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South Cross Rose, a new transmigrator live-streamer, was among the only two participants from Everday Planet that proceeded to the next round with all their opponents’ points accumulated. Accordingly, she had already amassed a certain following, hence was considered an experienced individual in the livestreaming industry. Perhaps someone had revealed to her previously about the internal rules of the competition. 

Whereas this participant called Ai Bei—

“Why did you want to collect all the points?” 

In the galactic virtual net, seated in a certain cafe, a reporter that had been sent by TITR asked Ai Bei. 

Ai Bei mixed the coffee with the spoon, “the rules allow.”

“What?” The reporter couldn’t follow her train of thought. 

“The rules allow participants who already qualify for the next stage to continue playing. In other words, if you keep playing, there must be some kind of benefit.” 

Of course, it wasn’t wrong to move on to the next stage either. If a participant that had enough points to proceed to the next stage lost his points when he continued playing, and as a result didn’t meet the qualifying points, he naturally would no longer be able to proceed to the next stage. 

And so, the unwritten rule was — get more points, in fact, get all the points. 

She’d never intended to allow anyone else in her training room qualify from the very beginning. 

Of course, she wasn’t familiar with this rule-filled world, so it was possible that she might fail. But also because she wasn’t familiar, that’s why she’d try to chomp through and understand every single line in the rules. 

On hindsight, it proved to be quite helpful didn’t it?

Not long after the elimination round ended, she received an “elevator pass” that allowed her to qualify for the competition proper. It was also because of this card that’s why there’s reporters coming down to interview her. 

A lot of questions were asked during the interview, but Ai Bei did not show a single bit of annoyance. She sat there obediently. Even the reporter seemed to wonder if the young boy in the video was truly played by her?

She couldn’t help but ask a question that had not been drafted in the list of interview questions: “When you gave up the mission and hugged player #2 in the end, is it because you got soft-hearted and gave in?”

Soft-hearted? ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 14 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

The latte art of a snow white cat was stirred away by Ai Bei. The messy swirls of cream seemed to be making a funny face back at her. Ai Bei’s eyes curved.

Of course, not.

I like you.

It was a melting and heartening phrase to hear, consisting of a youth’s brimming and passionate emotions. However, having just experienced the pains of being abandoned, how would he dare to express his true feelings again for her to trample all over on. 

How would he dare open his mouth.

She didn’t want to make things difficult for herself. Just because she’d created an enemy out of someone did not mean that she had to give up the points. Moreover, that scene and that mission was something she had especially designed for him.

Right now, all the pieces had fallen into the right places.


Everday Planet, inside a hotel on a certain planet. 

A youth got out of his space pod, went to take a shower and washed away the nutrient solution that had been poured into the space pod. After he was out the shower, a notification sounded with a “ding”; he’d received a holographic call from his approved list of contacts. The call went through automatically, projecting itself on the dark-patterned wall. 

“Sen’zai*, how did it go how did it go, did you proceed?!”

* ‘zai (仔) is an affectionate suffix that people add to names to generate nicknames


The person called Sen’zai continued wiping his hair coldly, not replying him. 

“You didn’t get in? You didn’t get in?!” The person opposite clenched his chest dramatically and laughed out loud, “even though you changed your galactic virtual net appearance and especially ran off to a desolate planet to particpate, saying that you won’t be discovered by your family this way, and you’d at least last till semi-finals. In the end, you were eliminated in the elims?!”

“You can participate again on other planets.”

“Forget it, it doesn’t look like you had fun. Aye, I discovered a voluptuous onee-chan here, I promise she’s definitely the type you like.” The person in the call opened up a picture from his virtual screen.

Lin Sen’s gaze darkened. Akin to forest, his matcha-green eyes were clear and glassy. Coupled with a dark pupil, in the sun, his eyes were speckled with colours as though dancing silhouettes of a forest, in the dark, his eyes were dim and eerie as though a deep within a jungle. 

“I don’t like this kind any more.”

The person was puzzled, “…how’s that possible, you’ve liked this model for decades, why the sudden change of mind?”

“Why not?”

“Fine, what kind do you like now, let me know and I’ll help keep an eye out.”

After his friend spoke, a grey-eyed grey-haired face suddenly surfaced in Lin Sen’s head. His heart clenched at the memory, and he gave up: “Flat loli.”



Meanwhile, the flat loli Ai Bei temporarily managed to solve her housing and food crisis with the feeble rewards received from passing the elims. The reward money afforded her a cheap, underground hostel, moulding bedsheets and covers, and a bag of nutrient solution that had a corner bitten off by a rat. 

The rewards from passing the elimis wasn’t very high. After all, in order to select more participants, TITR did not set any participation criterias.

If it weren’t for her extraordinary performance, and the request she’d sent through the reporter, she might not even be able to get this amount.

The reporter that interviewed her kindly stuffed her some compensation.

She probably wouldn’t have to face so much difficulty once the competition started proper. After all, the competition had a rule that stated — part of the money that the audience tipped during the livestream would be given to the participant.

She would need to try to get more tips during the competition.

After two more rounds of elims ended, Ai Bei received a competition notice. In the dirty hostel room, she logged in to the virtual net again to participate in Everday Planet’s first proper round of competition. This time, the venue of the competition expanded from a small training room to a huge hall.

In the middle of the luxurious, bird nest-like oval-shaped hall, a thousand pillars of light shined. In the cetre of every pillar stood a participant.

Ai Bei was among the participants.

Waves of cheers erupted. Under the dazzling light, Ai Bei stood, suddenly feeling as though she was standing in the centre of the world. 

For someone who’d crawled out from darkness like herself, she was unaccustomed to the limelight.

The Livestreaming Transmigration Competition, had finally started, proper.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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oh myy i guess #2 miiiight be making another cameo in the future…? i wonder if he’s really gonna appear in the appearance of a loli hahahahaha

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