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“How can you not have sung before? We need to sing the military song every day at the base.” Someone pointed out in suspicion.

Qin Ke Xuan tong xue shrugged. “Fine, all I can sing is Strength In Unity.” After being thoroughly ear-washed by their howlings and wailings of this song every day, she, too, managed to pick it up.


“Sing another song. Everyne in the military’s already sick of this one.”

“All I know is this. I don’t know others.” Qin Ke Xuan firmed her position. Singing? Sure, she’ll sing the song everyone sang every day, if not, don’t anyone think of pushing her onto the stage to perform.

”What about dancing then?” Number 12 suggested. In response to that, he received a magnificent eye roll from Qin Ke Xuan. She might as well go and die rather than standing on the stage and twisting her body in all sorts of shapes coyly.

And so, even when the Art Troupe started their greeting performance, they had still not found a solution to the problem. Other than the sentry guards that were not on their shifts, all the others soldiers in the SF that managed to get a day off came to watch the performance.

Qin Ke Xuan and the group of recruits followed Xiao Xie Lieutenant into the hall and saw Hé Company Commander. Hé Company Commander was talking to one of the young officers in the Arts Troupe. The recruits standing beside her sent gazes of envy at that officer. Qin Ke Xuan noticed an epaulette* on his shoulders. It had  a dark blue-grey field as base, with two gold lines and a star insignia in between.

* 肩章 = epaulette; an ornamental fringed shoulder pad worn as a part of a military uniform

“That’s a major man, when can I become a major?” Number 1 sighed in envy.

“Hah, you might just become one eight to ten years later mate.”

“In my opinion, that guy’s definitely got some strong background going on, someone in the higher ranks definitely. I mean look at him, he’s around our age but already a major!” The recruits, excluding Qin Ke Xuan, were just a bunch of youths in their twenties. Hence when speaking of that, envy, along with tinges of resentment, was somewhat evident in their tone.

“Keep being salty. Who’s fault is it, not borning into a family with a background?”


It was rare that they were able to get a day off, hence the higher ranked officers very laxly closed an eye on things. Everyone was chatting excitedly.

Qin Ke Xuan sat in a corner. Even though the soldiers had lowered their voice a lot, she could still very clearly hear the pile of people from the other squads sitting on the other side discussing who it was that had been in charge for picking up the Arts Troupe people and how pretty the female soldiers they saw were. There had been a female soldier that was especially pretty. Following which, the other soldiers let out sighs of regret. In the end, they’d even brought up her name.

“Is the recruit Qin Ke Xuan or the female soldier you said prettier?” Z L T

“That… is hard to say. You can’t compare the two of them, they have very different disposition. But, I personally prefer that female soldier more. Gentler girls are more attracting. Qin Ke Xuan’s too… according to sources, no one has seen her smile before. Tsk tsk, she’s not likeable like that…”

Their words were as though a breeze blowing past Qin Ke Xuan’s ears—she was unfeeling towards it. However, their words were heard by Number 12 that passed by the toilet. At that, he immediately gripped that person’s collar, gritting out: “What fart you fartin’?! It’s fvcking stinks! Who the hell needs you to like?!”

The commotion immediately attracted the attention of the recruits over here. Everyone went over to hold Number 12 back, asking what happened. Number 12 told his comrades with an ashen face. At hearing what had happened, everyone was enraged, and they proceeded to glare at that garrulous soldier. At seeing a member of their squad being gripped at the collar by someone, the members of that squad too stood out. “You bullshitting?”

“D’you think we’re pushovers? Yeah he’s the one we bullshitting on! He’s yapping nonsense!”

“Freaking hell! Egghead recruits, you seeking death huh?! I was just stating the truth, what ‘bout it?!” That garrulous soldier was also an SF soldier, so it’d be impossible for him to back down like a coward.

At seeing that they were going to get into a fight, Win Ke Xuan suddenly stood and walked over, saying blandly to Number 12: “Number 12, let him go.” She saw Hé Company Commander sensing something off around here and looking over. If they were to continue, they’ll definitely earn a demerit. She knew that earning a demerit in the military was something very severe.

“You don’t know what he said about you…” Number 12 gripped the collar of that person, not letting go.

Qin Ke Xuan cut him off. “I know, I heard everything. What he said is true. Now you, release him.” So what if she was not likeable? Why must she make herself likeable to someone she didn’t even know? Using an expression from this world, giving him even an expression in response was a waste of effort.

Number 12 unwillingly released his grip, mumbling: “How were you able to hear him sitting so far away.”

“All he said was that I wasn’t likeable and the female soldiers from the Arts Troupe were prettier, isn’t it?”

At that, everyone clicked their tongues. Goodness gracious, with the hall bustling with noise, other than the Number 12, who passed by coincidentally, hearing it, even the other recruits nearest to them weren’t able to clearly hear what they were mumbling about. Meanwhile Qin Ke Xuan, the person seated the furthest, managed to hear every single word?! What, was she clairaudient?!

The soldier who had been self-confident about being in the right at hearing Qin Ke Xuan’s words became ill at ease. His face flushing, he mumbled an apology: “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to speak ill of you…”

“What happened?!” Hé Company Commander, frowning, was already walking over. “You want to create trouble now?!” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 47 is hosted at ZHAN LANN

Qin Ke Xuan stood out. “Reporting, we’re not creating trouble.” Z L T

“Then what are you guys doing gathered in a large group making a ruckus?!” Hé Company Commander evidently did not believe her.

