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There were many magazines and websites that liked to do things like this these days, as though they’d came to a mutual agreement to stir up a commotion. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had participated and supported her favoured 2D character in the past before, but the last time she did something like this was several years ago. Hence, she was very familiar with the process. 

When she logged into the DreaManga app, she realised that the announcement that she’d overlooked for many days was the details about this popularity contest. 

Enh… she shall call it a contest, she didn’t know how to describe it otherwise. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the contest participants. There were laid out as though products for sale on a rack. 

The results would be released on the website as well. Readers would be able to check the progress online. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan typed the title Demons into the search bar nervously, and looked through the list of “participating characters”… and goodness gracious she was on the damn list too. 

And her name was incredibly eccentric. There were only three sad words. 

— “Black shirt guy”. 

The picture beside her name was a screenshot of her from two chapters back; she was in a black shirt, topped off with her red Demon Mark. That was probably the most handsome picture of her so far. 

But her name was really too tragic when compared to the other characters — the latter even already had their respective nicknames and fan club names. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan felt a little sad and pitiful. She locked her screen and tidied herself up, ready to head to the saloon to check things out. 

To be frank, this kind of contest was just a game for the rich. According to the rules on the website, each photo card would count as one vote. In other words, each vote was about 6 bucks (USD). Students in general or anyone as broke as Yuan Yuan Yuan would definitely not be willing to buy a few more copies just to submit more votes to get a placing. 

After Xiao Ying gave her family’s pork ribs to Yuan Yuan Yuan, her mother cut her allowance for a long time. As a result, Xiao Ying was asking around for photo cards instead of buying more copies. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked over to the entrance of the saloon, and realised that there were more bodyguards around than before. She had no idea where they were from, but the moment someone unfamiliar closed in, they would attempt to determine if that person was a human or a demon. 

However, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t enter from the front. She made a detour and walked in from the back. 

When she opened the door, she saw a guy in white button down shirt standing inside. He looked a little over twenty, and was around 1.8m tall. His back facing her, he stood where Yuan Yuan Yuan usually did, washing cups. 

”Eh… hi, do you know where is Sister Li’zi?” Yuan Yuan Yuan walked over and asked. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 36 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

The guy scrubbing the cup stopped. 

The atmosphere seemed to have froze for a second. Yuan Yuan Yuan too paused at the situation; her eyes darted around instinctively as she surveyed the surroundings. 

”In, in front.” 

Just when the stunned Yuan Yuan Yuan was about to realise that something felt off, she suddenly heard the guy speaking. 

His voice was very soft. It was a mumble, his lips probably didn’t even move. Yuan Yuan Yuan had even noticed that he seemed to have trembled. 

…honestly speaking, that guy’s tremble really startled Yuan Yuan Yuan. 

She suddenly felt as though she’d done something terrible and frightened him. 

This guy seemed like he was a very introverted person. Dressed in a white button down and a washed out pair of jeans, he stood facing away from Yuan Yuan Yuan the entire time. Coincidentally, Yuan Yuan Yuan was also in the same attire. 

According to her experience, she figured that he’d probably worn the jeans for about a decade… and the shirt was probably newer, maybe five six years old.

Just the look of it told her he seemed to have his own sad backstory. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan took in his appearance with a rough glance. 

She was standing a little far and it was a little dark so she didn’t notice the guy’s hair inirially. She’d previously assumed that it was a very clean and fresh Japanese-influenced hairstyle that was a little longer than usual. 

When she walked closer, Yuan Yuan Yuan paused again. 

His hair… was incredibly strange. Even though there was still a rough form to it from afar, it looked very jagged upon closer observation. The various chunks of hair were not aligned; it looked as though he had grabbed a scissors and randomly trimmed his hair himself. 

Or, rather, it looked like someone else had cut his hair for him. 

And such a someone else was probably a hooligan in school that liked to bully other students, the kind that would deliberately cut up other student’s hair for fun. All of his hair was jagged and uneven. 

After glancing at him, Yuan Yuan Yuan forced herself to look away. 

For some reason, she suddenly felt a sense of guilt that she’d not experienced in a long time. It’s probably not that polite of her to stare at someone’s hair for so long…

That aside, if the kitchen wasn’t so quiet, she wouldn’t have caught what he said…

”Eh… the cups you’ve washed looks pretty clean. Have you been helping out for me?” Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the rows of washed cups. Beads of water slid down the edges, making the white cups out to appear particularly pearly, and the black cups sturdy. 

”Yes, yes.” He spoke is a very soft voice. This time, he stopped washing the cups altogether, and was instead clinging on to a cloth by the side. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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