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After standing at the entrance of the mall, Qin Ke Xuan received a call, and the kidnappers instructed her to head to a certain place.

Oh, these kidnappers were pretty guarded huh. Qin Ke Xuan pocketed her hands and started towards the instructed direction. Just as she was going to reach soon, she suddenly stopped at a corner, threw her wiretap earrings on the ground and whirled around to walk back, turning to look at the bushes: “Come out.”

The bushes moved a bit, then she saw a head garlanded with leaves popping out. It was Yin Xu Dong. He jumped out, scratched his head, and smiled easily: “Hehehe, I was found out.”

“Go back.” Qin Ke Xuan was clear that this chap, who had barely learnt a hair’s worth of substance from her, would only be a burden if the kidnappers decided to follow her all the way. He would definitely be discovered.

Yin Xu Dong widened his eyes, and reproached, discontented: “I don’t want to! I won’t feel reassured if you were to go to such a dangerous place on your own! In any case, I’m still a guy, guys protecting girls is a matter of fact!” He thudded his chest to display his masculine mettle.

Qin Ke Xuan could not even be bothered to reply him and left a “follow if you’re not afraid of dying” and returned to the corner to pick up the wiretap earring she had left, except she no longer wore them this time, rather, she pushed it into her pockets.

Upon reaching the designated place, Qin Ke Xuan received another call that instructed her to go to another location. Qin Ke Xuan, once again, headed in towards that location, deciding that if they wanted her to change the venue again, she would just leave and not care about this anymore.

In the end, there were no more calls, rather, they had sent someone out. It was a youth, a guy. He stopped before Qin Ke Xuan, his height half a head above hers, and sized her up and down, asking: “You’re Qin Ke Xuan?” Despite having received the news already, he still found it a little unbelievable upon seeing such a skinny and weak looking underage Lolita.


“Follow me. And get that guy trailing behind join you along with us.” He said crookedly.

Then she saw Yin Xu Dong being pushed towards her by a burly guy. As expected, he was discovered. It looked like this bunch of kidnappers were not simple.

Yin Xu Dong, flushed, waved at Qin Ke Xuan awkwardly, “Hehehe, we meet again…” This was promptly disregarded by Qin Ke Xuan.

The two of them were escorted to the vehicle and were forced to have their hands tied and their eyes blindfolded. Only afterwards did Yin Xu Dong ask Qin Ke Xuan why she had allowed them to do so. According to him, if people were to treat her like that, she normally would have settled them a long time ago. Qin Ke Xuan rolled her eyes, that was her accepting a compromise, also, they have not found Qin Peng Cheng at that time yet!

The youth in charge of guarding them did a body search. Even while blindfolded, Qin Ke Xuan was able to aim a kick at him, “You better reflect whether you are capable enough before you touch me.” She turned sideways, pulling out the pair of earrings in her pocket, and undid the necklace around her neck and threw it at the guy, “That’s it.”

The guy, not sure if he had gotten scared from her kick, actually believed Qin Ke Xuan only had these two items on her. He proceeded to search Yin Xu Dong, and ended up, of course, empty-handed.

The youth conversed with the burly chap, and the burly chap started the vehicle towards their den. Mid-route, the youth got rid of the tracker and wiretap Qin Ke Xuan had automatically submitted in. The vehicle travelled quietly.

After about thirty to forty minutes, the vehicle stopped. The youth undid the blindfold on Qin Ke Xuan and Yin Xu Dong, “Alight.” Then he, together with the burly chap, each took a side to guard them, escorting them forward.

Weeds as tall as half a person in height grew in the surrounding. There was no sign of human habitation around save for an abandoned building. Qin Ke Xuan narrowed her eyes, it looked like that abandoned building was these people’s den. Also according to the vehicle’s speed and journey duration, excluding them circling around the city to mislead people, this place was a pretty long distance away from the city centre. Rather than trusting those useless policemen to handle them, it would be more reliable to just depend on herself.

She turned to look at the Yin Xu Dong currently in the same state as she was in on her side. Yin Xu Dong upon being looked at wanted to smile comfortingly as her, but only ended up squeezing his hardened facial muscles into a smiling face uglier than crying face. Qin Ke Xuan spat mentally, this nuisance!

The two of them were half pulled half dragged by the youth and burly chap into the dilapidated building. Two masked guys stood at the entrance. Qin Ke Xuan guessed that they were the ones on patrol. The youth and the burly chap nodded at the two guys, and then stepped onto the squeaking metal plates that threatened to break any moment layered as stairs, and walked up to the second floor. She saw a bunch of people sitting around in twos and threes as she stepped in. Their gazes turned towards them and gathered on her upon hearing them entering.
Accustomed to concealing herself in the shadows to await the prime time to begin, it had always been her watching someone else’s every movement. Yet the Qin Ke Xuan now, currently being stared at by the bunch of people in the room, felt largely uncomfortable.

The youth started: “Where’s Long Ge*?”

(T/N: “哥” = “Ge”; older brother)

“Inside, you better bring them in.” One of them replied.

