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Ai Bei was probably the fastest player to complete the pre-task.

Her conscious had returned and she was back within the column of light. Meanwhile, the other players were still in a slumber, suspended in the warm light. Due to the rules in the first round, the plots in the same genre were the same. The characters the players assumed were also the same. There was no room for options. And so, the other players were still in a “Chu Tian’s parallel world” completing their pre-tasks.

Ai Bei surveyed the surroundings and half-closed her eyes. 

This way, she was still able to examine the hall. 

The billions of seats were filled with people. The audience seating area was boisterous. In this galactic era where entertainment was the king, this was the first time such a competition was held, as a result, the moment the tickets were released, they were sold out very quickly.

The upper classes decked out in suits and gowns were gathered in the VIP room upstairs. The privacy setting of the transparent glass windows were switched off. Occasionally, you’d be able to make out the people chattering amongst each other through the window.

They may not necessarily be interested in the content. Rather, they were more interested in this project altogether, and wanted to estimate its potential value.

There were virtual screens in front of each and every audience. When they saw a livestream that they liked, they could drag it out and zoom in. The livestream would then automatically evolve into a full-dive experience before their eyes. They could also choose if they wanted to block out the noise from their surroundings, or listen to the discussions happening around them. 

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While the players were completing their pre-task, the audience were selecting the genre they liked. They could look through the original plot and compare against the player’s performance.

Just as Ai Bei was in the midst of her observation, there were other players that gradually completed their pre-tasks and were released from the worldlet.

A low, orderly buzz of noise sounded from the competition hall. In the front of the hall, several columns of white light turned a crimson red in warning. Medical officiers immediately came over to shut down the system and conduct an emergency treatment.

Even though the rest of the players didn’t need emergency treatment, they were still drenched in sweat, and their limbs were going numb and soft. There were officers seen going around helping to make adjustments to these players’ virtual settings. 

It was then did Ai Bei realise that she had also experienced soreness in her arms and legs, and especially the place where she had been slammed into by the car. Her actual body was perfectly fine, it’s just that her brain felt the pain and it was sending a message to her body to feel the same effect as well.

Before the competition, everyone had been relaxed and carefree. Now that they had experienced coming so close to death, witnessing so many people that were unable to take the mental load and collapsing before them, the players couldn’t help but feel a sense of anxiety. Those with weaker mental resilience were starting to consider quitting the competition.

Of course, this was not the case for everyone.

In the short amount of time allocated for a break, the players had already magically formed cliques of their own. 

Among which, a female in crimson red dress had the most people surrounding her. The girl was slender and tall, taller than most players around. She was evidently the centre of attention for many. 

“Rose will definitely come in first in the Everday Planet competition sub-venue!”

“I’ve watch Rose’s livestream before, The Rise and Fall of the Commercial World series was too amazing. The minute I see finance or numbers, my head will start to hurt, it’s an industry that I don’t understand at all.”

“I heard Rose scored full marks in the elims, she’s too good.”

The name of this livestreamer on the galactic net was “South Cross Rose”; her followers liked to call her Rose.

Just as she was about to speak, someone snorted, “humph, how funny, you can’t beat the other galactic livestreamers so you run all the way over to a remote planet like ours to be the first, how incredible.”

“What are you trying to say?!” Her supporters sounded their disagreement first.

“What can I say, it’s just a first place… are you sure she’s the strongest player in the competition hall? Let’s take a look at the leaderboard before talking.”

The advertisement campaign before the competition had already begun during their break time. While the players were chatting behind the screen, the audience had already begun watching the player’s “individual trailers”.

This was the first battle of the players. 

Currently, the liverstreamer first in rank was the player that went by “South Cross Rose”. Her click volume was twice the amount of the player placed in the second place. At the previous person’s words, the masses turned to look at the leaderboard, too preoccupied to argue amongst themselves. Even though they do admire livestreamers that had already gained a certain following before the competition, they were still more concerned about their own performance.

Once the ranks appeared, the top ten places remained mostly unchanged. Players that were ranked further down flunctuated often, but within small margin only as well. There were players that were happy, as well as players that were unsatisfied. Just as they were about to start asking around to get to know their opponents better, they suddenly realised that a player ranked below 60th suddenly seeing a crazy jump in ranks.

Said player didn’t improve rank by rank, rather it leapt forward by many ranks, and zipped up the leaderboard in a matter of moments, right before their eyes. 

Finally, topping the shocked gazes of the players, the name surpassed the second place!

When the name reached the second place, it slowed. Even after a long while, it did not surpass the first place.

Finally, someone snorted in laughter: “Still the first; why, just cuz this player surpassed the second he or she can be the first now?”


When the person heard the rebuke, he was about to voice his disagreement in return. When he turned however, he came face to face with his very idol. 

Rose was currently frowning as she fixed her gaze on the screen.

What had shocked Rose the most was, after the player surpassed the second place, it floated around in the second place before the numbers continued growing at a frightening speed.

The click amount indicated behind the name changed continuously, it was increasing so fast you could barely read the numbers.

And then, in the blink of an eye, the name slowly jumped, and it sat at the top of the leaderboard in the first place.

Above the light columns, in the virtual scene on a gigantic screen, the trailer of the previously first placed player South Cross Rose was immediately replaced. It was a zoomed-in scene of the girl’s innocent, pretty smile, just moments before she was sent flying by a car, as well as the spilled blood on the floor — all of which were attention-grabbing scenes. 

If they were to enter the scene in a full-dive experience, they could perhaps even feel the shiver running down their backs as a result of her blood splashing onto their faces.

The audience were able to select any of the livestreams on their virtual screen before them, but the large screen at the front of the hall belonged to the first placed player. This was also a form of advertisement during the competition. The longer the trailer on the large screen was played, the more audience would click into her livestream room.

“Is she mad?!”

This was the synchronous thought that zipped through their heads. A virtual world was different from a full-dive game. The former was closer to reality, so you would not be able to adjust the pain tolerance index. As such, the pain felt in the virtual world was 100% equivalent to the pain you’d feel in reality. What’s even scarier was that this amount of pain was not inputed into your body, and into your mind. The moment your mind is overloaded, there was a large chance that things would go downhill. As such, even though the players wanted to create exciting twists, they would avoid engaging in such crazy actions.

This was also why this plot was selected in the first round of the competition — there was a lower risk of fatalities. 

But of course, if the player could handle it, the audience definitely would buy into their bold plot. After all, such scenes were way more impactful and exciting than seeing two girls arguing!

Everyone’s gazes gathered on the liverstreamer’s name on the screen.

Ai Bei.

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