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A man lied on the hospital bed with his hands and legs tightly fastened to the four posts of the hospital bed. Even though chains weren’t used, he was still unable to move. The few places where his bones fractured had been dressed. However, after being injected some medicine, he couldn’t even bite his tongue to suicide, much less move any part of his body. ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 51 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Their mission to assassinate Zhuo Commander-In-Chief had failed and he was the only separatist that they had managed to hold captive. After being knocked out by the enemies during the mission, he was later knocked awake again by them. Probably because all his comrades had died, they beat him up to vent their emotions. In the end, he was beaten up so badly they had to send him to the military hospital to patch him up because, after all, they still needed to interrogate him. He stared at the ceiling in a daze, already able to expect what will come after.

Suddenly, the door to his hospital room was pushed open. A nurse came in to change the medicine. He slanted his eyes—the only part of him that was mobile—but saw in surprise that the person that followed the nurse in raising a hand to knock the nurse out. Following which, the person pulled the fainted nurse to a corner and even pulled off his blankets to cover her.

After which, that nurse produced a syringe and a small bottle of medicine. After filling the syringe, she poked the needle into his arm with a jab and injected the medicine into his blood. Heh, how violent!

Qin Ke Xuan looked coldly at the man whose lips slowly tilted into a smile and took a key from her pocket and unlocked the cuffs locking his hands and legs.

“The organisation sent you to rescue me?” The man moved his hands and legs, sitting up on the bed.

“Enh, enough talking. You won’t have enough time if you don’t go now.” Qin Ke Xuan’s voice lowered voice sounded from behind the mask.

“Okay okay, there are people guarding outside though?”

Qin Ke Xuan opened the door to let the two people in charge of guarding the room to enter. When they did, the two, unguarded, were immediately knocked out by this false nurse. Qin Ke Xuan pulled them to the corner as she’d done before to hide them.

“Solved.” QIn Ke Xuan dusted her hands. Pushing a wheelchair over to the bedside, she threw the man who hadn’t properly recovered his mobility onto the wheelchair and draped a thick jacket all over him before pushing him out the hospital room.

Hidden in the jacket, the man sat anxiously in the wheelchair that was being pushed by Qin Ke Xuan. Not a lot of people knew who the man was, hence the doctors and nurses walking about in the hospital only smiled at Qin Ke Xuan. Qin Ke Xuan with a large half of her face submerged behind her mask nodded in return to their greeting.

Their trip to the parking lot was safe. Qin Ke Xuan opened the door to a small vehicle, plucked the man from the wheelchair and threw him into the car seat. She, on the other hand, sat on the driver’s seat, picked up a jacket to wear it on outside her nurse uniform then took off her nurse cap and mask before starting the car out of the hospital. Pity the man had not seen Qin Ke Xuan’s face when he was knocked out by her during his mission to assassinate Zhuo Commander-In-Chief, else he’ll definitely regret escaping with Qin Ke Xuan so much.

The man rubbed his knocked elbow, complaining: “Oi! Say, can’t you be more careful?!”

Qin Ke Xuan ignored him. In a poor temper, the man leaned toward the driver’s seat, shouting: “Oi! Are you listening to me?!”

“Shut up if you don’t want to die!” Qin Ke Xuan held the steering wheel with a hand and a gun in the other, with its nozzle pointed right at the man’s forehead.

The man immediately became quiet. There were quite a few people with strange tempers in the organisation, and quite a few of them were the kind that would kill people upon disagreement. Touching his nose, he awkwardly leant back to sit properly.

Keeping her gun, Qin Ke Xuan swept a look at the rearview mirror with the corner of her eyes. That man was carefully looking at her via the rearview mirror. Reaching out, she pulled off the rearview mirror, opened the car window and threw it out. Her actions had the man behind shrinking on reflex, not daring to make a single sound.

At the other side of the city, a bunch of people donned in black looked at the gravestone in front of them in grieve with solemn expressions on their faces. After saluting and firing a shot ceremonial of the funeral, they left the public cemetery. As they did so, Xu Tian Xian received a notice; the separatist in the hospital was taken away.

The military hospital was not a place anyone could enter. Only MI6 and a few high-ranking officers knew exactly what kind of person was in that hospital room. Not only so, you had to show your identification to enter that room; all these pointed to the fact that it was the mole that rescued that person! ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 51 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Exactly who was it? Xu Tian Xian looked at the people that’d attended Xu Mei Li’s funeral, then his gaze sank. Xu Le Le! She had asked him yesterday which kind of medicine could undo the effects of the medicine on the separatist. She’d even asked him who would be guarding him. He’d still been wondering why she wanted to know them. But, why did she do that? Was she also a member of the separatist’s organisation? Impossible! They’d checked her background before. If there had been any problems with her background, she wouldn’t be able to join the MI6.

Walking over to Xu Chu, he said with a lowered voice: “Xu Chu, I know who brought the person away. It’s Xu Le Le.”

Xu Chu frowned. “You sure?”

“According to the hospital witness’ description, and her strange actions recently, I believe it’s her.”

“She can’t possibly be a mole. You guys go look for her and bring that person back. I cannot let Mei Li sacrifice herself for nothing. As for Xu Le Le, go find out what’s the situation with her. If she’s unwilling to surrender even after you guys convincing, I give you permission to see her as a part of the separatist… and shoot her there and then!”


