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Xuan Mo had graduated; she was still young, the age of her body was twenty.

However, her mother was getting anxious = =.

How was it possible that such an impressive and beautiful daughter of hers had absolutely no rumours, no boyfriend and no rumours about a boyfriend, in a school that was full of guys.

She was starting to suspect that maybe her daughter might be antisocial… and not batting for the other team instead.

Because of this, she had also started looking for potential candidates for her secretly…

And then, she found one…

“What!? Blind date?!” A voice exploded.

Xuan Mo’s call was on speaker. She heard the thunder-like roar; Lu Yu Chen’s hysterical appearance surfaced in her head: “That’s what my mother said, I’ll go and check it out.”

“Why are you so calm, is that a blind date for you or your mom!” Another roar.

“According to what she said, it’s for me.”

“What the hell! You’re only twenty, why d’you need to go on blind dates?! Does your mother want a grandson already?! That’s crazy! Auntie Xuan’s too crazy!”

“My mother said,” Xuan Mo recalled, “you’re lazy, at home all the time, quiet, not as enthusiastic and imaginative as normal girls, and didn’t even read romance novels… so you might as well find a guy that is financially well-off enough that can support you wholeheartedly, so that she can be at peace…” Her tone was very similar to her mother’s, Lu Yu Chen could almost imagine how sad Auntie Xuan was at that point in time. 

He recalled a chat he had with Auntie Xuan very long ago.

“I have a pretty daughter with good grades and quiet personality, I really thought I’d be able to experience what it feels like to be a picky mother-in-law, but it’s been four years and she’s got no leads, aye… what a worry!”

Brother Lu had been helping to prep the flour to make dumpling skins; they were going to make dumplings later in the afternoon. At her words, he was a bit glum and puzzled. He was half her son, what did she mean no leads? Was he not obvious enough? Didn’t Auntie Xuan use to look at him as though she figured something was going on between him and Xuan Mo… he still recalled how hard his heart thumped away in his chest back then. 

On the other hand, Xuan Mo’s mother thought that his and Xuan Mo’s lack of progress all these years meant that they were sealed as siblings only forever. The only candidate that Xuan Mo’s mother felt was the most hopeful was Ai Er Ge, but this guy’s always never around, and she’d never noticed Xuan Mo acting any different with him. With time, Xuan Mo’s mother became depressed.

Let’s not even talk about Ling Yun, all he did was hide indoors, she didn’t even hear him during the period he stayed over. 

Hence as to how things culminated into what it was today. So when Lu Yu Chen called Xuan Mo as usual, he was greeted with shocking and terrible news — that she was going on a blind date.

He was currently in uniform, sitting in a hotel; he’d just completed his duty several thousands of miles away…

Throguh the phone, he heard Auntie Xuan’s urgent knocks hurrying her up. Xuan Mo told him she’s heading off and hung up. He looked hard at his phone, suddenly wishing it was a plane instead, or a maglev. 

On the other end, Xuan Mo’s mother was all dressed up today. They walked into a high-end revolving restaurant. There were already two guys seated at the reserved table, a middle-aged man, and a youth. 

Xuan Mo’s mother didn’t mention who they were meeting. However when Xuan Mo walked over, she nodded at the middle-aged man: “Doctor Jin.”

The others paused. Xuan Mo’s mother only reacted a moment later: “Mo Mo, you, how do you know Doctor Jin?”

Xuan Mo was a little confused: “Wasn’t he the main doctor that helped you that time during the robbery? Of course I remember him.”

“Goodness, that was so long ago…” Xuan Mo’s mother couldn’t help but find it surprising. Xuan Mo had been busy with exams when she was hospitalised, and she rarely bumped into Doctor Jin. She didn’t expect her daughter to be able to remember him. 

“Hehe, Xi Juan, you have a filial daughter, that’s why she remembers me, you should be happy.” Doctor Jin sat up slightly and tugged at the youth beside him, “allow me to introduce, this is my son, Jin Zheng Hang. As for his situation, both of you know, I won’t say much.” 

Xuan Mo tilted her head to the side. Xuan Mo’s mother was a little awkward. She’d been too focused on trying to convince Xuan Mo that she didn’t say much about the person that she was going to meet. Because she felt the youth was very impressive, and didn’t need much selling. In the end, Xuan Mo did come but she came as a blank slate. 

She pulled Xuan Mo: “Here, this is my precious, Xuan Mo.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 187 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Jin Zheng Hang was a gentle person. His overall demeanour reminded Xuan Mo of Cheng Ming Xuan. From this, she figured that he was deemed as an impressive person by the people around him. 

After so many years, she’d developed some understanding of blue planet beings. A handsome guy that did well in his career probably wouldn’t need to go on blind dates, and probably won’t see eye to eye with someone who’d just turned twenty, had not experienced the realities of life, was smart, pretty but possibly delicate and fragile. The latter information was something she pulled from the mental-net one day on accident, from the impressions of the surrounding neighbours of her. 

If that was so, then what’s with the situation today?

She looked at her mother, and looked at Doctor Jin. While the two of them looked like they were conversing politely, Doctor Jin seemed to have accidentally mentioned her mother’s nickname…

Alright, even though she wasn’t well versed with the art of interpersonal communications, she wasn’t an idiot, and figured where things were going. 

After chatting for a while, the two adults found an excuse to make their leave, leaving in their wake two youths looking at each other. 

Jin Zheng Hang was very at ease. When the adults left, he smiled and stood: “Well then, since this is a buffet, we should get started with the food, do you need any help getting the food?”

Xuan Mo stood: “We can go together, and you can introduce yourself.”

Jin Zheng Hang paused, “Auntie Xuan didn’t tell you.”

She shook her head: “I only learnt your name just earlier.”

“Hah, why does it seem like you were scammed into this.”

“No.” Xuan Mo was honest, “I’m genuine about this.”

Jin Zheng Hang paused for real this time. 

As compared to Jin Zheng Hang needing to go on blind dates, he felt that a girl like Xuan Mo needing to go on blind dates was even stranger. 

Twenty years old was the most happening period in a girl’s life. It’s when they transition from girls to women; the way they dress would change, everything would start from zero. Their worldview may change as a result of societal and romantic influences. From university till they’re out working, everything would be a new journey. 

Jin Zheng Hang knew this very well, and at the same time, he was a little scared by it. This was the age where girls would start to understand the art of communications, where they were not quite matured yet confident at the same time, they’d either turn out to be too timid, or overly flamboyant; it was truly a lovely and hateful coming of age. 

When he’d first heard of Xuan Mo, he didn’t intend to come initially. He’s only here because of his father. His mother had passed on for many years. He’d never seen his father this happy.

Now that he’s met her, Xuan Mo seems a little different.

“Cough, since you’re genuine then I should start getting serious too.” He smiled. “My name is Jin Zheng Hang, my name comes from the phrase forward journey*. I’m 27 this year, I’m much older than you, but I’m confident, and more charismatic than the younger guys.”

* 正途航行 (zheng tu hang xing): journeying down the correct path 

At his words, Xuan Mo nodded her head seriously in agreement: “That’s right.”

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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