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Her life was hard enough as it was, she didn’t have a proper job, she’d always been on the run for her life, she’d never had the time to date, no one’s around to find a partner for her. Could she not even try to reimagine her handsome male equivalent in the screen in peace!

The depressed and angry Yuan Yuan Yuan accidentally revealed another side of her…

She rubbed her face and looked at the face reflected on her  phone screen.

The face that she had glamoured out was exquisite. His unsmiling expression was definitely sufficient to hit the cold and cool male character standard.

However, in the full-page scene in the manga, beneath the character’s very, very slender eyes, there were two red patterns delineated on his face. The pattern stretched from the end of his eyes to the tip of his brows. 

That was the Demon Mark that often appeared in demon-related literature. As for how these things usually looked like, one could take reference from Sesshōmaru*. Yes, that’s right, that’s how chuunibyou-esque** this thing was…

* Sesshōmaru is a character from Inuyasha 

**Chūnibyō (CN equivalent: 中二病) is a Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out

Back when Yuan Yuan Yuan first discovered that she had a Demon Mark herself, her chuunibyou meter absolutely exploded. It was only later when she came across more demons did she finally accustom herself to something like this, and subsequently learn to completely ignore it.

Well she couldn’t help it, all the demons had this. There were also many demons with extremely elaborate Demon Marks, to the point that the moment they reveal it, oh my god, it’s blinding. Having seen many Demon Marks over the years, she was now able to glance past it with a dead-fish gaze. 

To a patient diagnosed with chuunibyou, the method to calm down her burning heart was — “oh what the fuck everyone has this thing.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t actually control when to reveal her Demon Mark. In the past, her Demon Mark had only appeared when she was in deep in the middle of a heated combat. The first time she discovered she had something like this was when she returned home after a fight, and suddenly saw it in the mirror.

To be frank, Yuan Yuan Yuan had been pretty scared of her Demon Mark. Now, she was able to make sure it didn’t suddenly appear in her day-to-day life. But back when she first discovered it, she had to apply a thick layer of makeup to prevent accidentally flashing innocent passers-by. 

She didn’t pay attention to something like this during her fight yesterday, so the Demon Mark accidentally made an appearance. It’d been really long since she engaged in such an intense, blood-boiling fight after arriving in this city, so something like this had completely slipped her mind. 

She recalled the last time something like this appeared was three years ago. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 26 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

As a girl, Yuan Yuan Yuan was much younger back then, so it wasn’t exactly strange for someone like her to have red marks on her face. It looked quite delicate and even added a tinge of flavour to her overall appearance.

However, she did not expect that her Demon Mark would still look exactly the same after she glamoured into a male. It didn’t even change. And so when you throw such a Demon Mark together with a male demon’s face…


Get off her male face! Didn’t they say Demon Marks were different for females and males! She’d practised for so long before she finally created that face! Can her feminine Demon Mark don’t ruin the chilly aura and appearance of her cold male face!

Yuan Yuan Yuan was on the verge of going crazy; she literally wanted to take off all her clothes and run around the house naked…

She threw her phone on the bed. The DreaManga app that she hadn’t closed was still showing on her phone. To be frank, Ji Qiu’s art was very beautiful. He was extremely meticulous when it came to detailing each character.

He would even add in the inner thoughts of the characters in the manga. These thoughts would also seem very realistic. Yuan Yuan Yuan had figured that these thoughts were actually the true thoughts of what was going on inside the characters’ heads…

Her phone screen was still lit; the scene in the manga she had scrolled to earlier was the exactly what happened the day before.

In this chapter for some reason, Ji Qiu added a lot of character thoughts. The majority of the character thoughts in the chapter belonged to the demon that Yuan Yuan Yuan had hammered the other night.

【“Who was outside?” He wondered, puzzled. “Was it another demon? Did he want to join as well?”】

【And so, he walked out. The girl behind him was still bleeding. Blood streamed down from her waist, and dripped on the ground, forming a puddle of crimson red.】

【He’d thought that he would see a strange demon. When he did walk out the alley, he suddenly saw a black figure.】

【The wind ruffling his short hair, the black figure stood quietly, his back facing him. 】

【”Who are you?” The demon shouted, wondering, “I’ve never seen this demon before, is he new around here?”】

【Just as he was thinking, the black figure before him suddenly turned around, revealing his face.】


【The demon stared at the face】

【Before this, he’d never thought that… there would actually be a guy that could look like this.】

Ji Qiu used an entire spread to illustrate the scene playing out before the demon’s eyes.

In the demon and the audience’s perspective, the person in front had black hair, some of which tousled by the wind fell in front of his glinting black eyes. The tails of his eyes were lifted, and deep, as though a chasm in which his secrets were hidden away in.

Topping snow white skin, he had a high nose bridge and crimson lips. Evidently he had clean features… yet for some reason, the red marks beneath his eyes had him appearing indescribably coquettish and seductive. 

Even if this was just a 2D image, many readers paused at this scene. 

Oh my lord…    

Standing ahead, the passing breeze blew his shirt up. Each wrinkle and crease was delicately illustrated by Ji Qiu. The pure black shirt was thin and soft. The moment it met the wind, the material gathered, and he appeared all the more lithe.

He seemed to exude a unique, androgynous type of beauty. Before reading this, there were lots of readers who had never thought they would see males portayed in such a manner. 

…this person appeared suddenly, and he continued just standing there. And then, he spoke to the dazed demon: “Let’s fight.” 

“Ah… what?”

【He stood, frozen, before a thought suddenly sprung up in his head, “His voice… it’s, it’s really nice.”】

【If all the guys got this good looking, the girls would probably brawl their eyes out.】

Meanwhile, Yuan Yuan Yuan was still curling herself up, depressed and embarrassed…


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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