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Ai Bei who had realised that their relationship seemed to be getting a bit intimate. The other players also seemed to have sensed something too. #1 had the poorest expression out of everyone. After all, he had always been allies with #3

Among the two other girls, #3 was the one in charge, but seeing how she had too little points, she decided to help #4 proceed to the next round. 

Ai Bei had already successfully proceeded to the next stage. Accordingly to the rules, #4’s mission target would now become #2. 

When #4 was making her selection on the interface, she realised that the auto-selected mission target was still #5, Ai Bei. She stopped and looked at the latter. 

#5 was really too inconspicuous as a girl. She was seated with her legs open with her hands pressed at the edge of the chair, her toes tapping lightly on the ground, as though an innocent, harmless child. 

#4 suddenly felt a sliver of cold snaking through her body. 

“Why are you still here.”

Ai Bei replied her leisurely: “The rules allow me to stay.”

This was quite a prickly situation for #4. Her forte lies in solving math problems, not issuing problems related to emotions, hence as to the setting she’d fixed in the first round; she’d intended to make things difficult for her. The second mission was also just a copy, and that to her was simple, she didn’t need to rack her brains to come up with something new. 

She’d thought about it after setting the mission. While #2 and Ai Bei‘s individual losses or gains would not directly affect each other, he might not deliberately make things difficult for Ai Bei like how he’d done towards her sister. This was a blind spot she’d missed; and at the same time, she was also impressed by Ai Bei’s problem solving abilities. 

She didn’t think she herself could be as emotionally intelligent as Ai Bei, so she had no idea how to end things for Ai Bei. 

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She keyed in the mission in hesitation. 

“Hold on.” #3 noticed their conversation and was inspired, and so she grabbed her sister’s hand. Her lips coloured with a bright smile, she turned towards Ai Bei; it was a smile tinged with a hint of provocation. “I have an idea, why don’t you let them give it a go.” 

“Since they’re so tight.” 

In #3’s perspective, she’d despised #2 initially. It was a hatred motivated partly by disdain; he was in the position of a suitor and her the person being chased. But she must say that #2’s temper had changed; he’s become wilder. And such a roguish side was eliciting a feminine desire to conquer him. 

She didn’t see eye to eye with Ai Bei. When everyone had silently came to a mutual agreement to kick #2 out first, Ai Bei parachuted in like a saviour, thereby cutting off all her ties with #2. 

It’s not that #3 grew to like #2, it’s just her possessive instinct kicking in when she realised that her persistent suitor had now changed his mind. 

You weren’t good enough when you where pursuing me; now that you’ve grown, you changed your mind and fell in love with someone else. 

Galactic people were very open; relishing in skinship desires was akin to enjoying a delightful meal, lust and hunger were of an equal standing, and were both seen as natural, humane instincts. After putting in place an age-filter system, the government encouraged galactic residents to indulge in passionate entertainment while they still had time on their hands. 

The law was the same towards a couple of the same gender; there was no stigma nor special treatment. 

Hence, even though #3’s suggestion was rather brazen, it still went through the system successfully. However according to the Galactic Privacy Protection Law, if the involved parties did not agree, the private footage would not be released or made public. 

However, #2 was evidently a heterosexual. 

At her suggestion, the expression of the players in the training room changed slightly, yet remained untelling of their emotions. When she saw that #4 inputted the details according to her suggestion, #3 touched her nails, giving an enamouring smile, “I’m helping you to realise your wish, you’re welcome.” 

“Fuck you—” 

The furious #2 cursed halfway before Ai Bei clicked to enter the virtual world, leaving #2’s incomplete sentence hanging in the air. 

They returned back into the virtual world once again. It’s already one month later. While the other players were fulfilling their missions, the bodies of the inactive players will be “entrusted“ to the system to continue living out their routine lives accordingly. Ai Bei and #2’s bodies only spotted a few extra light scuffs here and there when they returned; nothing much had changed. 

The two of them stood facing each other. Both of them were wearing the same blue and white stripped prison uniform. The taller, tanner one between the two of them spotted a buzz cut, appearing fiercer after having been through prison life for a while now. The other one was half a head shorter, and looked much fresher and more dainty, much softer and more gullible. 

No matter what, it was still two guys. 


#2 couldn’t reign in his anger so he gave a hard kick at the wall. 

“I don’t really know how to do it.” She looked at #2 hesitantly, her bright, clear eyes as though insinuating that he should know better, since he was the real guy among the two of them. 

#2’a vein popped, “the hell do I know.” 

Since both of them didn’t know, the only option left was to observe and learn. 

The male prison was quite a resource repository, things were happening all over the place. Later that night after showering, #2 was back in their cell. His unclothed body revealed his taut abs; #2 was halfway through wearing a shirt when Ai Bei stopped him in his tracks. 

His shirt halfway in, he shrugged it on before asking: “You want to shower?” 

Ai Bei’s situation was a little bit special. Usually she’d wait till everyone was done and get him to keep watch before she went in to shower. The prison had their own curfew and schedule, but it wasn’t something a little money couldn’t settle. 

She grabbed his wrist, tip-toed out and pulled him over to stand outside the bathroom. 

The lights from within spilled out the door, casting a pool of light on the ground. The two of them were hidden in the shadows beside the lit-up area as they listened to the water sounds. 

#2 was confused at her actions, before he seemed to catch the vague sound of water running, and some unusual sounds coming from inside the bathroom. 

Within the bathroom, two bodies were pressed against each other, engaging in their revolting activities. 

His eyes darkened, before he realised Ai Bei had too popped out her head to peep in. #2 pressed her head back in, and squatted down with her. When she turned around in disagreement, he placed a finger against his lips to gesture at her to keep quiet. 

The two of them were very close, so close to the point she could hearing him swallowing. 

Just as #2 was about to speak, she suddenly leant over and kissed his finger. If he’d moved his finger away the moment she leant in, her lips would definitely land on his. 

He could still feel the lingering warmth on his finger. 

He stood up with a swoosh. Ignoring the person tugging at him from behind, #2 started heading straight back. 

Ai Bei railed after him like a lost child. All the inmates in their cell had already went to sleep. He felt his way over to his bed in the dark. After sprawling flat on his bed, he wanted to turn around. Suddenly, a weight landed on his back, and he was pressed back down on the mattress. The “lost child” knelt just like that on his thighs; both her hands were pressed against his lower back to stop him from getting up. 

In the dark cell, only a sliver of moonlight leaked in. Such darkness was very enveloping, and also boundless in magnifying one’s senses. 

She felt her way around and lifted his shirt. When her chilly hands landed on his tight, muscly waist, he jumped, tingling out of his skin. Perhaps it was because his waist felt well-built, as though it was very much more powerful than it felt, and much more structured than the slumpy ones she saw earlier at the bathroom, she couldn’t help but linger. 

He reached behind and grabbed her hand, his voice in restraint, “are you done touching me?”

Her other hand slowly inched down, and silently tried to tug his pants downwards, as though curious as to whether what’s the extent things could go between guys.

The heck.

What the hell did she want to do, fuck him?

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T/N: fortunately or unfortunately, this novel is PG so… don’t get your hopes up/down HHAHA  :”)

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