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Yuan Yuan Yuan kept her head lowered as she navigated through the various streets and alleys in an attempt to determine the scents that she was getting. When she entered a more barren area, she would hear a variety of unsettling, faint sounds.

It wasn’t difficult to locate what she’d wanted to find in such a messy city. Before long, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly found herself stopping in her tracks. 

Her gaze was fixated in one direction. There didn’t seem to be anyone inside. Despite so, Yuan Yuan Yuan’s fingers slowly tightened into a fist.

…even though she didn’t really want to admit, but Yuan Yuan Yuan had always tried to avoid getting involved in other people’s problems or commotions. In order words, she was a coward.

This was also why she’d spent the past few years in constant hiding, trying to avoid getting herself into any confrontational situations at all cost.

Deep in her heart, she still yearned to live normally like a human. After all, she’d spent so many years following the laws, to not litter, not spit, follow the traffic lights…

Even though she herself knew very well that… the normal lives of a demon was made up mostly of blood and violence. 

“Yuan Yuan, there’s a lot of important guests today, so we’ll be busy, make sure to prepare the liqour well.” Sister Li’zi told Yuan Yuan Yuan. 

“Oh, alright.” While panting to catch her breath, Yuan Yuan Yuan grabbed the apron from the side, tied it on, then took the head scarf and wrapped it around her hair.

After getting off the train, she made a mad dash over, barely making it in time. 

As a broke individual… she didn’t dare to arrive late. She might not need to pay a penalty fee, but she also might not have a job next month. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan started using boiling water to rinse the heating liqour vessel before her. As she washed, she couldn’t help but grin mentally.

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The most important of all, she came across an important piece of information — the demon head of the territory next door did not mark the “black shirt guy” as a dangerous individual. 

She recalled what happened earlier today, and contemplated about it. This should be fine right? She had tried really really hard to stay handsome and hot throughout. 

She’d tried to make sure every move was aesthetically pleasing to look at. As a result, she was accidentally stabbed twice… erm that’s beside the point. 

Every time she moved, she would wonder if this action would be captured and depicted in the manga, and if it would receive an entire page worth of illustration, and if people would have a fond memory of this epic battle in the future when they looked back, or if it would even be printed out as a poster…

Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t see her own face, but she had been constantly imagining how her actions would look like.

She felt that… her clean, sharp movements were really quite manly and handsome. After all, she’d spent the entire night before that trying to recall, reenact and practice how handsome her favourite male character had been. 

It was to the extent that she was probably broaching on the topic of violence in high arts. The combat imagery that had played out in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s head was incredibly captivating and smooth.

Every single move was absolutely sexy sexy sexy sexy…

“Yuan Yuan! Are you done heating the liquor?”

“…oh, oh, coming!” Yuan Yuan Yuan was startled out of her daydream. 

She picked up the heated liquor in a hurry and walked over, almost tripping herself with something on the ground en route.

…enh, moral of the story was, keep your minds clean during work, and work properly…

It was Saturday. The latest chapter of Demons was out.

Yuan Yuan Yuan woke up bright and early and took in a soothing and fragrant bath that morning. She’d even cooked all the remaining pork ribs she had.

She sat on the bed, extremely excited, as she waited for the chapter update.

…at this point in time, she must admit that there was also a tinge of excited embarrassment. Kind of like the first time a newly debuted star appearing on TV, he or she would probably secretly replay the part where he or she made an appearance, while critiquing his or her own performance mentally.  

The moment she loaded the manga, Yuan Yuan Yuan instantly clicked open the latest chapter. As expected, she was in the manga. 

…well seemed like she didn’t do too badly the other day. Even though she didn’t kill the demon, the engaging battle must have attracted Ji Qiu’s attention enough to select her as the demon to feature, and illustrate what had happened that evening.

She took a deep breath. Anxious and excited, she started reading the newest chapter. In her head, the scene would be a dashing yet chilly youth in black leaping forward when encountering another demon in an act of evil, to save the damsel in distress. 

…she wondered who would be more handsome, her favourite male character or her “black shirt guy” identity.

However, some things don’t exactly play out in the way you would’ve imagined it to.

And sometimes, the you in your eyes wouldn’t be the same as the you in other people’s eyes…

Even celebrities that appear on TV would have their flaws magnified. Many of the imperfections that people would not have noticed would be completely exposed, be it the way they walk, their inadvertent expressions, and even their gazes… 

And in such a manga that completely illustrated every aspect of the character, such a magnifying-glass-like filter would be even more thorough. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan started reading the black shirt guy’s scenes with extreme excitement. As she scrolled through the content however, her expression became more and more and more and more frozen. Even the smile that she started out with remained plastered awkwardly on her rigid face…

In summary, she did achieve the goal she’d set out to achieve. Indeed, given the environment and the scenes, she did attract quite a considerable amount of attention. Just looking at the number of comments was telling enough, and there were constantly new comments about “black shirt guy” popping up at an incredible rate. Even the top three comments were all related to her. 

However, the person in the manga, was a little different from how she’d imagine herself to be…

…the manga really freaking magnified all the goddamn details that Yuan Yuan Yuan had overlooked.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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