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Yuan Yuan Yuan felt blind, like she was groping around in the dark. 

She’d never expected it to turn out like this. 

The cold guy setting that she’d imagined, was referenced from a lot of characters. However Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t figure out exactly which character the identity in the manga was the most similar to.

There was only a handful of characters that she could refer to that came to mind… but all of them were generally known to be feminine and have been roasted by the readers. 

And once a male character was seen as a sissy… you could already foresee that this character would not be very well-received by a certain segment of people. As for the rest of the audience, whether they liked this character would depend on how feminine and what kind of feminity he displayed was.

She sat in front of the mirror and made a few moves; the person in the mirror felt very normal. 

But she knew that this was probably her own misperception. Because what was illustrated in the manga was evidently… something else altogether. 


But it’s not her fault she appeared feminine, she was a girl to begin with after all…

She’d considered a lot of different characters and their personality, and when she layered all of them together, it would create quite a decent 2D character. However the most imporant step of this entire process broke down — the end product didn’t turn out like how she’d expected it to — and as a result, she didn’t dare to try mixing in more characteristics from other characters. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had learnt watercolour was she was younger. The art teacher told her that there was a colour called the dirty colour — it was all sorts of colours mixed together. If you don’t get the right mix, you’ll end up with that incredibly ugly colour.

Same thing, quality over quantity, just cuz she’d thrown a lot of characteristics into the mix didn’t mean she’ll create a good one in the end. And if things didn’t match up, and she accidentally contradicted herself, her black shirt guy identity would end up looking like a joke to the readers.

This was a surprisingly urgent issue. Yuan Yuan Yuan calmed herself down. She would think about what’s to happen later slowly.

It’s not about the speed, it’s about going slow and steady.

Yuan Yuan Yuan placed the heated liquor on the tray. The tray and liqour vessels today were surprisingly gorgeous. The entire set was embroided with beautiful plum blossoms. 

Even thought she had no idea how much this set of liqour vessels cost, she remained careful with her handling. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 27 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

…somehow, she had a feeling that if this set were to be chipped in any way, she’d be slaving her ass off for free here for the next twenty years. 

The saloon was very busy today. Apprently there was a very famous and prestigious customer today. Yuan Yuan Yuan had no idea who it was, but whoever that demon was, she wouldn’t need to head out.

Work at the saloon was actually quite easy. All she needed to do every day was to come down for work at night, and heat the liqour. She could even use her phone when there’s nothing to do. There’s really nothing to worry about for this job. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan opened her phone and checked the DreaManga app. She couldn’t stop refreshing the comments section; she wanted to see how the readers reacted.

She’d persisted this action from last night all the way till today — it’s been an entire day. The moment a new comment appeared, she’d refresh the page again to read and monitor it, and then squeeze her brain dry trying to psycho-analyse the comment and what the reader was thinking.

She figured even Ji Qiu wouldn’t be as invested as she was.

The comments were very interesting. There were quite a number of people trying to guess who the black shirt guy actually was?

He’d seemed very innocent in the past few chapters, and would even save humans. But the previous chapter had really given them a good scare.

A number of readers had thought they’d guessed wrongly. Perhaps this black shirt guy was not a male supporting character, but the antagonist boss…

Indeed, there were quite a number of seductive and bewitching characters that turned out to be the final boss these days.

Yuan Yuan Yuan however felt that she didn’t have the potential to become the antagonist boss. She didn’t have the capabilities and skills required. What kind of boss would still loiter around without being armed with all sorts of aces under their sleeves…

There was also many readers that were trying to figure out what was the black shirt guy’s original form. There were many guesses made to this question, many of which were rather strange and peculiar. 

The simplest answer that they arrived at was vixen.

Yuan Yuan Yuan would like to express her complete rejection and disdain.

There were also some out of the ordinary guesses, such as — the black shirt guy was originally an item, for example a hairbrush that had been used by a lady, or a hairpin that had been used by a lady, or something else that had been used by a lady…


The bizarre four-word-suffix aside, Yuan Yuan Yuan would like to proclaim that, if such items could become demons, they must at least be as valuable as a national treasure first. And if she really had been one, she wouldn’t be getting by life this tragically.

【Oh my god! Oh my god! Ji Qiu’s too good at drawing, it feels so real, I can almost imagine it!】

【My god, how should I say this? This guy’s not really what I expected him to be, but for some reason… this character setting’s oddly satisfying…?】

【If it’s oddly satisfying then you’re probably 80% batting for the other team…】

【This person is drawn so beautifully, but I really didn’t notice previously that this was how he would turn out to be, how should I put it… I just feel like seductive characters always have more going on in their heads?】

 【This guy’s not really going down the seductive route, I feel like he’s more of an androgynous-looking onii-chan, and he’s giving me uke vibes. 】  

Yuan Yuan Yuan swept through the comments, 80% of which she shall assume were praising her, and glanced past the first comment.

【WTF, so this is his personality. Damnnnn really didn’t expect it, I’d originally thought he’d be a cold and chilly character… Ji Qiu really knows how to play with our feelings.】


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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