The previously calm audience was now completely tilted by Ai Bei’s stream; they were really not that far from imploding. 

Ai Bei read the comments in amusement. After she was done looking through everything, she felt that the atmosphere was roughly there. 

To standardise across the board, everyone had three months time in the preliminary round of the competition. Similar to a novel, the plot would skip over filler parts that did not add to the plot progression as they were less relevant to the audience. 

With the system’s time adjusting function, it was completely within Ai Bei’s control to skip the timeline forward to one month later. To the audience, this time skip would be over in just a blink of an eye. Like how T10 livestream room was doing it, the streamer only played the most prominent parts of the plot to the audience. The rest of the plot were fast-forwarded. That’s why there were people saying that T10 streamer was already three years in. 

The downtime that Ai Bei spent recuperating was more commonly known as “trash time”, and was a huge taboo among live-streamers to stream parts like this. 

However, Ai Bei on the other hand was in no rush. She wore a bucket hat, and sleeveless dress. Her smooth, fair arms revealed made her out to look particularly young. She walked forward to bask under the sunlight, giving a sweet smile: “We still have two months, no rush. Let’s begin the game now.” 

“Next, let’s find someone first.” 


The male lead Ji Yan Zheng had a good friend by the name of Song Cheng; Song Cheng was the successor of the Song Organisation. 

As the main character in the original novel, Ji Yan Zheng’s abilities obviously were unparalleled. Song Cheng in comparison was one level below him. However, this didn’t affect their friendship. If there were two male lions, they would get into a brawl, and only one would make it out it alive. However, a male lion would not be on a vigilant guard against a wolf tailing behind. 

Song Cheng was on a work trip in the neighbouring city during this period. When he heard from Ji Yan Zheng that the latter couldn’t contact Chu Tian, he agreed to help him keep a look out. The moment he hung up the phone however he shelved this matter altogether.  

That woman had too much of an influence over his friend. It’s better that she disappeared. 

Not long after such a thought crossed him however, when his car stopped before an international hotel and he looked up while steering the wheel, and inadvertently noticed a silhouette that looked like Chu Tian. 

The girl was held within a bald men’s embrace; she was looking up, as though entertaining him. 

Song Cheng’s hand suddenly slipped and landed heavily on the honk. A piercing horn sounded, as though in warning…

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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