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She closed her eyes. She didn’t want to witness what was deemed the most cruel way to die for intelligent beings with mental power.

Just as the larvae had been completely burnt, and before the cave had been completely engulfed in red light, a strange happening occurred silently. 

In that moment, everything froze, without prior notice, without form, without colour, and without precedence. 

Such power was something very much so beyond what Xuan Mo had understood. It came surging in so violently that one cannot defend oneself from such power, or rather, there was no way to escape it. A pressure suddenly slammed down on the entire cave. The force had been so impactful that the entire cave shook a few times. Tightly after, all the mental power within the cave stopped short, no longer functioning, or rather, even the cycle of fate seemed to have halted. 

It was as though time stopped, and all creatures had become nothing in the face of such power.

Xuan Mo almost thought that she had been controlled. A moment later, she realised that she was still able to move, and hence was a little confused. She had no idea what just happened. She’d never heard that the Galactic Door was able to stop time. If what had happened earlier belonged to an external force, where did such a powerful force come from in the blue planet?

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A wave of icy and excited chills surfaced. She seemed to have guessed what kind of weapon had just been used. It was an incredibly powerful weapon that was able to stop time, or rather, it emitted a special type of power that was able to restrict all movements and motion. If this was used in battle and across the different areas… exactly how advanced was the Great Coalition’s technology now?

She’d always yearned to be able to utilise energy cannons that were able to launch an attack even from hundreds and thousands of miles away during battle. She’d also always wanted to be able to board a battleship that could travel even faster than light years. But it was only now did she realise that these were already old news in reality. 

In fact, she couldn’t even come close to imagining how this weapon functioned, nor how it was made.

When she had still been wanting to grow stronger, there were others that were already controlling time.

Everything around had paused. There was nothing she could do either, other than using her mental power to protect the blue planet beings on the ground. Up against such a technology, she could only spectate, not participate.

Suddenly, she seemed to have sensed something. She looked up at the top of the cave that had been enshrouded in red light. In a blink of an eye, a round hole that connected to the external surroundings appeared. A snow-white light shone in. She didn’t realise that it was already day time. 

She looked at the “people” that floated into the cave silently. The thought that crossed her mind however turned out to be — how Ling Yun would react if he witnessed such a sight. Perhaps he would bring up the Alien vs Predator movie again…

A standard vanguard combat team floated into the cave. There were four people, each of them had a glowing mental energy bodysuit and armour that covered them from head to toe. The four of them were of the exact same height, and took up a very standard human physique, however she couldn’t see what they were like within their suits. 

But Xuan Mo knew how they looked, she knew it the moment she saw them, and she knew exactly where they came from. 

The familiarity that seemed to call out to her soul had every inch of her yearning to near the source, to the point it was numbing. Even given her resilient mentality, Xuan Mo almost lost herself in her thoughts for a moment. 

She’d considered the possibility that they could be Elgeian. She knew the Galactic Door would attract people from the Great Coalition, but she didn’t expect them to arrive this quickly. So quickly she wasn’t even mentally prepared. 

The four Scorpions maintained their characteristic arrogance and succinctness. They didn’t bother sparing a single glance at the other beings around. The leader of the team flew over, covered Ai Er Ge’s dry corpse with a blue net, and forcefully removed the solidified mental power connections from his body. Ai Er Ge was conscious, but he could only watch on helplessly.

The remaining three started sorting out the Galactic Door with ease and familiarity. They found a coordinate stone, took some soil samples from around and placed it within a spherical ball. The ball blinked with light and he slapped the ball on the coordinate stone. The coordinate stone visibly changed colour, turning brown, as though its vitality had been sucked dry, returning to its original identity as soil like the surrounding earth. Such a sight seemed to spread like plague. In a few moments’ time, the coordinate stones that stood out seemed to have returned to a normal stone, blending in together with the ground.

