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【This guy’s a little strange. I didn’t get this vibe from him in the earlier chapters, why did it suddenly change?】

【No idea… when he was talking to the female ghost on the cab, I’d thought that he was a soft-hearted and kind person with a chilly and cold exterior.】


She looked at the phone while listening to the noise from outside. At that, she turned, “who came today? Why is it so noisy?”

“Enh… I heard that it’s a demon from another territory that’s been staying in our area for a while, a rather distinguished guest.” Sister Li’zi cracked the melon seeds as she spoke.

“Oh.” Yuan Yuan Yuan replied; it had just been a question out of convenience.

Who that demon was had nothing to do with her. She wouldn’t meet them anyway.

To be frank, Yuan Yuan Yuan was actually quite interested in the main character. She really wanted to know how he looked like.

After her black shirt guy identity crisis, Yuan Yuan Yuan gave it some thought and figured that the root of the crisis was her demeanour. 

No matter what, a girl that became a guy wouldn’t appear like a true guy, there would always be something off. 

She couldn’t accomlish the instinctive habits that normal males would have. While it was cruel to phrase it this way, but she had to face reality.

The manga would very likely portray exactly how she appeared and moved.

It’d been three days after she sorted out all this and came to this realisation.

Yuan Yuan Yuan was actually still quite worried. She seemed to have a feeling as though something bad was gonna happen…

Think about it, all she was tryna do was to act cool, and look how it turned out — her character ended up with uke vibes. As the manga goes on and on, she’s only going to expose more and more of herself in front of the readers.

She really wanted to kneel in front of the readers and say:


That uke vibed character wasn’t her true self. 

Even her own personality setting wasn’t that luxurious.

Like how a reader had commented previously, she was really just an lazy idiot. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan really didn’t dare to put up any more fronts, because if she were to slip up, the reading experience would be greatly dimished. If her couch potato lifestyle were to be exposed to the readers, she could only imgaine what a sight that would be…    

“It’s been quite a few days already, they’re still here?” Yuan Yuan Yuan washed the cup with practised ease. “I thought they’re only staying for a short while? They’ve been here for quite a while already, our head demon won’t say anything?”

“Enh? You don’t know?” Sister Li’zi said, “they’re here to look for someone. They wouldn’t go if they didn’t find him.”

“Who are they looking for?” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked leisurely as she washed the cup.

“That black shirt guy.” ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“?” Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly turned to look at Sister Li’zi.

Sister Li’zi had no idea how large of an impact she’d made with Yuan Yuan Yuan, and continued cracking her melon seeds.

“…sis, sis, hold on what are you saying?” Yuan Yuan Yuan dug her ear.

“That black shirt guy.” Sister Li’zi was incredibly calm, “the black shirt guy from Demons.”

“De-de-de… Demons?” Yuan Yuan Yuan was so frightened she stuttered.

She could feel that blood had drained from her face, because she heard Sister Li’zi asking her why she looked so pale.

Yuan Yuan Yuan also knew that the Sister Li’zi before her was a real and proper Ancient demon.

Apparently, this sister had been incredibly active around the Republican era*…

* between 1912 and 1949

Back then, she had been quite a famous beauty. Even now, Yuan Yuan Yuan was looking at her dressed in a cheongsam*.

* Cheongsam, also known as the qipao, and sometimes referred to as the mandarin gown, is a Chinese dress worn by women; it is currently the national dress of China, which symbolizes a generic Chinese national identity rather than a specific ethnic and/or ancestral identity

Yuan Yuan Yuan was probably the youngest around here, and she only managed to get in because of Sister Xue. As Sister Xue’s friend, Sister Li’zi had been very carying and had looked after Yuan Yuan Yuan 

Sister Li’zi didn’t even have a phone, how did she know about Demons?

After living for so many years, this was Yuan Yuan Yuan’s first time feeling as though she was lagging behind in terms of the information she had been receiving. 

“You don’t know the black shirt guy? Aren’t you a half-demon? You should be very familiar with the human realm’s literature.” Sister Li’zi poured Yuan Yuan Yuan a cup of water before speaking, “it’s a popular picture book circulating among the humans, a Grand demon seemed to have illustrated what was happening here and published it.”

Sister Li’zi seemed almost regretful here, “This reminds me of the days when I had been a dancer in Shanghai, there had been a picture book trending too, and it was illustrated by a bored Grand demon. It contained many famous things that happened to the demons around us…”

“Hold, hold on.” Yuan Yuan Yuan guestured to stop Sister Li’zi from continuing. Yuan Yuan Yuan’s expression was one of shock, “you guys… why do you seem so familiar with this?”

“Ah? What’s wrong?” Sister Li’zi looked at Yuan Yuan Yuan with an expression of confusion. Evidently, she didn’t seem to understand why Yuan Yuan Yuan was so flabbergasted.

Yuan Yuan Yuan gestured to her, no longer wanting to speak. She focused on washing her cup, seemingly falling into a state of being utterly engrossed till she forgot even herself.

What the fuck…

What the fuck…

When Yuan Yuan Yuan’s mental comments running wild in her head was still going on a rampant rage, Sister Li’zi suddenly dropped another bomb, “apparently the guest that came today was also illustrated on the Grand demon’s picture book. I went to take a look two days ago, he’s quite handsome, no wonder the he was drawn. But I forgot what he was called in the picture book. Apparently their clan had been looking for the artist to tell him to stop drawing him… do you want to sneak over to take a look?”

…Yuan Yuan Yuan replied in a daze: “What?”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: day 6/12 daily updates, omg… wait the same thing happen during Sister Li’zi’s republican time….??? i totally missed this detail when i was reading the novel hmmmMMmMm?? is this a coincidence or foreshadowing or am i reading too much into it????? also who’s the distinguished guest at the saloon any guesses anyone? XD

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