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The higher authority in this civilisation had always enjoyed winning people’s hearts through gentle and soft power. They do this to amass a dedicated following of people that could complete the ruler’s commands with all their heart. 

Xuan Mo on the other hand did not understand why such a tiring process was needed. She led the military, and soldiers were trained to obey. Even if her subordinate was someone she didn’t know, or someone whom she had harshly punished previously due to their mistake, she would dish out the same simple instructions. She would never wonder in suspicion if they would have invested all their efforts into their designated task or not. 

To obey was a trait that had been imprinted in the DNA of the soldiers of Scorpio. While the soldiers here were perhaps the elite of the elite, they were defiant and far from compliant. To them, obeying an order was just another slogan. 

Xuan Mo shook her head. She looked at the situation outside, and gestured: “Alright, move out!”

Whoosh, everyone dashed out without hesitation. 

Gunshot sounds reverberated all around. Not long after, they grew in volume. Another group had joined the battle as well. Everyone had realised that these monsters were extremely difficult to deal with. Hence they’d rather pitch in to kill the monster together rather than wait till the end only to see all the other parties dying and end up having to face the monsters on their own.

Xuan Mo was among the people battling. She frowned and looked around. She had to find a way to ensure that these people don’t die, but at the same time, they cannot see what she was about to do next.

Ai Er Ge had been sent to search for the people from the other forces that were still in hiding. There were quite a number of them hidden in corners shivering in fear. There were deserters, as well as those that were ordered to hide away. Ai Er Ge knocked out those that were of no use to the battle. 

Xuan Mo made her way to the end of the battlefield and knocked a person out.

The people around didn’t notice anything.

She knocked out another person. 

She honestly could have killed everyone, but the situation at hand didn’t allow that. She had no idea if the Galactic Door had been activated. Once it was activated, the gate could suck these people dry; she didn’t want to imagine what kind of consequences the blood of these living creatures would create. This was a very large door. In order to absorb sufficient blood, the door may extend its powers much further beyond this area. While she wasn’t Mother Theresa, she wasn’t interested in creating a bloodbath. 

Not only so, she may live on for a very long time. If the entire bunch of them went in but she was the only one that made it out, it would be very difficult to explain things afterwards. 

One after another, Xuan Mo swiftly made her way through, silently and unnoticed. 

Ai Er Ge returned quickly. He stood by the side and watched.

When there were less and less conscious people on the field, Xuan Mo gave Ai Er Ge a look. The latter rolled his eyes, and turned into a ball of red light. The red light zipped through the crowd of remaining people. Subsequently, everyone collapsed. Returning to his original form and moving at such high speed was very draining on his mental powers, so Ai Er Ge avoided doing something like this as much as he could.

The monsters made their way over. Xuan Mo didn’t even spare them a look. She strolled over, and sent a fist at each of them. Her hand went straight through their bodies, and she extinguished their source. Every move of hers was fast as lightning. The King Bees died in an instant. 

Ai Er Ge, who had been trying his best to maintain his current form, spectated in envy. There was no guy that didn’t dream of such power — the ability to squish a King Bee with just their hands. Pity such strength did not belong to him, but to Xuan Mo.

If these King Bees had been in their original, large bodies, the battle against them may prove to be a little more challenging. However, these King Bees had squished themselves into such disfigured forms, and that had greatly convenienced Xuan Mo in her annihilation. 

King Bees were born as a result of the Galactic Door, their vitality itself was completely unable to activate the Galactic Door. Xuan Mo looked at Ai Er Ge. A grave expression appeared on Ai Er Ge’s translucent head. 

“What’s next, you want to destroy the Galactic Door?” Ai Er Ge suddenly laughed. “That’s right, you guessed correctly, I’ve checked, this entire cave is the galactic door, it’s formed by Portelli Fire Stones net, each of these stones are carved with coordinates. The key parts of the gate had not been damaged… it’s still usable.”

“Enh, and?” Xuan Mo stared at Ai Er Ge, “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Activate it!” Ai Er Ge took a step forward. “I know how to allow the gate to receive another type of power. The vitality of these people, my mental power and your mental power. You’re a Marshal-level mental power user, it’s enough, we can activate it.”

