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Yuan Yuan Yuan forced herself to finish the remaining story. She wanted to find out what happened to the demon slayer male lead, did he leave or did he stay, or did he follow the black figure all the way. 

She inhaled deeply, surpressing her apprehension and fear as she continued scrolling in dismal.

When the figure in black dropped to the ground, the demon slayer clearly saw that he was carrying someone. The demon slayer paused, because he realised the person in his arms was a human girl. The girl was wearing her school uniform; the girl’s face was buried in the figure’s embrace so he didn’t manage to see how she looked like. 

At that, he was a bit shaken. Even though he was a demon slayer, he wouldn’t slaughter blindly. But the situation at hand was really quite confusing. He had no idea who the little girl was, neither did he know who the black figure was. But from what he’d gathered from the situation that he’d just witness, it seemed as though this black figure had saved the little girl.

He had no idea which side the black figure was on, neither did he know how strong he was. He didn’t notice any demon scent from the black figure either. If it weren’t for the countless red vines flying in the air, he’d almost have thought that the demon before him was a human. 

He wondered if he should tail them, but the black figure ignored him altogether, and instead turned to run off ahead. Together with the little girl, the two of them quickly disappeared into the darkness of the night…

The demon slayer had wanted to chase them, but he realised that the black figure was really too fast, he didn’t manage to catch up. The rain was very heavy too, and it had cleanly washed away the black figure’s trail.

The demon scent of the black figure was very faint to begin with. With the pouring rain, the black figure was nowhere to be found. His search efforts proving to be futile, the demon slayer decided to not to continue trying to track that demon down. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 06 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

It was only until after Yuan Yuan Yuan reached this part of the story did she exhale heavily. She felt as though her heart was ready to leap out of her chest any moment now. She dug out the black windbreaker, grabbed her dagger and sliced the coat into strips, before grabbing a brazier and burnt every last strip of the material. 

The red licks of flames slowly climbed up the strips of clothes. As Yuan Yuan Yuan burnt the windbreaker, she zoned out. She recalled the rainy night, and wondered exactly what sort of situation she was in right now. 

The scene in the manga was definitely referenced from the rainy night from three days ago. The alley, and every single detail matched, exactly. Just looking at the scenes was enough to elicit Yuan Yuan Yuan’s memories of the rescue from three days ago.

She was very sure she was under glamour, she’d also changed her voice, and she wore a black windbreaker that she’d never once worn before otherwise. 

Having drifted around for so many years, Yuan Yuan Yuan had it very tough in the beginning, because she didn’t know how to hide herself and change her appearance. Later on though, she figured out how to use glamour. However, she soon realised that she would still be easily found if she were to just change her face, so she gradually picked up how to make herself loook younger or older, change the way she dressed, and even change her gender under glamour. 

She must admit, changing gender was really her ace. When she cross-dressed, very few people would be able to figure out that she was actually a girl. 

After burning all the clothes, Yuan Yuan Yuan opened the window to air her unit. She picked up her phone and read through the manga again. If she didn’t guess wrongly, the manga artist called “Ji Qiu” was indeed a demon, and that night, he was somewhere nearby; he must have noted down the entire encounter, and translated it into drawings depicted in his manga. 

But what was the point of all this? What was he trying to achieve drawing all this into a manga?

Was she exposed now? Did the artist know the black figure was her?

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the countless scenes. She must admit that the artist had a way with his colours and drawing, every scene was vivid, every detail was taken into account.

…if she were to go by this benchmark, then it’d be a little funny to say that the manga was “realistic”, like how she’d done so previously. If she were the manga artist and she were to copy every single detail from real life, she’d be able to achieve this level of “realistic” as well.

Yuan Yuan Yuan inhaled, walked to the toilet, filled a basin of water and dunked her head in. 

She definitely cannot let anyone find her. Definitely. 

She was very satisfied with her current peaceful lifestyle; she did not want anything disrupting this. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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