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The Great Coalition, Light Calendar Year 2013, the Coalition Official account suddenly released a Coalition-wide announcement livestream on the universe-net. 

A human-shaped creature stood in a cave, standing at attention in the Scorpion military stance as she reported loudly. “All glorious people of the Great Coalition, in the Auxador expedition in the second era, 334th year, our military won at a terrible loss! The furthest light tower along our border was destroyed, the enemy was extinguished, we sacrificed 270,000 people, among which included 190,000 soldiers, 80,000 researchers. All spirits have returned to the ever vast galaxy!”

She paused, before speaking: “As the 32nd Marshal, I promoted Sidokar, Audolow and Jiu Ji to three star majors. The rest of the soldiers with two stars and below, how many achievements have they made? By sacrificing themselves and self-detonating, they activated the light tower’s self-destruction and annihilated the enemy! In this battle, they deserve the utmost credit!”

“I have received the instructions from the regent-level elder, Jia Duo, to reside in the blue planet, await the arrival of the Coalition and announce to the entire Coalition the victory and the heroes of this battle in hopes that every galactic resident can remember! End of report.  Reporter… Abudory!”

The voice was machine-translated into Scorpion, and played out to the entire Coalition. 

When the voice ended, the entire universe seemed to have paused for a moment. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 185 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

The people that had been walking past the Spirit Monument suddenly seemed to see a dazzling, bright light glowing at the top of the monument. It was a painful glare, so bright it had the mental powers of the people around the monument boiling in its presence. 

The light on Abudory’s name was lit up, as though her life, long and never ending; her bright presence lit up everyone around. To everyone now, she was a hero from ancient times. Even though her spirit light had been lit for a long time, everyone assumed that she had withered and diminished into a ball of mental frequencies that floated on in the galaxy that was just enough to support her spirit light on the monument. 

The main character of a poem, the strength from which one calls upon in their shouts, the last straw of hope that the people cling on to in desperate times, a song, a story, a battle, a name…

Even though her majesty and glory was depicted by the Spirit Monument, logic and rationale told them that Scorpio Government definitely must have played a role in blowing her up and shaping her as the role model. This was a hero that existed yet didn’t exist. They didn’t have to worry about her overstepping her moral boundary, nor whether she was obedient to their orders. All they had to do was to elevate her standing, to expose her to everyone. Her presence as a mental encouragement was unending. 

Even if the very authority that was lauding her accomplishments also believed that she had died, and was no longer in existence, and that her name on Spirit Monument being lit up was just an accident. 

With the passage of time, as more and more younger heroes overtake her achievements, the young Abudory’s presence was on the decline… and then she returned. 

And she returned with such an impact. 

Her calm expression, unquestionable and uplifting tone, and the report of victory of a battle of a small-scale expedition team — a victory report of a battle that occurred 15,000,000 seasons ago, so long ago even historians wouldn’t bother flipping their books to trace the war. 

This was such a contradiction, and a humorous one, yet it had more people tearing up than laughing. 

Abudory had been persevering, she’d been waiting. She was undefeated, and had never given up. 

Everything was as the government had proclaimed and concocted — her fabricated identity was a resilient Scorpion, she’d lost her way back yet preserved on, and had even gone through the pains of peeling her mental soul from her original body. 

This was what the creature before them was saying. Abudory had achieved the height of the backstory crafted for this identity, and in fact she had even exceeded it. 

The first request that she made after seeing a representative from the Coalition was to report the victory of the battle from 200,000,000 years ago, and all the soldiers that had sacrificed themselves in the battle. 

Abudory said, their sacrifice was not for naught. 

This was the first phrase in their first lesson that all had been imprinted in their heads through the form of education. 

Abudory achieved it. Her soldiers that had sacrificed did not die for nothing. Even though it’s been 200,000,000 years since the victory, their Marshal had safeguarded the fruits of their labour. 

Passionate cheers and excitement bubbled among the crowds.

When the video of Abudory disappeared, mental power fluctuations exploded in all corners of the Coalition. People were so excited they were speechless, and resorted to exuding an endless flow of mental powers to demonstrate their emotions. Not only were they happy about the return of a hero, they were also happy, and more so, that their diminishing faith and belief had been once again strengthened. Her return illustrated that such a person could exist and had always existed. The Scorpion elders clearly understood that. In just the span of a few minutes, the youths of Scorpio had pushed the Scorpio civilisation one step further!

“Everyone invites you to return, my Marshal.” The youth before her lowered his head. He was so excited his entire being was trembling, as though a quivering bag of water, jostling back and forth. 

Xuan Mo was silent for a moment. Just as she was about to start, the youth on the side raised the image transmitter. The latter was even more excited than the other youth that spoke. He forced himself to remain steady, he was going to record her everything — her every move, blink, nod, smile, word, sentence — and let the entire Coalition see this. And this was going to be his treasured collection, his family heirloom!

The captain present almost seemed to see Xuan Mo continuing with an authoritative command: “Prepare the battleship! Prepare to return now!” This would elicit further cheers from the masses, from what he was hearing in the call with his friend currently in Scorpio Planet. 

But Xuan Mo shook her head.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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