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【Ahhhhhh what the fuck this black shirt guy is so… so… you know what I mean ahhhh!!!】

【Oh my god, by the way does anyone know what this black shirt guy is called, we’ve just been calling him black shirt guy black shirt guy all this while!】

【He didn’t appear for two chapters, I really thought he just popped in to satisfy our visual appetite, and he was just a nobody. Definitely was not expecting such an overload from Ji Qiu ahhhh!】

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the comments beneath the manga, her expression still frozen.

She scrolled through the manga again, the strange expression on her face remained.

What the fuck, this chap in the manga, who the hell was he…

Enh… according to the time of the day, location and the surroundings, she felt… that the idiot in the manga, perhaps, mayhaps, possibly, likely might be her…

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s expression gradually changed from its frozen state, to an expression that was as vivid in its demonstration of disdain as the grandpa-on-the-train-staring-at-his-phone-in-contempt meme.

An expression as though her eyes were bleeding, she looked at the “black shirt guy” in the manga.

The figure was still dressed in black from head to toe. She didn’t have the windbreaker she wore the previous time, so she went out in a black shirt, black jeans and joggers. 

She recalled that she’d posed in front of the mirror the entire night practising how her favourite fictional male character would usually move. 

Her idol, aka her favourite fictional male character, had black hair and black eyes, and was a man of little words but had a heart of fervent desire. Such characters were pretty common in fictional works. The most common characters these days were those with a “brainless” or “unhappy” setting; the latter kind would look like this.

Black hair black eyes, topping a cool and chilly expression, didn’t talk much, and very hot — these characters were often favoured by the female readers. On the other hand, for Yuan Yuan Yuan, she figured that she didn’t have a very high EQ, and her backstory was perhaps only a little sad,  

The more famous characters with such a setting were Giyu, senior, Kaede, Kyōya*…

* Tomioka Giyu from Demon Slayer; senior miiiight be referring to Lan Wangji (Lan Zhan) from Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Untamed); Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk; Hibari Kyōya from HITMAN REBORN!

She must admit that she had amassed quite a long list of favourite male characters after all the years of consuming 2D content. But her favourite of her favourites generally satisfied the condition of black haired black eyed male character with a cold personality.

After discovering this trend, she dived into silence for a moment, as though embarrassed, before she resumed and continued on happily. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 25 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Cough cough, this was pretty much the same as guys that liked girls in sailor uniform, it’s something that’s carved in your bones, it’s not something you can change. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan knew that this was a little shameful of her, but it was also this sense of shame… that made her extra excited. 

And so, Yuan Yuan Yuan spent the entire night in her room knocking out the rest of the personality of her black shirt guy identity. This identity would inherit her favourite traits — black hair, black eyes, cold personality, low EQ, barely spoke and expressionless. 

She had the black hair and the black eyes, and she’d like to think her identity was relatively handsome. The only three missing things were — a cold personality, a mouth that never opens, and an expressionless face.

These three were easy — just speak less, show less emotions and be colder to people.

Even though the black shirt guy identity had already saved a girl, but that didn’t matter!

Were they gonna cancel her just cuz she had a special hobby that was a lil bit unconventional… didn’t Kyōya liked small birds too?

And so with this character brief plastered in her head, she headed out. When up against a demon, she made such a careful attempt at making sure she kept her mouth shut, in fear that she might accidentally ruin her cool and chilly personality.

And then…

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at her black shirt guy identity on the phone, and she found her eyes still bleeding.

…oh my fuck.

Ji Qiu’s art was like a demon mirror. The black shirt guy’s scenes had been simple and brief in the previous chapters.

As the saying goes, the more you do the more mistakes you make. The less-known celebrities that made an appearance on TV once in a blue moon might leave you thinking “oh hey, this person’s pretty decent”. But when they start appearing again and again all over the place, their flaws would gradually surface. When they’ve hit a certain level of exposure, you’ll realise that this celebrity was really not much different from the other well-known celebrities. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that this was exactly what was happening to her. She’d never really appeared much previously so she could still try to cover up. But this time, almost half the chapter Ji Qiu drew was about her. And so, there were lots of things that she could no longer keep under wraps. 

For example…

As a girl.

Even though she became a guy.

Some of her actions… would still inadvertently appear a little feminine…


The moment Yuan Yuan Yuan came to this realisation, she buried herself into her blanket and rolled one round.

This kind of femininity was definitely not something normal guys would have (duhhh); or at least in the last few decades that she’d been alive for, she’d never seen any guy with such mannerism, not even in shows. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan covered her face, her expression crumbling. 

Why did it come out like this! This was nothing like how she’d imagine it to turn out!

There goes her icy cold black-haired black-eyed hottie of her dreams!!


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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