Qin Ke Xuan stopped the car by the road and took out the wig and makeup she’d long prepared. After disguising herself and him properly, she had the man, whose medicated effects had faded and was able to move around, to alight. The two of them changed to take a taxi to go to the train station. Qin Ke Xuan gave him a few hundred dollar notes. “You, go get tickets.”

Despite his confusion, the man still took the money. It was the Spring Festival travel rush period, hence the ticket office was packed full of people, in fact, some of the tickets were starting to sell out. Beyond anxious, he knew that they couldn’t afford to wait. There were some ticket resellers at the train stations however. After returning to ask Qin Ke Xuan, he went around looking for a ticket reseller to buy their tickets. Very soon, they quickly bought two train tickets at a high price.

Qin Ke Xuan glanced at the destination printed on the train before sticking the train ticket into her pocket, then the two of them went to the train station platform to wait.

They waited for quite a while before the train rumbled into the station. The man hurriedly waved at Qin Ke Xuan to get on the train. He didn’t want to stay in here for even a moment longer. Only return to the organisation as quickly as possible could settle his unease.

The tickets they’d bought had sleeping berths. After lying down for a moment, they heard someone coming to check tickets outside. The man looked at Qin ke Xuan uneasily. He had no one else to depend on other than this comrade with her capricious moods.

Qin Ke Xuan swept him a cold look and the jittery man’s thoughts of escaping were immediately suppressed. In exchange to the smile he sent her awkwardly, Qin Ke Xuan shot him a glare.

The person checking their tickets very quickly reached their train cabin. The other people fished out their tickets accordingly and gave it to the train clerk to check. Qin Ke Xuan and company too took out their tickets for the train clerk to check.

After he finished his checking, he stared at Qin Ke Xuan who had her head lowered playing with her finger a while, before sweeping a final look and left the cabin after not discovering anything strange.

The man sighed heavily. Qin Ke Xuan on the other hand still had a calm expression on. An incredible person as expected, the man remarked mentally.

Qin Ke Xuan on the other hand was listening to the train clerk’s discussion outside.

“Are there anyone that matched the pictures?”

“No. Say, you think they’re really thieves? The guy aside, just look at that girl, she doesn’t look like one at all!”

“Tch, this is called not judging a book by its cover, get it? Now hurry go look for them! If something does happens then we’re dead!”

It took them a day’s ride to get to the neighbouring province, City J. It was winter so the skies had already darkened. Just as they were about to exit, Qin Ke Xuan suddenly pulled the man into a corner. She lean against the wall and stuck her head out to look.

The man asked her what was wrong in anxiety.

“Shh! Someone’s tailing us.” Qin Ke Xuan retracted her head and said in a lowered voice.

“Then, then what do we do?” Sitting hadn’t been a problem for him, but his injuries might become obvious once they needed to walk.

“You, stay here. I’ll lure them away.”


“Then escape during that.”

“What about you.”

“I’ll lose them first then head back on my own.”

“Then… okay.” Though he’d lose a person protecting him, he still sighed in relief. After all, he didn’t recognise this comrade in front of him so he wasn’t sure of her identity. It’d be fine if she did turn out to be member, but if she was a mole sent over by the military and he brought her back to the organisation just like that, he probably would need to die about a few thousand times, or more. The method to split up she had brought up was the best way. If she was really someone from the organisation then she would be able to find her way back on her own. If she wasn’t then he could take this time to get away from her.

Qin Ke Xuan zipped out, created some noise to attract the attention of the civilian-clothed police over before luring them in the other direction.

At seeing that, the man in the corner sighed in relief. He immediately exited the train station, flagged a taxi, said his destination, and left the train station.

Outside the train station in a dark corner where the streetlights’ light didn’t reach, Qin Ke Xuan’s eyes gleamed as she stared at the guy sliding into the taxi. The moment the taxi started, a flash and she slipped into a taxi that had just dropped off its customer and was leaving. “Drive. Follow that car in front.”

The driver paused. When did this person get onto his taxi? Why didn’t he see it? Key point was that his taxi had already started moving!

“Hurry!” Qin Ke Xuan slanted her sharp and cold gaze at the driver via the rearview mirror.

“Okay okay!” Z L T

Actually, Qin Ke Xuan and company indeed had been tailed. The military’s prowess definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. What she had done just now was to lose these tails and let the man relax his guard. Despite the fact that the man hadn’t said anything, Qin Ke Xuan could tell his distrust and his guardedness from his eyes. However, these didn’t matter, because all she wanted was him to lead the way in front… ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 51 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Handsome lad, who’s in the taxi in front?” The driver started a random topic of conversation out of boredom.

That’s right, Qin Ke Xuan was currently dressed as a boy, and flowery and handsome guys like her were all over everywhere, so the driver didn’t suspect anything.

Qin Ke Xuan didn’t reply. The driver continued: “Your girlfriend? Aye, I’ve seen loads like you! What’s the point? There are loads of better fishes out there, no? Is it worth the trouble loving only her? There are still a lot of girls..” The driver blabbered on in enthusiasm, and ended up jabbering a lot on his own.



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