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“It’s the guy in front?”

“That’s him, what do you think?”

“…oh my fuck!”

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s current expression was the definition of abstract art. She looked at the person sitting opposite, a thousand WTFs dashing through her head. Wasn’t he… that guy?

The youth was dressed in a white robe that appeared quite traditional and ancient. Seated at the booth, he looked as though he’d ran straight out of a filming studio. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had no idea which era his costume belonged to, but there were a number of demons that had been alive for many, many years. She was not surprised that demons that hailed from acclaimed and established clans would dress like this. 

His face was as fair as white jade. Coupled with light red lips, sharp brows and bright eyes, if Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t know beforehand that he was a demon, she’d had thought that he was a male lead starring in some xianxia drama. 

He stood quietly in the corner. The sunlight filtering through the curtains made him look like an antique painting.

Even without speaking, this person seemed to command an air of extravagance. Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly felt as though she’d transmigrated… 

His robes were whiter than even the snow; he was as though a celestial being that had descended from the heavens above to undergo the tribulations of the mortal life, and ready to fly off with the wind at any moment.

That face was literally a carbon copy of the manga… or rather, the face in the manga was a carbon copy of his face. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 29 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“How is it?” Sister Li’zi squatted down and spoke into Yuan Yuan Yuan’s ear, “have you read the manga? What happened to this guy in the manga?” 

“…I don’t know, he only appeared a few times.” More specifically, he had only made an appearance in the first two chapters. And he was only seen once each time.

Whenever he appeared, there usually wasn’t anything for him to do, so he didn’t seem to be an important character. However, because he was drawn very beautifully, Yuan Yuan Yuan had paid a bit more attention to him. 

In Ji Qiu’s manga, every face was a piece of art. He would illustrate even the smallest, more useless supporting character to perfection.

And as you piece together the different supporting characters, you will slowly create an arresting, enchanting realm. 

This person’s character in the manga was a noble young master… Yuan Yuan Yuan had even braincannoned about him before. However, now that she saw the real person in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of excitement.

But… he’dbarely made two appearances, and his family was already going around looking for Ji Qiu?

Enh… as expected of a demon hailing from a prestegious background. 

Actually, it might be better if they didn’t look for Ji Qiu, Yuan Yuan Yuan thought to herself. After all, Ji Qiu probably wouldn’t really bother himself with a useless supporting character. But at least he’s got it better than someone who couldn’t escape even if she wanted to, aka herself. 

Who knows, maybe large, established clans like theirs had their own clan rules, and they perhaps felt that having a family member illustrated on a manga for the enjoyment of the humans was too embarrassing…

“Alright, you done looking, let’s head back to the kitchen.” Sister Li’zi said: “There’ll be people coming over any later.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan took one last glance before she turend to leave. 

She followed Sister Li’zi through a long hallway. The walls of hallway was decorated with breathtaking patterns. Speaking of hallways, this was her first time going to the front of the saloon. 

…so it looked like this.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the ceiling. The soft silk drapery had been made into curtains. When you walked past them below them, it felt as though you were walking past curtains of water. 

Valuable and interesting antiques were placed along the edges. The light smell of liqour and fragrance seemed to waft the air.

Yuan Yuan Yuan followed after Sister Li’zi carefully. As they went up and down, they passed by countless girls. Each of them were devastatingly beautiful, as though a blossoming flower. Yuan Yuan Yuan remained truly inconspicuous when walking among them. 

The entire storey seemed to be shrouded in an azure and lavender fog. You’d feel as though you’d stepped into a magical realm when inside the area.

Countless demon scents float the area, leaving in its wake a strange feeling of daze for anyone walking through. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan and Sister Li’zi finally made it back to the back kitchen. The moment the kitchen door was pulled open, the two of them seemed to have extracted themselves from the intoxicating dreamscape, and returned back into the quiet back kitchen — the speckless cabinets and the washed liqour vessels taht sat above. 

“Time to get back to work.” Sister Li’zi said. She produced a set of liqour vessel from the back. A captivating, beautiful, naked lady was illustrated on the vessel. Yuan Yuan Yuan could vaguely make out the huge tail inching out from behind the lady’s back…

“…aight.” Yuan Yuan Yuan received the liqour vessel and started heating up the liqour with practised eaase. While she did so, only a thousand and one thoughts whirled inside her mind.

The next day, Yuan Yuan Yuan found Sister Li’zi to take a day of leave.

“You want to take a day of leave? Sure.” Sister Li’zi said: “did something happen?”

“Eh… I’m feeling a little weird these days, I wanted to check if any’s wrong with my body.” Yuan Yuan Yuan said.

“Your body?” Sister Li’zi said, “what’s wrong?”


“Alright, you don’t want to say right.” Sister Li’zi said, “I’ll get my little brother to fill in for you for one day, but this won’t do next time.”

“Thank you Sister Li’zi, I shall forever remember your benovelance.” Yuan Yuan Yuan instantly donned an eager expression of gratitude. 

After she was home, she closed the door switched off the light and found a black shirt. After changing into the clothes, she changed into her glamour and paused before the mirror. 

She was going to head out to ask that guy some questions.

“Did Ji Qiu find you too?”

“Why didn’t Ji Qiu hide your face for you, why did he draw your real face? Are you the outlier or am I the outlier, or… there’s a mix of both situations?”

“You guys… have you guys found Ji Qiu?”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: day 7/12 daily updates; ladies and gentlemen, what you see may not be what it truly is… why would Ji Qiu hide Yuan Yuan Yuan’s original face but not hide that guy’s face? or perhaps was it the other way round? or, unless…? any guesses???? XD  

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