Qin Ke Xuan heard a women’s voice coming from inside the room “You despicable bastard! I’m gonna kill you! Why don’t you cry! Cry and call your bitch of a mother to come save you! …”, and could not help but minced her lips, this voice…

The youth pushed them along the corner, and into the room. Qin Ke Xuan quickly swept a glance through the room, and, as expected, saw a woman standing at a corner—Wen Mei Xia. The little kid curled into a bundle below her foot was undoubtedly Qin Peng Cheng. Wen Mei Xia raised her leg to stomp on Qin Peng Cheng’s body, her face twisted as she spat profanities while doing so. Qin Peng Cheng unable to bear the pain whimpered out loud.

Still alive, Qin Ke Xuan concluded decisively.

The youth said to one of the people sitting on the only furniture in the room— atop the sofa sat a guy smoking away: “Long Ge, we brought the girl.”

The guy spat out a smoke ring, his eyelids raising the slightest to turn his gaze towards them absent-mindedly. He brought the cigarette clipped between his fingers to his lips, inhaled deeply before throwing it on the ground to extinguish it with a tread of his foot. “Wasn’t it supposed to be just a girl? Why’s there another one?”

The youth answered: “We discovered this chap following behind, and brought him along in case he leaked our whereabouts.”

“You’re too careless. Da Tou, bring him away.” Long Ge waved his hand nonchalantly.

Qin Ke Xuan wanted to know what the so-called bring him away meant, Yin Xu Dong this time, even if he would not die, would end up handicapped. Even though she did not concern herself with whether he would end up dead or alive, she still needed an aid like him in this world, after all, she had not found anyone more suitable than him in doing so. In conclusion, he should not die while she was still in need of his aid.

“Hold it.” Qin Ke Xuan walked in front of Yin Xu Dong to block the guy who had wanted to bring him away, and said to Long Ge: “I’m the one you want, let the two of them go.” From the moment they raised the condition that they wanted her in exchange for Qin Peng Cheng, she knew things would not be as simple as them demanding a ransom. Once she connected the dots and thought about the people who she had encountered, which were only two bunches, she understood these kidnappers had another agenda.

Wen Mei Xian walked towards her, glaring as her in despise, and turned to Long Ge in anger, saying: “Eh, I paid a large sum to hire you people to finish off that son of a bitch, you can’t let him go!”

Long Ge replied blandly: “I definitely know the parameters. Since I took your money, I will settle my side of the agreement, naturally.” He pointed at Qin Ke Xuan asked: “This is your daughter, what do you have in mind?” It would be impossible even if Wen Mei Xia wanted to save Qin Ke Xuan, for this one-sided agreement was targeted at Qin Ke Xuan from the very beginning. If it were not for Qin Ke Xuan, they would not have taken up this job— for they would not only not get what they had started out to do, they would have also alerted the police.

“Bah! I don’t have such a cruel and unscrupulous daughter! You do whatever you like with her.” Wen Mei Xia spat on the ground. This daughter actually helped that bitch knock her out, why the hell would she want her for?!!

Upon hearing this, Yin Xu Dong, finally reacted from witnessing Wen Mei Xia’s shocking revelations, panicked. He jumped in front of Qin Ke Xuan to block them, desperately trying to ignore his fear, and shouted, his voice trembling: “You, what you do want? What nerve to have of you, you people to bully little kids and girls, if you want to beat anyone up, come at me! Let them go!”

Qin Ke Xuan looked at the back before her, it was obviously one, no two, sizes smaller than everyone else’s in this room, and sighed helplessly. Even if he was seeking death, there was no need for him to jump in front of her!

Long Ge snorted out a laugh, his hands crossing in front of his chest, propping his legs onto the wooden case in front of them, his expression one of disdain and contempt, saying: “Who do you think you are? The three of you don’t even need to think about leaving.”

Yin Xu Dong choked, and got agitated, completely forgetting his fear, and flew into a fury, “Bastards! You lied!”

Long Ge shrugged, setting a very helpless look on his face, and said in a very despicable manner: “If you want to blame, then blame the policemen for being too stupid, to actually send you people over!”

Qin Ke Xuan whispered to Yin Xu Dong: “Listen, later, regardless of whatever that’s happening, go and grab Qin Peng Cheng over.”

“Aye?” Yin Xu Dong froze, his hands were tied behind his back, how would he grab?

“What are the two of you murmuring about?!” The youth who stood the furthest away from them walked towards them scolding.

Qin Ke Xuan gave her hands a quick tug, and the pair of hands broke free from the restraints like magic. Of course, she did not know anything about magic, much less hear about it, she had only done a tiny trick, so no matter how tightly they bound the ropes, she would be able to break free.

She did not rush with regards to settling those people, rather, she reached into her clothes and pulled out a small knife she had sheaved at her waist, and chopped Yin Xu Dong’s ropes, setting his hands free, “Go to Qin Peng Cheng’s side.”

“Long Ge! They undid the ropes!” The youth shouted in shock.

Qin Ke Xuan quickly sent a kick in his direction, and the youth slammed backwards on to the wall, hugging his stomach while whimpering as he slid to the floor along the wall. Qin Ke Xuan slowly turned her head, her gleamingly dark eyes glistening with a deadly chill.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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