The entire process — their arrival, capturing Ai Er Ge, and destroying the Galactic Door — took less than a minute. 

Xuan Mo watched in a daze. This was her first time feeling helpless. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She knew clear as day in her heart that even though these Scorpions didn’t look at the unmoving her, they were however keenly observing the surroundings. Once something was off, they would be able to launch a swift attack. 

But given her current body, would she be able to win? Given her current abilities, was it even decent compared to the Scorpions now?

She had no idea, and she didn’t dare to overestimate herself. 

Once the four of them had completed their duties, one of them looked at Ai Er Ge. The remaining three produced a device to scan the surroundings for peculiarity. 

When the device touched one of the blue planet beings on the ground, the person spoke in Scorpion: “Captain! We’ve detected a mental power shield that is higher than level of a Lieutenant General! There’s someone powerful nearby.”

The remaining three of them immediately entered into combat mode. The person identified as the captain produced his own device as well, and spoke gravely: “Search the entire area carefully! The anti-space cannon has no effect on someone with this level of mental power.”

“They may have escaped while we were on our way over.”

“It’s possible that they may also be among the aboriginals.” The four Scorpios immediately turned their gazes to the unmoving Xuan Mo. They looked at her warily as they slowly neared, moving into a combat formation.

Xuan Mo couldn’t stand it any longer: “Look at your Deterrence Formation, is this even a formation!?”

Before she finished, the battle began. The four of them lunged forward, and created a strange-patterned mental power net to capture Xuan Mo. Xuan Mo had no idea what’s the power disparity between herself and the team of Scorpios, hence she didn’t dare underestimate them. And so, she activated all her mental power, and sent a surging tsunami of mental power attack at all four of them. 

The formation created by the four soldiers surprisingly lasted against her attack for a short while. Though she couldn’t see their faces, their unstable bodies told her that they weren’t able to resist the attack. Xuan Mo laughed coldly. The tsunami morphed into blades, and these sharp daggers sliced forward in their direction. 

There was no space to retaliate amidst the dense attack raining down. The four of them used the pure-energy armour to tide through the first attack, and layered mental power shields on each other to resist the second wave. When Xuan Mo was sending out a third round of blades, they produced a customised military device. An energy shield in their left hand and an advanced gun in their right hand, they fired in Xuan Mo’s direction. 

Xuan Mo had not seen that gun before, nor had she encountered its colourless bullet before. She was not afraid of normal energy guns, but she was concerned about the weapon that had frozen everything earlier. While it had no impact on her, if she were to be restricted in any manner, things would go downhill. Hence, she didn’t conserve her energy this time either. Coated in a mental power shield, she dashed out and slammed into the bullet and their energy shields head on.

The huge energy shockwave didn’t affect Xuan Mo. All four of them however were sent flying. Even so, they remained calm, and shifted into another combat formation midair, preparing to launch their retaliation. 

When they touched back down on the ground however, they realised that they couldn’t move. Having understood the difference between their abilities, Xuan Mo was not going to let them seize any further opportunities to harm her.

Having realised that this mysterious yet incredibly powerful person had no intentions of harming them, the captain of the team asked: “Who are you?”


Xuan Mo had no time to wonder why they knew Chinese. She looked up and spoke lowly: “You have no clearance to know who I am. Connect me with the Great Coalition Scorpio Chief of Affairs, or Head of Scorpio Chairperson.” These two people were essentially the prime minister and president-equivalent. 

The Scorpio captain didn’t expect to encounter such a powerful person during a simple Galactic Door destruction mission. His meticulous personality told him to pay some respect to this assertive, domineering “blue planet aboriginal” whom he cannot see through even with his mental powers. He dialled for the respective lines, and asked Xuan Mo: “They need to know your name and your Coalition code, as well as your reason… I have already received clearance and the access to the necessary information.”

Xuan Mo nodded and smiled: “My Coalition code had been invalidated two hundred million years ago. My name, is Abudory.”

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