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“We sat on a high pile of bones, when we looked inside, humans are fighting zombies…”

Someone sang, and immediately shut his mouth when he was whacked. The remaining people next to them snickered at the sight. Xuan Mo squatting down at the front turned her head backwards, puzzled, before turning back around. 

They were nearing the gunshot sounds from before. However, the sounds went further and further away not long after. They could only watch from afar. There was a huge searchlight-like item that was emitting a faint, pale light. The entire place seemed to brighten up, as though it was daytime.

There were over thirty of the silent monsters. The monsters rigidly and slowly closed in and surrounded the people that were firing away. Further away, they could vaguely make out the smoky grey colours of some huge larvae-like things. Those lined the entire cave, all the way into the depths where they could no longer see. Just the sight itself was hair-raising.

This was a very large cave. The cave was probably dug through completely, there was nothing within, only the monsters and their larvae. The cave was oval in shape, but the higher it went, the narrower it became, with the tip of the cave disappearing into the darkness.

They could roughly make out several holes that seemed to be the route the other groups of people took to get here. They weren’t sure if the earlier groups deliberately skipped this well-trodden path, or they didn’t know that such a path existed. Whatever the case was, just the fact that they were able to dig out a hole from so high above, and do it quietly without being noticed even though this entire area was under the surveillance of Zone Seven, was a feat in itself.

Xuan Mo could hear mutters from the combatants around her; as the military, they went on with their usual snubs of disdain at Zone Seven. Zhao Jing Lei was in an uncomfortable position, perhaps embarrassed or otherwise, but given the state of things, there was nothing he could retort. Ling Yun on the other hand spoke: “This isn’t anything new, the path we took was the efforts of the travellers in the past, the path they took was knocked out by technology, each path and each group had their own merits.”

Zhao Jing Lei wanted to agree, but he stopped short. This felt as though their country could only rely on numbers, and didn’t have any technology. This couldn’t be a praise could it.

“Have you seen Alien vs Predator I? The scientists dug a tunnel through the thousand-metre thick ice and created a cylindrical hole in one night, epic!” The sci-fi junkie continued rambling on. 

Zhao Jing Lei felt his forehead throbbing: “That’s just sci-fi…”

“Aliens might not even exist.” Someone else added.

“Who said so!” Ling Yun seemed to want to list some evidence, but made an intellectual decision and stopped short, and instead looked deep in dilemma, as though he couldn’t share the info that he’d wanted to. 

“Another group of people arrived!” Someone exclaimed lowly.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 180 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

A person appeared from one of the holes above, and carefully observed the surroundings. When the person noticed the battle below, he turned behind to speak to someone, before he brought out a strange-looking pair of glasses and continued observing the battle.

On the battlefield, the two forces seemed to have gotten into an alliance, be it a temporary or permanent one. There were a total of fifty people on the ground. Despite this, they couldn’t handle the thirty or so monsters. The moment the monsters neared them, just a single bit of the monster’s bodily liquid was enough to corrode away a person’s entire limb. If they weren’t careful, the monster would easily twist their necks. 

The monsters were rigid, yes, but for some reason, their movements were strangely swift, and they would always attack from the most unexpected and impossible angles. Before they knew it, their necks would have been caught by the monster. 

Zhao Jing Lei had already understood why. After Ai Er Ge dissected the monster, they confirmed that this was not a zombie at all. Instead, this was another sort of monster that was filled to the brim with organs and corrosive bodily liquid. Its bones were made of limbs that seemed to belong to insects and were able to rotate 360-degree. They didn’t manage to figure out exactly what this monster was, they would need to search up history books in order to verify. In fact, they were itching to dissect the monster themselves too, pity their bodies weren’t built to resist the aggressive liquids that the monster produced. 

The latest group of people remained in their hole. Evidently, they seemed to have made the same decision as Zhao Jing Lei, sit and watch the battle, then swoop down when it’s over to claim the rewards. 

“We gotta figure out how to finish off that group of them. Seems like they haven’t noticed our presence yet.” Someone whispered, as though a malicious court official trying to influence the emperor’s decisions.

Needless to say, when everyone saw the protruding head in the distance, the common thought that popped up was to axe that head. Though it was quite dark, they could still see the reflective golden-coloured hair that was different from the rest of the people.

The discontent when they saw the people in the hole was much more so than the discontent when they saw Ai Er Ge appearing at the airport. They understood why the people in the surrounding countries would stick their noses into their business, but this bunch of people had to take a half a day worth of flight to get their asses over, did they really have nothing better to do?

“What now, are we gonna rush over and finish them? Or do we just shoot the hole through? Pity we didn’t bring a rocket missile…”

“…let’s go over once they’ve finished the monster.” Someone suggested. “This is our country, we’ve got all the time on our hands, but they probably don’t. They can’t spend a lifetime waiting.”

“So you wanna spend a lifetime waiting?” Someone immediately retorted.


Waiting it out seemed to be the only way out. However, the screams of agony from the battlefield only increased, and the frequency of the gunshot evidently decreased.

“What are they saying?”

Zhao Jing Lei listened for a while: “They ran out of bullets, they’re discussing how to share their remaining bullets.”

“The heck! They didn’t wipe out much of the monsters though? Or actually, they didn’t kill any! What kind of armour did the monsters have! The intensity of their firing can plummet through any bullet-proof jacket!”

Someone complained: “At this rate, we ain’t gonna get anything out of their battle, once the three different forces are wiped out, it’ll be us, and we only have about a dozen or so people, and no firepower, we only have Ai Er Ger, what damage can we do?”

Someone pushed Ai Er Ge: “Oi, Lil Ai, can you do it?”

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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