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He appeared very natural, and the information that they were communicating was true as well. Not only so, the two “officers” recognised each other. The accumulation of all these factors dispelled Officer B’s doubts. He figured that no inmate would have the guts to break out of prison like this. He believed that they wouldn’t dare to pull such an act right beneath his nose. 

The head-on encounter with the officer while thrilling had left #2 incredibly tense and on the edge. He pretended to leisurely jog outwards. The moment he exited the prison’s surveillance area, the restrained emotions as a result of his heart thumping away in his chest immediately exploded. 

He picked up Ai Bei and ran for his life; he was as fast as lightning! 

Ai Bei laid on his shoulders and laughed. 


He clenched his teeth as he smiled too, “how the fuck is that fun.” 

After successfully prison breaking, they’d already completed half their mission. 

The next part was to get new clothes. Since they were going to a restaurant, their officer uniforms were definitely not going to cut it.  

Ai Bei picked a simple white button-up. She looked as clean and youthful as a university student. 

Compared to her, #2 was very much more dressed up, in fact magnificently so. He had a three piece suit on — on top of his black button-up, he had a dark grey checkered waistcoat on, and a suit jacket on the outside. In addition to his roguish buzz cut, and his tattoos peering out of his collar occasionally, #2 was the walking definition of restrained desire, and that was enough to leave many ladies weak for him. 

The female salesperson brought a light grey tie over and gestured it at him as she spoke enthusiastically: “This pattern suits you, should I try it on for you?” 

#2 looked at Ai Bei through the mirror, “what do you think?” 

Ai Bei picked up a rather provocatively coloured tie and threw it at him. He laughed, not paying mind to her slapdash effort. As he slowly tightened the tie around his neck, he looked at up Ai Bei, his gaze dominant and aggressive.

The female sales assistant on the side suddenly felt a little out of breath watching the two of them. ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 12 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

All the hot guys seemed to bat for the other team these days.


The two of them were spiffed up before they stepped into the restaurant located on the highest floor in the city.

The food in prison was only sufficient to sustain the energy required for the inmates to carry out their regular activites; it was definitely not the best taste and looks wise. The two of them kept their stomachs empty before arriving. As a result, they were extravagent in their order; the amount of dishes served was enough to fill the entire table, and this elicited many glances from the passing servers. 

#2 had always been a ravenous eater, however, the him today was particularly well-mannered, and would even pick out the escargot for Ai Bei. 

Ai Bei had been enjoying the food so much she didn’t even notice that she had cream on her lips. She listed out which of the food she wanted picked out for her, “I want this, this…” After speaking, she licked her lips and lowered her head to drink the cream of mushroom soup, waiting for him to portion out the dishes she had listed down to be placed on her plate.

“I like you.”

The confession was sudden.

Ai Bei choked on the cream of mushroom soup. She coughed, her face turning red. The culprit handed her a serviette, frivolous, “just practicing.” 

“You should’ve at least warned me…”

“I like you.” He cupped his chin as he looked at her in a manner that deserves a good throttling, “you’re the one that set the mission. I like you.” He confessed again consecutively.

She looked up to glare at him. Beneath the light that filtered down like golden curtains, she was dewy-eyed, perhaps due to her coughs from earlier, her gaze almost a little mad too.


He started, his remaining words suddenly jammed at his throat. #2 glanced away in disguise. 

He produced a cigarette from the cigarette box, lit it up, and clipped it between his fingers. A server that had noticed this immediately came over to remind him. #2 replied politely with a “oh, apologies”. Once the server left, he drew a puff from the cigarette again, squinting his eyes slightly. 

Ai Bei didn’t bother minding him, and continued eating her food.

He looked at her lips, she still had some cream that she didn’t clean off previously. His fingers twitched, but he stuck to puffing his cigarette instead.

The two of them sunk into silence. After dinner was over, #2 went to the cashier to get the bill, but didn’t see Ai Bei at their table when he returned. #2 walked around, and found the person he was searching for at the glass hallway. 

The glass hallway with roses flowering along the two sides was among the defining features of this restaurant. You could see the scenery of the night city beneath your feet when you walk across the glass hallway; it was an ethereal experience.

“What are you doing there?”

The moment he spoke, he realised that his throat was tightening.

He had a phobia of heights. Even though he was just standing before the glass hallway, he didn’t dare to spare the glass facade any further glances. He could only force himself to concentrate his thoughts on Ai Bei. 

“You should confess.” She said. 

She was reminding him, that he was running out of time. Missions usually spanned up to a maximum of one week. They’ve spent a good portion of the time in the beginning preparing for the prison break, and a lot of time tonight enjoying dinner and relaxing.

Despite so, confessing was just one sentence, it wouldn’t take up much time.

#2 settled his nerves. “Come over here.”

She shook her head, “I want to hear it here.”

Though he had no idea why she insisted it, he coughed lightly, and tried to rein in his scattering thoughts. He hazarded a guess as to what she was thinking, perhaps she’d wanted to do it with a romantic background.

He’d just practiced the line a few times earlier, and he’d repeated it many times in his head too. The more formal the actual setting was, the more awkward he became. Even so, he spoke from the bottom of his heart:

“I like you.”

The moment he spoke, Ai Bei suddenly walked backwards, until she was among the roses flowering in the hallway.

Night had fallen, and the city had lit its evening lights. From the glass hallway, you could see the the vast expense of the citylife from above. The neon lights beneath were diamonds sprinkled across the floor, blinking up at you as they glittered in the dark.

Despite the breathtaking scene, he’d only managed to spare it a single glance. Even so, he’d found himself already a little out of breath, much less muster the courage to walk across the glass hallway and make it over to where she was. 

And yet, Ai Bei reached out a hand towards him, smiling: “You need to hold my hand.”

In that moment, #2’s mind went blank, it was as though even his blood froze; he couldn’t help but feel a chill rising through him.

He recalled the mission requirement, and that was to “hold hands” — he had to hold her hand while confessing to her. This had originally been a lovely, romantic scene in his head, but the situation at hand seemed to cast a dark shadow across his previous fantasy.

She stood in the hallway — the hallway he couldn’t cross — and smiled at him.

Though the distance between the two of them was short, they were as though the Jiang River and Wei River, the conflicting nature of their waters incompatible and discordant. 

“Are you not coming over?” She tilted her head to the side, “it’s, almost time.”

Suddenly, a few police cars arrived below, parking themselves at the skyscraper. The red police lights blinked away dangerously, and the police sirens reverberated, shattering the melodious tune of the night.

She’s right, it’s almost time.

Even though the mission’s deadline was not up yet, they had to leave the restaurant soon.

“Why…” His gaze, most of the time willful, was now clouded with dread. His teeth trembled. He had to muster all the courage within him to dare himself to ask, “why?!”

How was it possible that he didn’t know what she was trying to do.

She was the same as the rest; she had been, as the rest had been, calculating how many points she could get from him. And yet, the weakness that she was now using against him was the very weakness that he told her himself.

As expected, Ai Bei looked at him calmly: “This is a competition, isn’t it?”

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