“We’re discussing when we can find time to arrange a friendly match. I hope to learn some things from this experienced SF soldier.” Qin Ke Xuan replied seamlessly, digging an inescapable pitfall for them at the same time.

Other than the slight commotion among the recruits, the senior soldiers had no objections to Qin Ke Xuan’s behaviour, and instead, enthusiastically and silently accepted her challenge.

It wasn’t possible for her to get past Hé Company Commander so easily. However, he didn’t want the people from his company to make a ruckus at a time like this, hence, he warned, emphasising: “Since it’s practice, then don’t create trouble for me. And, Qin Ke Xuan, don’t you still have a performance later? Aren’t you going to prepare?”

At hearing that, Qin Ke Xuan swept her comrades a look. The group numbering over a dozen had their expressions of anger lost and replaced, instead, with awkwardness as they looked away, as though that had nothing to do with them.

Number 5 standing nearest to her could no longer withstand her burning glare started: “Hé Company Commander coincidentally heard it when we were discussing this a few days ago….” This was not their fault. It was Hé Company Commander who walked soundlessly and crept up on them. They had been discussing extremely excitedly, hence upon relaxing their guard, they didn’t notice the additional “comrade” that had appeared.

Number 2 immediately stood up, saying: “We won’t hide it anymore then! We submitted your name on your behalf a few days ago! You can just go up the stage and howl a bit as singing!” And then he looked at Qin Ke Xuan in a go-for-broke manner.

Qin Ke Xuan slanted an expressionless gaze at them, threw them a “just this once” sentence before heading towards the backstage.

There were all sorts of costumes and props piled up at the backstage. Some of the people were doing their makeup, some memorising their lines while others doing some stretches. Qin Ke Xuan walked in, grabbed another female soldier that was rummaging around and asked: “Is there a sword here?”

The female soldier randomly pointed at one of the boxes in one corner. “I think I saw one inside there the other time, you can go check.”

Qin Ke Xuan walked over and opened the box. After rummaging a while, she managed to find a sword. She gripped the handle of the sword, but was extremely disappointed in what she saw when she drew the sword. It was just a shiny piece of metal. The body of the sword was brilliant enough to reflect one’s image, but the edge of the sword was not at all sharp. This wasn’t even a sword! Even though it was just a mere performance, this inspired sword was really too much! Qin Ke Xuan picked one that was the most pleasing to the eye and hugged it as she sat in a corner, waiting to go onstage.

She was beyond bored as she sat, hence she examined the backstage carefully. After which, she saw a pile of cloth clothing that was similar to that from her world. She looked at her camouflage uniform, before grabbing the ebony black clothes and entering the changing room to change.

After she finished changing, she returned to her corner to sit and listened to the sound of the performance and the waves of cheers, until the announcement said: “Now may we invite Qin Ke Xuan from Tercel Battalion, Company Number Three up for her performance…”

Qin Ke Xuan clasped the sword in her hand, stood, walked over to a stairway at the side of the stage and went up to the second storey. Standing on the railings, she stretched to grab one of the suspended material of the curtains and tugged it. At seeing that it didn’t come off, she gripped her sword in a hand and the suspended curtain material in the other. Borrowing the boost from her jump, she drifted from the backstage and charged into the audience’s field of vision.

Qin Ke Xuan’s hand gripping on the suspended material gradually slipped, and with that, she slid downwards till she was hanging at half the height of the suspended material. Her hand gripping the handle of her sword swiftly slashed out. With that, the sword unsheathed, and the scabbard was flung to the ground. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 47 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Tightly after, Qin Ke Xuan moved with the sword in her hand. Beneath the reflection of the stage lights, Qin Ke Xuan landed on the centre of the stage in a whirl of blade-storm, coming to a halt with her sword pulled horizontal, masking half her face. All that was left uncovered were her dazzling eyes.

Before the audience had the chance to figure out just what had happened, they saw a person from the above the stage dropping onto the stage floor, bathed in the glints of blade reflections. When Qin Ke Xuan stilled, explosive cheers sounded from the audience.

Such a stage entrance was something she saw when she was undercover in opera theatre assassinating someone. She’d never thought there would be a day she had to borrow such an entrance to perform. Frankly, she could have used her qinggong instead of the suspended material to do this from such a height.

Qin Ke Xuan withdrew, turned right and slashed her sword in a round back before her. Taking two steps forward diagonally to her left, her toes tapped the ground and she gave a quick backflip. The moment she halted, her sword swung down, and her steps crossed before she swept her sword out horizontally. She turned, lifting the sword along with her knee. As she whirled around, her knee, along with her sword, lashed out. Skipping on her foot, she pierced the sword forward, and with a low turn, she flicked the sword backwards. Lithe like a snake, the blade blinks a glint of silver as it moved, and along with it, she moved, dancing…

Qin Ke Xuan flourished, with incredible speed, moves that appeared inexorably powerful but were actually only flashy and impractical, before drawing to a close. Holding the sword, she cupped her clenched fist before turning and leaving the stage.

Everyone was very engrossed in her performance. “One, two, three, Qin, Ke, Xuan, one, more, time. One, two, three, four, Qin, Ke, Xuan, one, more, time.” Everyone was influenced by the heat of the moment. This kind of blood-boiling performance was what they liked best!



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