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“Welcome everyone to the first round of the Livestreaming Transmigration Competition hosted by TITR, this is the Everday Planet competition sub-venue.”

“The genres of the first round include adventure and challenge, action and clearing instances, mystery and thriller, romance and heartbeat, and many more. Players may select the genre that they excel in before starting the competition. If any of the audience have a particular player that you prefer, you may search up the player’s livestream room.”

The host stood in the centre of the stage as he went through the rules of the competition in detail, at the same time hyping up the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the players after receiving the information from the backstage crew were notified that they had a pre-task before the first round of the compeition started. This pre-task was set in place to allow them to get used to the “virtual world”.

If any of the players were to experience any discomfort, they would be able to exit the competition immediately. 

The “virtual world” in the competition proper was vastly different from that in the elimination round. A “storyline artificial brain” existed within the former; also because of this, it was able to create a smaller worldlet.

In the elims, each player was the main character. Wherever they went, the limelight followed, and the data would be generated wherever needed and explored by the player. However in this worldlet, all the data and its structure would exist from the very beginning. Because of the vast size of the data available, players may experience data overload as a result of too much pressure on their brains. In certain cases, this may even result in nerve damage.

This was also one of the reason why there were so little transmigration livestreamer. 

Ai Bei selected the romance heartbeat genre. In the two months of downtime between the end of elims and the start of the first round of competition, she’d done her homework on the galactic net. There were usually way more female viewers than male viewers, and the genres that females preferred had remained generally unchanged from the ancient times till today — the romance genre. 

“The plot has been loaded. During the preparation time, players may wish to change the timeline of the plot and select your desired entry point.”

Ai Bei’s virtual screen lit up. After selecting confirm, the plot loaded — The CEO’s Runaway Sweetheart

When the plot loaded, howls immediately sounded among the romance genre players. 

“This is a plot from Year 8012 right, it was crazy popular when it was first adapted into a full-dive holographic movie. But there were too many copycat movies afterwards that people grew so sick of this troupe.”

“Can you even alter it anymore?”

“And this is only the first round of the competition, we can’t be getting a 13 Years Old Consort plot in the finals right?”

To others, this plot was incredibly cliche to the point they were sick of it. To someone who had almost never encountered any form of such entertainment like Ai Bei, this was quite a novel experience. 

She clicked start to the pre-task. Within the column of light, countless tiny neurons seemed to link up with each and every inch of her body. Lethargy swept over her and she fell backwards, as though she fell asleep while standing. 

Before long, her lashes flickered, before she slowly opened her eyes.  

It was a foreign environment. ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 15 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

The interior design was dark brown themed; the area was decorated with red bricked wallpaper, with booth seats made of carved wood, and a small, luxurious lamp hanging low. In the background, she could hear the low hums of a woman. Soft, slow chatters could also be heard from the side. 

This place seemed dark, sentimental and relaxed. 

Ai Bei seemed to have assimilated into this worldlet instantaneously. Even though there was no one observing her, she had habitually altered her movements and demeanour to blend in with the surroundings, without feeling out of place. 

After entering the worldlet, the control panel was automatically switched on. Beneath the panel was a huge paragraph of words briefly introducing the wordlet. 

Plot description: Ji Yan Zheng was the CEO of the globally renowned company Ji Organisation. He was handsome, domineering, and incredibly capable. There were countless ladies vying for his attention every day. Chu Tian was the daughter of the boss of a small family business teetering to survive. The two of them were worlds apart. However, in an attempt to save their company, Chu Tian’s parents send their innocent daughter onto Ji Yan Zheng’s bed…

Background description: This is a romantic story held in the ancient Earthen era. It was adapted by a galactic citizen and became a full-dive holographic movie. The movie had clinched Golden Horse Best Loved Movie, Planet Awards… and many other awards. 

Simply put, this was a movie that many people had watched, accepted, and were familiar with the general plot. As a result, it was also more difficult for the players to alter the plot. 

Ai Bei had already looked through the plot briefly. She had some time on her hands now so she re-read the paragraphs again. 

Other than the plot introduction, there was a character attribute adjustment page. Players could adjust their appearance and physical fitness, there was even a worldlet tools page. 

Apparently the tools page was something that players could use in the later stages of the competition. Other than receiving tips from the audience, players could also obtain special virtual tools sponsored by certain brands, and these tools could be used inside the virtual world.  

However, the tools page was in shaded in grey now. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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