“Enh, and where will it teleport to?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 182 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

“No matter where it takes us, it’ll be within the Great Coalition!” Ai Er Ge howled. “This is the terminal! This was the furthest gate that had been installed back then. The only place this will take us is the Great Coalition! Abudory, the entire Great Coalition is yours, what are you scared of? I’m not even scared of death!”

“Scared?” Xuan Mo gave a soft laugh. “You still don’t understand what I mean, Ai Er Ge, let me ask you a question.”


“Why is it that these Portelli Fire King Bees would look like this… donning disfigured human skins, and wearing… clothes?”

“Why? How would I know?” Ai Er Ge laughed coldly, “unless you know?”

“I think I know.” Xuan Mo replied softly. She walked over to the King Bee’s corpse, and looked at it gravely, “they are obeying the rules.”

“…” Ai Er Ge was silent. He realised he understood what she meant, but it was something he didn’t want to understand. 

“The Great Coalition set a law of protection, all creatures that enter any unknown civilised planet with intelligent beings that do not know of the Great Coalition must ensure that they are to hit at least 80% similarity in appearance to the aboriginals. This is to ensure that they do not reveal the existence of the Great Coalition, and the existence of extraterrestrial beings. This law is in place so as to protect the unknown civilisation, its development, and the evolution of its beings.” Xuan Mo mumbled. “I’ve abided by the law, you’ve tried to as well. They were too obeying the law.”

“The protection law specifies that, while on the unknown planet, regardless of your mission, the aboriginals come first. If you accidentally kill any, you must ensure that it is not discovered… in order words clean up the corpse after yourself…”

“The protection law also specifies…”

“Alright! You’re just trying to say whatever I want to do is illegal isn’t it?!” Ai Er Ge exclaimed, “Xuan Mo! Do you need to go to such an extent, this is just some blasted planet in goodness knows where!?”

“Every law and policy is evidence-based and backed by science. This is also the foundational building bricks that brought the Great Coalition to where it is today. It is also something that I will safeguard till I die. If you wish to threaten this.” Xuan Mo squinted, “I don’t mind dirtying my hands.”

“Oh my god! With such a goody-two-shoes here, when can we return!” Ai Er Ge was furious, “you can wait! But I can’t!”

“Then die.” Xuan Mo walked towards the cave. She touched the walls of the cave. She still hadn’t used any mental power. Rather, she was trying to understand the changes in material of the cave. 

Ai Er Ge was speechless. He paced around in annoyance before suddenly asking: “How are you planning to destroy this? Are you going to use your body to smash this into pieces?”

“You’ve already activated it?” Xuan Mo asked. “You said earlier that you’ve checked, then this Galactic Door must have been activated.”

“Yes, so if you were to channel some mental power…”

“Then it will suck me dry.” Xuan Mo laughed coldly. She dug up the soil and saw a coordinate stone that had been buried deep in the earth. The coordinate stone was linked up by countless patterned stones that were the size of the golden stone. The link of stones continued on and on, until the silhouette of the next coordinate stone was vaguely visible. 

“You can go now.” Xuan Mo exercised her fingers, “It’s true that I don’t know how to destroy it, but I can break it apart, piece by piece.”

“You’re mad, do you need to go to such an extent?”

“And yourself, just to go back?”

“This place is not ours.”

“It’s better to live on only as a mark on the Spirit Monument then to return as a criminal.” Xuan Mo broke off a piece of the coordinate stone, weighing it in her hand, before she held it between two hands and broke it apart with pure strength. 

At her actions, Ai Er Ge’s mental energy fluctuations suddenly exploded. He lunged over with a howl in a futile attempt to snatch the coordinate stone from Xuan Mo’s hands. 

Xuan Mo didn’t use her mental powers. When she heard a howl, she turned instinctively, and sent a punch to the person dashing over at her. Ai Er Ge however knew that he could not compare up to Xuan Mo if they were to compete based on their strengths. As such, he coated himself in mental power to protect and strengthen his body. As a result, he managed to evade Xuan Mo’s attack.

On instinct, Xuan Mo sent a follow-up attack with the hand she held the coordinate stone with…

As a result, Ai Er Ge’s mental powers-coated hand touched the stone…

A bright red light exploded!

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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